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Medical Intrigue

Posted on Thu Apr 20th, 2023 @ 8:43am by Lieutenant Ayana Hillis & Commander Samantha Howard & Lieutenant Commander Shoniara T’ghann-Travis Dr

Mission: Unknown Colony
Location: Colony Medical Facilities

Ayana was fascinated by what these colonists had achieved. She wasn't a doctor, but she recognized that they had advanced quite a ways without the resources humanity had in the Federation. They were at least two centuries behind in technology, but they certainly showed innovation in many of the treatments and technology they used for medical purposes.

"This is the primary recovery ward. We keep most of our patients here after they have completed surgery. We do have two additional recovery wards, but those are for special patients" Phoebe explained.

Sam took her time looking around, making sure to get as much detail as she could committed to memory. "Special patients? You mean those with unique needs?" She asked for clarification.

"Well, one is for transplant patients. We have developed a way to transplant various organs, but these patients require special care for a period of time after surgery. The other ward is for patients who need to be quarantined" Phoebe replied.

“What sort of patients do you quarantine?” Shon asked.

"Those with dangerous diseases, and until recently, those with certain advanced staged cancers. Thankfully we have eliminated the cancers" Phoebe replied. "Dr. Howard tells me humanity eliminated the disease near two centuries ago, so I feel we have accomplished something on par with our progenitors. I can show you the quarantine ward if you would like, though I think you might be more interested in our transplant technology. We use cloning technology to create viable organs."

"What kind of dangerous diseases?" Sam promoted, heading towards the quarantine ward and looking around for some kind of protective protocol that would be required to prevent infection or cross contamination.

As they reached the ward they could see through the multiple levels of transparent walling that a handful of patients. were present. "We have diseases here that I suspect you have heard of at the least, and perhaps a few you have not. We have plague variants, Hanta virus, Ebola, and a disease we call Kilrathi fever." She pointed to the entrance to the ward, which had a two tiered entrance system, "We can go in if you like, though we would need to go through protocol."

Shon looked at Sam “what is this Kilrathi fever? I would be very interested in that particular illness. Please advise me on your infection protocol?”

"Our infection protocols are likely the same as they were on Earth centuries ago, though we have made alterations as our technology has gotten better. Once a patient has been brought in here, all medical personnel must be in protective ger and go through the sterilizer before and after going into the ward. We provide them medicines and other treatments as best we can, based on their disease. We can cure some of the diseases, but others we can just make them comfortable."

“If you have someone here with Kilrathi fever I would greatly like to see them. Maybe I can help?” Shon said considering for a moment her pregnancy. However she was a Starfleet Officer, bound to help. Also there was something about the Kilrathi they were not being told Shon could bet on it.

Phoebe considered what was being asked. She sensed that this Dr. Dex was different from Dr. Howard. She wasn't sure she could trust her the way she did with Howard. She sensed no empathy from her, just cold logic, and a suspicious demeanor. Despite that, perhaps she could help the patients with the Kilrathi fever. "Very well. We'll need to suit up before entering the ward."

Shon looked at Sam, “with your permission of course Doctor?” She asked.

Sam nodded, heading over to the infections protocol room and eyeing the suits. "Tell me about this fever" Sam asked with genuine curiosity "we may have something similar that we could adapt a cure or a treatment for"

"Oh, we can all go inside to view the patients" Phoebe replied. "In fact, it may be best so you can both see things up close."

"I would like that, we could brainstorm some of the newer treatment techniques depending on symptoms and the virology of course" Sam shrugged, "it couldn't be that tricky could it?"

As they put on the isolation suits Phoebe began to discuss the symptoms of Kilrathi fever. "The disease presents much like viral hemorrhagic fever. Initially the patient has a low grade fever, cough, fatigue. Stage two presents with increased fever, pulmonary bleeding, decreased renal and cardiac function, reduced liver function." She stepped into the sanitizing chamber and a combination of alcohol and bleach sprayed her head to toe. She entered the ward and waited for Sam and Shon to follow suit.

Sam followed her motions and actions precisely, hoping that the infection control of these people was thorough, this Kilrathi fever sounded pretty nasty. Tricorders in hand she made her way into the ward and headed towards the first patient who looked rather ill indeed.

"I'm a doctor, I won't hurt you" she reassured at the confused expression on the patient's face.

