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Waking up

Posted on Sun Aug 21st, 2022 @ 2:36pm by Lieutenant Commander Shoniara T’ghann-Travis Dr & Lieutenant Seth Travis

Mission: A Trip to Middle Earth
Location: Sickbay USS Washington
Timeline: Post Holodeck

Dr Perrim felt tired, no exhausted! By his own reckoning he had been on duty for seventy two hours and was about to hand over to the EMH for some much needed sleep and food. There had been no more deaths in sickbay and the injured from the holodeck and the ship were all expected to make a full recovery. Captain Shran had been discharged to his own quarters on his own recognizance and, so far had had no problems.

The last thing he wanted to do before he went to bed was wake Shon from her directed coma and ensure she and her family were fully informed about her condition, and excellent chance of recovery so long as she followed his prescription. He loaded an hypo and headed over to the intensive care bio bed. He noted Seth had fallen asleep his daughter also asleep on his knee. He touched him gently on the shoulder. “Seth, It’s time to wake her up!”

Seth's eyes snapped opened at Perrim's touch, his went to Shon and then back to Perrim. For a few seconds he didn't say anything, Shasta was asleep in his lap. Finally finding his voice he whispered. "Very good Doctor, I'm ready."

Perrim reduced the sedation and pressed the hypo to her neck.

The light was harsh as she opened her eyes blinking slowly to allow them to process the flood of artificial light onto her retinas. For a brief moment Shon wondered where she was until the reality flooded back. She tried to speak but her voice would not work.

“Lieutenant, Shon…do you know where you are?” Perrim asked.

She smiled feeling her hand enclosed by Seth’s, warm and comforting. This time she was able to speak. “Sickbay” she croaked. “Everyone?” She asked.

Perrim smiled “Recovering slowly as will you if you take things slowly. Shon you were dead for a few minutes, the sword in your side lacerated your liver and transacted your spinal cord. You had a sub dural bleed and infection had turned to sepsis from your previous wounds. God knows what happened to you all.” He checked her bio signs as the last of the sedation left her body.

“Can I go back home?” She asked knowing what the answer would be.

Perrim gave a low laugh. “Maybe in few days depending on how good you are. Your spinal injury was very severe and you will need motor assist possibly for a few weeks to help your mobility.”

She turned to look at Seth, her neck feeling as though it had been turned to stone and had to crumble in order to work.
“Our babies?” She whispered.

Seth smiled happily, tears of joy ran down his cheeks like twin rivers. He leaned forward and kissed her softly. The babies are fine sweetheart. In no danger, now you focus on getting better".

“They have been with you since you were brought in.” Perrim said. “You are very much loved. Now I would recommend that they go get some much needed sleep.”

“I concur Doctor……and thank you. I will be a model patient.”
Perrim harrumphed. “Do you need something for pain?”

She shook her head, the pain told her she was alive. She waggled her toes and severe pain flooded her back causing her to wince. “I changed my mind, please.”

Perrim nodded, dialed up an over adequate amount of analgesia and applied the hypo to her carotid artery.

She sighed with relief as Shasta, afraid to touch her mother kissed her on the cheek. “Welcome back mom.”

Perrim walked away giving orders before he left disappearing out of sickbay.

“How are you both?” Shon asked.

Seth squeezed Shon's hand gently, "We're fine honey. Just worried about you." He replied, still holding her hand. "And we'll be even better when you get home, so we can take care of you and give you some good old fashion TLC. Right Shasta?" He asked his daughter.

Shasta nodded enthusiastically. “I shall be your mom for a change, help you shower and get dressed and give you good nutritious foods to help your recovery.”

Shon attempted a laugh, “That sounds wonderful my love but you have school,” she looked at Seth, “and your dad has his work. I just want to get back to normal. How long have I been here?” She asked.

Seth smiled warmly at Shon. "I've talked with Shasta's teacher, and she said it was okay for Shasta to miss a few days considering the circumstances and that Shasta wasn't struggling in school. As for me, I have no pressing assignments, so it looks like you are going to stuck with us taking care of you Shon." He looked at Shasta and then back to Shon. "Several days my love."

“Very well I will bow to family pressure, to be very honest with you I do not think I could manage on my own anyway…” she tried to move but found she couldn’t and a cool sliver of fear ran through her.she pushed it aside. “How is the Captain Seth, was he badly injured?”

"The captain is fine honey. He was released to his own quarters to continue his recovery. You worry about you and getting better. You just leave everything to Shasta and me. Right Shasta?"

Shasta nodded and grinned. "Right Dad!" The looked at Shon, "We got this Mom. You are in good hands."

Shon smiled, a laugh was a little down the line as yet. “Then I am persuaded but..ONLY..” she stressed “ONLY if you both go home, eat and sleep. I will be fine here, in fact I am a little sleepy myself. Seth I’d like to ask you how Sam and T’Plana are?”

Seth bypassed Shon's suggestion and instead answered her question. "Sam is recovering well from her physical injury but I think she may be suffering some mental trauma over the time she and all of you spent in the holodeck. T'Plana is also in recovery but like you, her recovery is going to take more time. Everyone is safe Shon. The bridge crew became aware of you all being trapped and worked nonstop to get you all out."

Shon seemed distracted, “it began so well, everyone was enjoying themselves, the holo recreation of Middle Earth was beautiful. You know how I enjoy my Tolkien. I felt invincible, all thoughts of Hela swept away in the moment. Then it all began to go wrong and we were wounded. Poor Sam just could not cope, Seth I tried to protect her.” Shon’s voice began to get louder as she was locked in remembering, where she was forgotten as she returned to the water caves. “ORCS, GOBLINS, A DEMON FROM THE OLDEST AGE, HIDE!” She screamed.

Seth moved quickly, he placed his hands on Shon's shoulders and held them down. "Shon! He snapped. "You're alright, It's over. You and everyone is safe. Shon darling, you are safe, you are here with Shasta and me. There are no orcs, goblins or demons here. Just two people who love you very, very much and who want you home with them."

Shasta had backpedaled until her back was against the wall, she had begun to cry.

Shon nodded, “I am sorry, for a moment I remembered. I need to sleep now, please go home, rest…..” Shon’s voice faded away until her eyes closed, she seemed to be mumbling something, a word…it was difficult for her to enunciate until it rolled from her lips like a dark curse “HELA.” Shon slept an uneasy sleep.


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