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Nebulous Nebula

Posted on Fri Jul 22nd, 2022 @ 9:24am by Lieutenant Deanna Celes & Commander Jonathan Grayson & Lieutenant Callie Raven-Grayson & Lieutenant LeFaye Antoinette

Mission: A Trip to Middle Earth
Location: USS Washington

Celes returned to the bridge several hours after having working on the shield dilemma. It had not been easy, but a shield fix had been found and they were planning to enter the nebula to take a closer look and study it in more detail. Engineering had requested to do several things while in the nebula, most notably collect antimatter to replenish the ships supply. Celes looked around the bridge as she made her way to her station. Jon was in command, but she found it strange that the captain had not made it up to the bridge.

Jon was having a similar thought as he looked over to Callie and then to Deanna. " Odd, the Captain hasn't inquired to what is going on, don't you both think?"

"I haven't spoken with him since they went into the holodeck. I know it was meant to be a team building exercise, but I can't imagine they would still be doing that" Celes replied as she sat at her station.

"Does seem odd that he wouldn't check in to see what we were doing up here." Jon commented, "Maybe they're just having a grand old time with their holo program." Jon proposed.

"Possibly. Captain did say it was a team building exercise. Plus, I know it is a new program he just got. I believe it is a program based on some old Earth book called the Lord of the Rings. I know Ayana seemed very excited about it. Everyone that went was dressed for the occasion. It looked quite interesting" Celes remarked. "Shall we proceed into the nebula?"

"Well, we won't bother him. Let him have some fun. We'll call him if we find anything interesting with the nebula." Jon replied as he looked at L'Rissa, "Ahead slow please L'Rissa." Jon ordered as the Washington moved towards the nebula.

The view inside the nebula was a sight to behold, with mixing shades of blue and purple all around, and bursts of orange with fluorescent pinks interwoven. Celes was keeping tabs on the sensors as they all were working full tilt. "This is amazing. This nebula is creating three types of radiation naturally, and two are essentially canceling each other out to allow for organic life. I am detecting at least a dozen stars that are forming or have formed. This nebula is a stellar nursery" she said, her scientific excitement apparent.

Jon was no scientist, but he did enjoy a good show and the nebula was pointing on a fine one with combinations of dazzling colors along with bursts of energy. It was quite impressive. Jon checked with tactical, and the shields were handling the energy and radiation just fine. "Get all the readings you can Deanna." He told her, "This is too good an opportunity to pass up."

In engineering, LeFaye had everything prepared for her own enjoyment of this stellar phenomena. She messaged Deanna, awaiting the go ahead from the bridge to begin.

Celes looked back at Jon, "Commander, engineering is ready to begin antimatter collection. They are also ready to transport several samples aboard for analysis. Awaiting your go ahead."

Jon nodded and touched the arm of the command chair, "Lefaye. this is Jon, go ahead and to start your collection of antimatter. How long will it take you to get what you need and replenish our reserves?"

LeFaye responded, "Considering the levels of antimatter present in this nebula, I would say we should be back to full capacity in less than an hour. The samples that were requested will take just as long, but we will have everything in short order commander."

"I am detecting plasma streamers, similar to the one's in the Bajoran Badlands. It isn't nearly as concentrated though, more like a small storm in a sea of tranquil space" Celes said from her station.

Callie was concentrating more on what Jon had mentioned about the Captain and the others on the holodeck. It was odd they hadn’t heard anything. “Jon, are you sure we shouldn’t be checking on Shran and the others?”

Jon turned to look at Callie, "Perhaps you are right Callie." He said as he touched his combadge. "Grayson to Shran, have something I think you and the others would like to see Captain."

No reply came. The silence concerned Deanna. She tried herself to contact the captain, but again only silence. She looked at Jon, "I have no explanation why he or one of the others wouldn't respond."

"That's unusual." Jon stated, "He can't be that involved to not answer his com." Jon tried again, "Captain, Sam, this is Jon do you read me? Please reply."

Again only silence. Then the silence was broken, =^=LeFaye to bridge, are you running any tests with the the holodecks you haven't informed me about?=^=

Jon shared a look with Deanna before answering Lefaye. "Negative Chief. The captain and some others are using the holodeck for some program, why?" Jon questioned.

=^=I was aware of the captain's use of Holodeck 1, but I was referencing the others. All of the holodecks seem to be active and locked down.=^=

Celes was working diligently at her console. "I may have an explanation. We were aware of the omicron radiation, but we didn't consider what impact the omicron particles in the nebula would have. The omicron particles seem to be bombarding the ship, being pulled in and centering around the holodecks."

“So it’s interfering with them getting out?” Callie looked at Celes curiously. “Will they even be aware of what’s going on?”

"I would say yes, it's preventing them from exiting the holodeck Callie." Jon looked over at Deanna, "What do we need to do to get the holodecks to unlock? Specifically, holodeck 1."

"I would say it is causing multiple problems with the holodecks. It has put the holodecks on a lockdown cycle in which whatever active programs were running will continue to do so, and for the holodecks that were offline at the time activated to the last programs in the system memory. Communication appears impossible and..." Celes looked at her console to confirm before speaking, "the safety protocols are offline."

"Can we turn off the holodecks remotely and thereby stop the program and get the captain and the others out?" Jon questioned.

"We can't just turn off the holodecks. The omicron particles have saturated the hologrids. Turning them off would cause a massive cascade meltdown, likely a violent explosion. That may be something we have to deal with, but I think we will need to have engineering reinforce the structural integrity fields around the holodecks to minimize the damage. We can then attempt to transport everyone out of the holodecks. Once we have everyone out of the holodecks, we can deal with the explosive holodeck situation. Engineering will be quite busy with repairs."

Jon took in what Deanna said and replied. " Have engineering reinforce the structural integrity fields once they have we'll attempt to beam them out and deal with an explosion if one occurs." He glanced at Callie, "Callie, can you sense their feelings or their mood?"

Callie shook her head. “Not specifically, I’d need to be closer to the holodeck for an accurate sense. All I can say is I’m not sensing anyone in distress.”

Celes looked at Jon, "I'll notify LeFaye of what needs to be done. I'll assist in making sure the transporters are ready once engineering has the fields in place." Celes looked a bit dejected. She had failed to consider this possibility and now the ship and crew were in danger.

Jon could see the dejection in Deanna's face. "Deanna." He spoke softly, "Everything is going to be alright; the captain and the others are all going to be fine. Let's work on getting them out and you're the best person I know to do that."

Deanna nodded in agreement. "I'll get to work."

"That's fine Callie, just knowing you aren't sensing any distress is information enough," Jon replied. "If you sense any change that is distress, please let me know.'

Callie nodded. “I will Jon, that’s a promise”

Jon smiled and gave Callie a wink, "I know you Callie, I know you will."


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