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Diplomatic Talks

Posted on Fri Apr 14th, 2023 @ 7:37pm by Captain Shran dh'Klar & Commander Jonathan Grayson & Lieutenant Commander Shoniara T’ghann-Travis Dr & Lieutenant Commander Callie Raven-Grayson

Mission: Unknown Colony
Location: Conference Room

Shran awaited Jon and the delegates from the colony in the conference room, eager to meet them in hopes that they might get answers to some of the many questions they had. He assumed Jon might have some answers of his own, but he wanted to be as diplomatic as possible in this case. One thing he was keenly aware of was the long history of StarFleet coming across human colonies they didn't know existed and the events that followed. He didn't want the typical hiccups, he wanted this to be a smooth meting. He looked around and saw that the others he had requested already seated at the conference table; Callie, Shon, Deanna, and Seth at the end.

Jon entered the conference room, ushering Piper and Paige in before him. Seeing Callie, he offered her a smile.

Deanna continued her discussion from the bridge with Shon. "The Caitian have never acknowledged a part of their race that left, nor anything else that would express that they might have a cousin race, but this seems far too likely an answer."

Shon leaned over to Deanna whispering, “it seems entirely possible to me although it must have happened centuries ago. It’s all in the genetics. For example when an advantageous mutation spontaneously arises in an organism, the mutated gene can increase in frequency over generations if it conveys an advantage over those who do not have it. If a neutral mutation arises in a population, it can increase mutation in populations giving the the same recessive genes but increasing the mutated ones creating basically a different species with the same genes. If that population split there is every chance of ending up in a situation such as Romulan/Vulcan."

Deanna nodded in agreement. "That seems possible. Perhaps it could be a mutation from an offshoot as well, like you see in the proto-Vulcan species that have been studied. They'd still be cousin races."

Callie sat noticing the hushed conversation between Deanna and Shon, it seemed they were onto something. She didn’t want to interrupt their talk so she simply sat waiting for the delegates to arrive.

"Captain, I'd like to present Piper and Paige they are part of the planet's ruling body along with their sister Phoebe." Jon said making the needed introductions.

Shran rose from his seat and walked over to greet the two dignitaries, "I welcome you to my ship. On behalf of myself and my crew, as well as the United federation of Planets, I hope your visit here opens up a dialogue between us and we can find ways to assist you and bring you unity with your history and ties to Earth."

Paige seemed amazed at all that was going on, Piper seemed a tad bit hesitant. Shran realized that these people may not be used to seeing aliens, and he and Shon might seem a bit strange to them. "Please, sit" Shran said as he offered them places at the table.

Paige was complementary of everything she had seen. "You have an amazing ship from what I have seen thus far captain. The transporter device was unlike anything I could imagine, and it appears your computer technology is centuries ahead of anything we have."

"I am very happy that you have enjoyed your visit thus far. I am certain we can arrange a tour of the ship after our talk if you wish" Shran replied diplomatically.

Piper offered a diplomatic smile. "Captain, my sister is obviously focused on the scientific marvels of your ship, which are impressive to be sure. I am a bit more focused on creating proper relations. My people have endured a great deal, and being able to speak with Earth, perhaps even returning to Earth is what I am focused on."

"I completely understand your priorities. I am certain we can not only address those matters, but make positive steps towards making those things happen" Shran replied, looking at everyone as a means to show openness.

Callie offered a warm smile as the dignitaries chatted with Shran, and then took their seats at the table. So far she wasn’t sensing anything untoward from their guests, they appeared quite open and honest. She smiled even more as she looked towards Jon.

As was his want, Seth sat silently and observed the visitors and their interactions with members of the Washington's crew. Commander Grayson was polite but reserved. He undoubtedly had unanswered question about the visitors. Callie was also watching the visitors. No doubt using her abilities to sense any deception. Shon and Deanna were in a hushed conversation and the captain was being his diplomatic best.

Shran sat back down once the visitors had been seated. "I am sure you have answered this to a point already, but I'd like to ask about how you all found yourselves on this planet?"

"We did speak some about this with your Cmdr Grayson, but I can understand you wanting to know this firsthand yourself" Piper responded. "Our ancestors were taken from Earth by a race known as the Kilrathi. A century after we were brought to this planet, our ancestors were finally able to rebel against the Kilrathi and free themselves, though we were stuck on the planet. We have tried to build a civilization here as best we can, though we have had to fight off the Kilrathi attempts to retake the planet."

"You seem like very brave people. Might I inquire if you are using plasma based weapons?" Deanna asked.

"Actually yes" Paige responded. "The Kilrathi used plasma based power systems and weapons and we have learned to use them over time, even improving on them in some cases."

"Do you have records of what these Kilrathi look like?" questioned Deanna.

"We do. I assume that means you have not heard of them" Piper replied, a tad dejected.

"They are not a race we know, no. Space is vast though, and we encounter new races all the time" Shran replied.

“This must be a great deal for you all to take in” Callie offered a warm smile. “To be in contact with us, to come face to face with races you’ve never encountered before. There are a lot of non-human crew on Starships now.”

