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Studying the Tech

Posted on Fri Dec 30th, 2022 @ 9:50am by Lieutenant Commander Deanna Celes & Ensign T'Plana-hath

Mission: Living History

Deanna walked over to the small science station where T'Plana was currently and looked at the tech. "What have you learned about this so far?"

T’Plana was engrossed in her study of the technology they had acquired. It was most definitely more advanced than their current technology on the Washington. She looked up when she heard Commander Celes approach, “It is definitely more advanced than even our timeframes technology. While I was able to open the systems with our tools, I firmly believe none of the current Earth technology could. One of the things I noticed right away was that the inner circuitry is composed of an advanced form of Bio-neural circuitry, far more advanced than what is currently employed. This system alone could out compute any of ours or even a current Intrepid-class starship. The usage of this technology allows for quantum mathematical computation to be done at faster than light. It is no wonder why the space programs accelerated so fast, the simple mathematical computations of this era would be nothing for this system to handle. It is a shame the waste of computational time this device is wasting. It makes me wonder if there was another function this system was also performing.”

Deanna pondered on T'Plana's words as she viewed the data before her and looked at the visual enhancements on the screen. "Advanced bioneural circuitry is certainly interesting. I have believed StarFleet would continue down this road with the successes it has shown and to see that it will indeed is promising. I agree, it is a bit of a shame seeing the computational power this is capable of being wasted, but that is only true if its sole function was to provide calculations to advance space flight. Take a look here" she said as she enhanced a grid of data, "I believe these chips had multiple secondary functions. They are tapping into all computer systems through the global computer network, something designated as the internet, and gathering data from nation states globally, most notable military information. It is only speculation at this point, but it appears they want to advance everything else in history as well, including the start of the third world war. Targets are already plotted from historical data and it will be no different other than the when this all happens. The complete destruction of the region known as the Middle East, the American East Coast decimated, southern California destroyed by war rather than natural disaster, Moscow, Beijing, Berlin, all targeted with multiple large nuclear strokes."

T’Plana looked at what Lieutenant Commander Celes had pointed out to her, she reached over to one of the shuttles panels and rapidly typed in some commands, instantly several screens filled with visual input: “Tonight on Fox News Top Russian official reportedly warns America…, On CNN Russia has continued to shell multiple parts of the Ukraine…., On ABC News Russia banning oil sales to some countries…, This just in on NBC News Rockets target Ukrainian civilians as Russia falters and Kyiv tries to shore up support…, On CBS NEWS 71 Chinese warplanes, 7 ships head toward Taiwan in 24-hour show of force…, This BBC News 100 Iran protesters facing death penalty…” on it went. “This is just a sampling of the local news programs Commander, you are correct, given what I recall from my Vulcan history on Earth history things are being accelerated and it would explain how the extra computing capacity was being used. We can only hope by removing this technology it will slow the progress of events. If you would like I can tap into the mainframes of the major political factions of this era and see exactly how contaminated things have gotten."

Celes thought back on her Earth history. "Some of this is historically correct sadly, but yes, it is moving ahead of schedule. As I recall, the first strikes of the third world war aren't supposed to happen until 2026. Begin looking into the major governments and see what is going on with the military forces, especially the nuclear weapons. I'll inform the captain of this discovery."


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