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The Dark Unknown

Posted on Sun Jul 19th, 2020 @ 10:22pm by Captain Shran dh'Klar & Lieutenant Ayana Hillis

Mission: Tal Shiar
Location: USS Washington

Shran sat at his desk finishing the briefing with the admiral regarding the special orders the Washington was being given. "Yes sir, I understand. We will do everything in our power to put a stop to it." Shran tried to be as diplomatic as he could.

"Use the tools you have. I sent you a crack team for just this sort of thing" said the admiral through the computer console.

"Will do. You can count on us sir. Shran out." The computer went to the default Federation logo before going fully blank. Shran stood up and walked around his desk, stopping briefly as he considered a drink. Missions like these seemed to be deserving of one at some point, but he decided to hold off until the mission was complete. He continued out onto the bridge.

He looked over to tactical seeing Ayana there rather than Sachzny. That would take a bit of time for him to get used to, but that was the life. "Tactical, prepare for combat. I want all security at tactical stations, and I want them armed." He moved to his command station and sat down, looking over the incoming data. "Conn, takes us out."

"Course sir" inquired the young ensign sitting at the conn.

"Course 137.44, Hades system, warp 9, engage" he replied in his usual stoic voice.

The Washington eased away from the starbase and then as if given new life jumped to warp.

Shran hit his comm badge, =^= Senior officers to the conference room =^=

The Andorian stood up, "Ayana, the bridge is yours." He walked with purpose off the bridge and to the conference room, the mission rattling through his mind.

As he passed Ayana she could hear him muttering softly, and two words rang clear to her, "...Tal Shiar..." Ayana wasn't certain about much just yet, but she was certain that Romulans were involved in this mission, and the Tal Shiar was nothing to scoff at. Past encounters with them had left quite the impression on her and others aboard. This was not going to be an easy mission.


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