Piper took it in stride. "I appreciate your kindness. Honestly, this is all a bit overwhelming in general. I never thought we'd even make contact with Earth in my lifetime, let alone meet with other humans and aliens. I am torn between finding the reality of this meeting with other humans and finding out that alien races exist that aren't looking to enslave and kill us."

Shon leaned forward. “My name is Doctor Dex and I am one of the doctors on board. There might be a way to find out at least some of their characteristics with simple blood tests, it may take a while but it might put some of your unspoken concerns at rest?”

"We don't have any blood samples to provide you regarding the Kilrathi" Paige replied. I am sure though that if you would like medical information about us, our sister Phoebe who was meeting your Dr. Howard can provide you with whatever you need."

Shon smiled, “no I’m sorry, I did not explain myself properly it would only be your blood I would require.”

"I assume you wish to have this for a medical analysis. I think our sister Phoebe, who is head of the medical division of our colony would be best to get that for you" Paige responded.

Piper looked at Shran, "Captain, might I ask if it would be possible for us to contact Earth through you, perhaps reconnect and gain insights into what we have missed out on and in return allow our us to connect with us in meaningful ways? If we have to join this Federation of yours to do so we of course will, but being able to reconnect with our roots, with Earth, that is something priceless for our people. I know I would be interested in knowing of any relations my family may have still on Earth, and I'm sure the same would be a pleasant surprise vice versa."

"I can appreciate your desire to reconnect with Earth. You are like a lost and forgotten tribe that has suddenly been rediscovered and you wish to know where you have come from. I believe my people can assist you with that. I think Lt Travis would be a perfect choice to assist in this matter, along with Lt Cmdr Raven-Grayson. We will of course have to do our own investigations while we are here, we do have questions that loom that require answers" Shran replied diplomatically.

"I think that is more than fair captain, and our people will be made available to you to assist in any way you deem necessary" Piper replied, equally diplomatic.

"Very well. I did offer you a chance to tour the ship. As you have already gotten to know him fairly well, I'll have Cmdr Grayson escort you, and when the tour is complete, perhaps we can speak more. Perhaps even a formal meal this evening if you are willing?"

"That all sounds excellent captain" Piper said with a smile.

"Captain, before we take that tour, have you detected Kilrathi nearby?" questioned Paige.

"The only potential Kilrathi presence we have found is debris orbiting your planet. We also detect a vessel crashed near your colony, though we haven't yet done an analysis" Deanna replied.

"The crashed vessel is from our last engagement with the Kilrathi. Our lone orbiting vessel battled the Kilrathi, and as you can see didn't survive the battle, but we were lucky that they managed to fire before being terminally damaged. Their shots destroyed the Kilrathi vessel, but the Kilrathi crippled our vessel, which crashed in an attempted emergency landing. Our military leaders might be a good source of information regarding the Kilrathi, if you are interested" Paige replied.

"Yes, we'll definitely wish to speak with them" Shran replied, remaining cordial. "Well, I'll let you get to that tour, and we'll continue studying this mystery Kilrathi race and see what we can uncover for you."

Jon stood, "Ladies if you will both follow me. I'll give you a tour of the Washington." Jon said as he showed Piper and Paige from the room.

As Jon escorted Piper and Paige out of the conference room on their tour, Shran looked at his remaining officers, "They seem good and honest people, but I'm sure their is more to this Kilrathi story."

"Very likely" Deanna replied. "They weren't lying about being happy to have encountered us, nor in their expression of wanting to reconnect with Earth. The only time they seemed to use any form of subterfuge was regarding the Kilrathi."

Shran nodded. "Well it would seem we still have a mystery to solve at the very least. Callie, work with Seth as their liaisons regarding Earth. I'm hopeful that as you do that we might learn more about them and perhaps about this mystery. Shon, get in contact with Sam and start doing a full medical work up as you suggested. I don't think you should have too many problems with these people, especially if Sam has made solid inroads with their head of medicine. Deanna can coordinate efforts with you as she continues the investigation into these Kilrathi."

Seth nodded, "Of course Captain, I'm sure between Callie and myself we can answer any questions the ladies may have,"

Callie nodded and smiled as she looked towards Seth, she was happy to help in anyway she could.

"I'm sure you may need to coordinate a bit with the medical side with Shon and Sam, but I think you ought to be able to get it all worked out easily enough. Make sure you have security in place as needed" Shran replied.

“Captain,” Shon said, “am I the only person that sees something wrong here? They seem so sugar sweet, so anxious to get to Earth. We need to do much before we give them what they wish, access to Earth. We only have their word for it that the Kilrathi were the aggressors?”

Shran shook his head. "We won't be ferrying them to Earth Shon. We will do our due diligence to be sure, but they are still humans. If they were brought here forcibly, we have an obligation to the,. But, as the humans say, we won't pit the cart before the horse. We will learn more about them. I also want to learn more about these Kilrathi. For such a race to have been to Earth and we have never encountered them is at the very least odd."


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