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Time To Speak

Posted on Wed Apr 19th, 2023 @ 11:35am by Lieutenant Commander Callie Raven-Grayson & Ensign J.B Dersch

Mission: Unknown Colony
Location: Medical Bay

He walked into Medical took a quick look around and went to the counselor's Office and pushed the Signal Button and waited.

Callie had been expecting Dersch, getting up from her seat she greeted him at the door with a warm smile. “Ensign please come in. Make yourself comfortable.”

He walked in and said "Thank you for seeing me"

He sat down.

Callie smiled warmly as she sat down. “Relax Dersch, this is a place where you can be yourself. Feel free to call me Callie, it saves the titles.”

He nodded but kept his formal Stance

"We both have our reasons for this meeting but yours takes priority, so you first"

“Well it’s not so much for me Dersch, this is for you. How are you settling in onboard ship?”

"Good So Far, Doesn't really help that a Possible family member is trying to reach out and its causing stress, Stuff I really don't want or need...I have been alone all my life till I met kate and now the So called Shadow Family is trying to make a presence into my life...How would you deal with this?”

“Well family dealings can be awkward” Callie offered an understanding smile. “The main thing is to be honest, with yourself and with them. If you’re sure you don’t want them involved in your life, than it’s best to be honest, and tell them. Let them know why you’ve come to that decision.”

He thought about it for a moment then spoke

"I really don't even feel like talking to them in the first place, They wanted to meet up at some point but really don't want to..I might hit My Possible Father"

Callie nodded. “I see, in that case I’d make your excuses. Is there a particular something that’s happened to make you feel this way?”

"Yes...And it wasn't good, And I haven't even thought about it since"

“Do you mind telling me about it? It might help to talk about it, and let your feelings out to air.” Callie smiled warmly.

He nodded and began

"I had just entered the Academy and only been through the basic training, I was already loving my Choice, But I had just finished Class's for the Day, And Went to a Downtown Bar, Before I Could even walk inside a Human Male Dressed in a Ferengi Rangers Uniform, and Told me He was my father, I as Always got Interesting, SO I asked a Few Questions about me that he might know, And he got all of them right, We then went inside and you know got a few drinks then he screwed up and said why he left me, As did my mothers..."

Callie nodded. “That must have been difficult. It being your first meeting and all. Did you want to tell me what he said? It’s optional you don’t have to if you don’t want to right now.”

He again took a Deep Breath and Said "He said I was not the son he wanted, I didn't look strong or even looked like I would ever be strong...We then took it outside"

“Ohhh I see” Callie offered an understanding nod of her head. “I take it you proved your father wrong?”

"Yea...He went home with a Broken arm and Nose...And now he and my so called mother keep trying to Contact me still.."

“Have you considered that perhaps he’s changed his mind? That your father wants a chance to apologise for what he said to you?”

"I really don't know...I Don't want a Mind like the one I met that night around my Daughter Or Wife"

“I understand” Callie offered a warm smile. “Give it some time, then if you feel ready talk to your parents, see what they have to say. You don’t have to let them meet your family.”

"They know how to contact them...They have paid for a PI who I sent back on his Merry way with a Few words of Kindness, But I will probably never talk to them, But How do you do your job? Listen to Idiots like me fume about matters that should be kept Private?"

Callie smiled. “To be honest if I can help others back to a state of happiness, then my job has it rewards. It may take a while sometimes, but helping others brings me a sense of achievement that I don’t get doing other jobs.”

He thought About this for a moment then said

"That’s something I wish I could have, I try to forget my Past, And You people help bring it back and make seem like a good thing"

“I know it isn’t easy, but bottling it up will eventually cause you more problems.” Callie offered an understanding gaze. “Hopefully in time you’ll be able to sort it out.”

"Maybe, but if Not, There will only be one thing left to do"

“Oh? What would that be?” She looked at him curiously.

"Leave Star Fleet" He then started to get up to leave.

Callie motioned for Dersch to wait. “Wait a moment...Leave Starfleet? Why?”

"I am Stressed enough as it is, Being a First Time Ensign, Damn Family Shadows showing up and Kate showing signs of another baby...." He then stopped and mumbled shit under his breath

Callie nodded. “I understand, but trust me quitting isn’t the way to go about things. You’re part of a bigger family here, let us help you. Let me help you. I have an adopted son, his name is Harry, plus I’m also pregnant with twins, so I understand your worries.”

"I have not told Kate about the Family contact, She don't need this on her shoulders and Olivia, Well she don't really care as long as she’s with one of us"

he then walks to the door.

“Just don’t make any snap decisions okay?” Callie smiled. “Talk to Kate, confide in her, she’s your wife so give her a chance to support you in this. Marriage is a partnership.”

"I Will, Thank, You, We have to get together some time, Introduce Our Kids to each other, Not Much age like Others around"

“That would be nice” Callie smiled. “Harry is only five, but I’m sure he’d love a new friend.”

"Age don't really matter when your out in the unknown"

With that he walked out.

Callie watched Dersch go, she just hoped she helped.



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