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Meeting the Science Chief

Posted on Tue Jul 5th, 2022 @ 7:10pm by Lieutenant Commander Deanna Celes & Commander Jonathan Grayson & Lieutenant Ashton Cornell Ph.D.

Mission: A Trip to Middle Earth
Location: Bridge
Timeline: current

Jon was on the bridge while the captain and others were enjoying themselves in the holodeck. So far it had been a quiet shift and he wasn't about to complain, not after what they all had been through. As he looked around the bridge, he wasn't completely surrounded by junior officers, Deanna was also on the bridge with him and that gave him a great deal of comfort.

Ash road the turbolift in an upward direction, going towards the bridge. He arched his head to the right, stretching out the muscles. It had been quite a trip from his last assignment and he was exhausted, but he still needed to report to his new Captain.

The lift doors parted and Ash exited onto the bridge. Though his intended destination was the ready room, should the Captain not be on the bridge, Ash did take notice of who was in command. The man sitting in center had Commander's pips on, so was likely the ship's executive officer. He walked over and made himself known.

"Pardon me, Commander, I'm Lieutenant Cornell, the new Chief of Science. Is the Captain available?"

Jon swiveled in the center seat, taking in the new officer. " Pleased to meet you, Lieutenant. I'm Jonathan Grayson, executive officer of the Washington and in answer to your question, no the captain is not available. He and several other officers are currently engaged in a program on the holodeck."

Ash nodded. "Hopefully they're having a good time. R and R is always needed these days."

"Couldn't agree more Mr. Cornell and knowing the captain and the program he and the others are engaged in, I'm sure they are enjoying themselves immensely." Jon replied.

"Excellent, can't wait for my turn!" With that, Ash said, "I'll leave you to your shift, sir. I have some unpacking to do. Thanks for your time"

Jon chuckled, "You'll get it Mr. Cornell, and then some trust me. However, for now, take advantage of your free time. My pleasure, if you need anything or have a question don't hesitate to ask."

"Thank you sir." Ash nodded and returned to the turbolift.

Deanna looked back at Jon from her station at Ops. "A new science officer? We seem to be getting them trickling in as of late. Hope this one is ready for the rigors of the job" she said with a wry smile.

Jon met Deanna's smile and nodded, "Couldn't agree more Deanna. As for being ready for the rigors of the job, time will tell."

Celes turned back around and went back to work. Everything was just routine as the ship returned to Federation space. They were doing routine scans, stellar cartography was using the sensors to gather data on a nearby nebula, engineering was doing maintenance of the EPS grid, and Ayana had security running drills down in cargo bay 3. She looked over to the helm and saw L'Rissa dutifully manning the station and wondered about Aiko. The last mission certainly had done a number on many of the crew.

From the center seat, Jon watched Deanna work. She was a good and capable officer, and an even better friend and he was grateful for her friendship. "A penny for your thoughts Deanna." He inquired.

Deanna didn't turn right away. She wasn't busy, but her thoughts weren't the happiest. Finally she did turn and looked at Jon, "Just waiting for something out of the ordinary to happen. It never seems to fail that when everything is running smoothly for us something happens and we go right back into crisis mode. We had a new officer come aboard, so now I'm waiting for the equal and opposite bad thing to happen, as seems to be our fate." She gave a smile, "But other than that, I am in good spirits. I was even going to go chase down our new science chief and inform him of what stellar cartography is doing."

Jon took her answer and mulled it over before he replied. "I think that is a fair assessment. Let's hope we break the cycle this time and everything continues to go smoothly." he smiled at her, "I am glad you are in good spirits Deanna. as for chasing down our new science chief, let him unpack and then you can tell him all about stellar cartography." Jon finished with a chuckle.

Celes gave a mock grumpy face. "Always spoiling my fun" she said teasingly. "Fine, I'll wait. Maybe I'll swing by his quarters after my duty shift. That'll give stellar cartography time to have preliminary reports if nothing else."

"The perks of command." Jon bantered back a grin on his face. "Yeah, you do that, swing by his quarters. Tell him all about stellar cartography... among other things." He finished laughing.


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