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Posted on Wed Dec 28th, 2022 @ 3:03pm by Commander Samantha Howard

Mission: Living History
Location: Shuttle

Dr Samantha Howard glanced at the readings displayed above the head of their time travelling captive, his readings consistent with one who wasn't going to wake anytime soon. With the rest of the team working on analysing the data they had received and deploying the virus to destroy what they couldn't physically remove, it left Sam with a little quiet time.

Night had fallen some time ago, the windows of the shuttle revealing a time she should never have had the opportunity to experience. Even devoid of people as was their chosen parking location the environment screamed that it teetered on the edge. In the distance large clouds crept increasingly towards them, and in Sam's limited experience even she could tell they were in for some nasty weather. This region of the world encountered frequent snow, unlike her warm southern hemisphere home. Had she been in this time she may have gone her whole life without experiencing what was coming towards them.

The stars vanished one by one, overtaken by the invading snowstorm, the wind beginning to howl with a friggin intensity that made Sam acutely aware of the thin layers of composite metal protecting them from the elements. The shuttle hummed, it's energy output masked but its life support systems kicking up a notch to com at the rapid drop in outside temperature. A severe gust buffeted them sideways, causing the others to look up.

"There's some weather coming, we'll be safe out here but I wouldn't want to go outside" Sam's eyes remained on the building storm. Would the shuttle be buried in snow? Could they even fly out from.under it? She could sprout the shuttles operating specs but nothing mentioned being buried in snow for periods of time. Her anxiety raised just a notch as she considered the possibility of being buried alive in snow. They would come up with a plan - they always did.


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