"This patient is at stage 3 of Kilrathi fever. Symptoms include confusion leading to dementia, severe pulmonary, cardiac, and renal distress, and jaundice. The final stage is complete failure of liver, lungs, kidneys, extreme fever causing delusions that make them think they are felines, bleeding form all orifices, and ultimately death. Standard timeline from stage one to stage four varies between 7-12 days, but death is certain in all cases" Phoebe said in a somber tone. Thankfully the disease can only be transmitted by physical contact, hence the isolation suits."

"So it is 100% terminal? No form of treatment or cure has been developed?" Sam raised an eyebrow within her biohazard suit. She raised her tricorder, tapping a few controls before speaking calmly and kindly to the patient "I'm going to take a few scans, it won't hurt" She smiled gently, hoping the sincerity wasn't degraded by the thick plastic in front of her face. On one hand this disease appeared to be very complex, affecting numerous bodily systems concurrently. Yet on the other hand it seemed remarkably simple, a mutating genetic sequence that imbedded itself in the host's DNA. "You're saying it's transmitted by physical contact... how did it get here in the first place? Considering you call it 'Kilrathi Fever"

"Yes, it is 100% terminal. We have developed treatments that slow the progression down, but sadly we haven't found a cure" Phoebe replied. "The first cases of this disease date back to while we were still enslaved by the Kilrathi, and the disease seems to resurface every time they attack. We have tried to determine if another cause exists considering our enclosed habitat, but we have been unable to explain this disease's constant resurfacing."

Shon smiled down at the patient, “my name is Shoniara, I am a doctor. Please may I examine you?” She asked.

The patient looked at both Sam and Shon who were hovering above her in isolation suits and slowly nodded in the affirmative. It was obvious the patient was in pain, though it seemed dulled by the steady stream of medicine being slowly pumped into her from a central line in her left arm.

Phoebe moved in closer and placed a soothing hand on the woman's covered leg, "It will be alright Tessa. These are doctors from Earth. They have advanced medicine that may be able to help you."

Tessa had a few tears fun down her cheeks as she looked at Sam and Shon. "Earth?" she questioned weakly, and then have a slight smile. "Our prayers have been answered."

“Hello Tessa, I am just going to examine you, I will be as gentle as possible.” Shon palpated her liver and kidneys which were all enlarged. There was a yellow greenish tinge to the skin indicating jaundice. Tessa’s eyes also had a yellowish tinge. “How often are you undertaking lab work?” Shon asked Phoebe.

"We do labs hourly on these patients" Phoebe replied. She pulled an electronic device that looked similar to a StarFleet PaDD only larger and pulled up the medical information for the patient. "As you can see here, she is following the normal progression of the disease, though slowed by our treatment. She just had labs drawn before we arrived and the results are here as well. "Phoebe looked over at Sam who had her tricorder out and was scanning Tessa. "What is that device you are using?"

"It's a medical scanning device called a tricorders. It can run a number of non invasive detailed scans and instantly display the results." Sam explained as she turned the tricorders around so Phoebe could see it.

“May I ask if you have had any experience with gene therapy, particularly splicing the Kilrathi gene of someone infected with one of your own genes? I have had some success at curing some infections with that.”

"We have quite a bit of experience with gene therapy as well as cloning. Unfortunately, such advances haven't provided us with anything that helps these patients. Kilrathi fever is a virus unlike anything known to us, and obviously originates from another species making it even trickier for us to handle" Phoebe replied.

Ayana remained outside the ward watching them. She wasn't going into the medical area under these circumstances.

Suddenly a loud siren began to sound. Phoebe looked at both of them, "That is the early warning alarm. The Kilrathi have returned."

"How 'early' is the early warning" Sam asked cautiously, her heart quickening with this new development. She was poised to call the ship and advise them of the incoming Kilrathi. "What do your people do when they come?"

"Our early warning system monitors our star where the transit points are located. The Kilrathi will be in attack range in less than an hour. I should get you to a shelter. Our military will be preparing to defend us."

After going through the decontamination and sterilizing cycle they emerged from the ward. Ayana looked to Sam and Shon, "The captain says they have detected a vessel they believe to be Kilrathi. They are moving to intercept."

Phoebe looked panicked. "Is that wise? The Kilrathi are highly aggressive."

Ayana smirked. "Don't worry. The captain will handle them."


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