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A Quick Diversion

Posted on Sat Jan 7th, 2023 @ 12:47am by Lieutenant Ayana Hillis & Commander Samantha Howard

Mission: Living History

Ayana saw Deanna and T'Plana working on unlocking the secrets of the future technology and Samantha was keeping tabs on their prisoner, at least from a medical standpoint. When Ayana had heard it was Christmastime she had a desire to do something. She walked over to Sam, "If you are alright with it, I'd like to go check out a few things nearby, gather intelligence if you will. That is, if you think you can live without me here for a short period of time."

Sam looked up from her monitoring, it having not changed in the last hour. She'd watched the snowstorm blow in and blow on, leaving a heavy dump of white powder all around them. It had well and truly passed now, as had the danger of them being buried alive in snow.

"Sure, take your gear though, let me know if you want some company. Our charge here won't awaken for at least another 4 hours" she mused as she rechecked the readings.

Ayana smiled. "Thanks Sam. I'll be careful." Ayana considered all Sam had said, "I would happily have you join me if you want."

Sam looked over at the other two members of their team who were busily working through data that was way over the humble doctor's head. "I wouldn't mind a walk actually" she admitted, standing and stretching her arms over her head and hearing her spine pop in response. "We're just heading out for a while, contact us if anything comes up" she said to the others as Ayana waited by the doorway.

As they exited the shuttle Ayana looked to Sam, "I know this doesn't sound good coming from me, but I am so looking forward to a little mischief."

"Not something you normally say to your team leader but hey, I'm game" Sam shrugged as she grabbed her satchel and tossed her concealed devices within in. "Where are we heading?"

"A local gathering place known as a mall. It is where people of this time period would gather and distribute all sorts of information, as well as get goods. The one I wish to visit is one I have visited in our timeframe, at the Riverwalk. It should be interesting and worthwhile to visit" she said with a smile.

"And here I was thinking you wanted to stake out a disreputable establishment or something. Sure, let's take a walk to the mall" Sam laughed as they headed out into the cold. "Lead the way"

Ayana arched a eyebrow with a look of shock on her face, "Sam! I wouldn't expect you to want to go to a disreputable locale" she said in a sarcastic tone. "I'm sure we can find something along those lines if it piques your interest."

" Who says I was goody two shoes?" Sam poked her tongue out as they continued to walk. She smirked that she still had the power to surprise people " You'd be surprised the disreputable places young med students visit in between sleeping, studying, and drinking coffee"

"Perhaps, but I would reckon none of those places compare to the various houses of ill repute and dens of sin as my grandmother would tell us about" Ayana replied. "You have to go to some backwater world or perhaps some world controlled by the Cardassians to find anything remotely close to what we could find here in this time period."

"Damn, I'm sure this 'mall' as you call it will be interesting nonetheless." Sam admitted as the shrugged her coat tighter against the cold. "I'm not used to this variable weather. Give me a starship with climate control any day"

Ayana chuckled. "You probably hated survival training. A week in the Australian outback, a week in the Amazon, week in northern Alaska, and a week in the Sahara, all before you went into space. Than again, I suppose you prefer to treat for the weather related calamities rather than deal with them yourself. This isn't that bad really, just a light cool spell in here in southern U.S. to usher in the winter season. If this bothers you, be glad we aren't up in Minnesota or Wisconsin" she said with a hint of joviality.

"I can assure you I wasn't a fan of survival training. I understand the need for it though definitely" she pulled at the sleeves of her jacket down a little further. "You know I never saw snow until I entered the academy? 45 degree day in summer though, those were regular occurrences" Sam smirked as they approached the mall, the hum of people and vehicles in the distance. "So where do we go once we get inside?"

"I suppose we will just try to blend in with the rest of the people, do as they do. I am sure we will find someplace interesting once we arrive to look at more closely" Ayana said with an excited grin on her face.

"I'm sure we will" Sam echoed as she pulled the collar up on her jacket and did her best to 'blend in'. There were humans of every race, color and size in the mall, a melting pot of the human condition if you will. It would make for some good 'people watching' as Sam liked to think. " Alright - now where to?"

Ayana looked around. From their vantage point she could see an arcade and several small storefronts, most notably a bookstore called Walden books, a store called Bath & Body Works, and a large store opening called Dillards. "Perhaps the Bath & Body Works. It appears to be a female-centric locale."


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