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Kobayashi Maru Part One

Posted on Fri Jun 30th, 2023 @ 11:21pm by Ensign James Phoenix
Edited on on Sat Jul 1st, 2023 @ 4:36pm

Mission: Writing the Q Cards
Location: USS Washington
Timeline: Current


He walked through the corridor of the Washington still confused as ever. Q Junior had messed with most of the key Washington crew that were playing characters. Except for him. Maybe because he played an Ensign? Or maybe Q had something in store for him? Chris wasn't sure and he certainly wasn't out of the woods. But he did know that he wanted to make the most of his visit to the 24th Century. Regardless if Q was trying anything on him or not. Maybe that was Q's idea. Make him think that he was safe and then at the last second subvert expectations. There were other things, such as the Kilrathi Fever, that he had to worry about in-case it were to affect him. Unless Q had gone far enough into his idea that he had given the writers plot armor.

Being that he wanted to make the most of this new situation, Chris found himself in front of a door. This was the door to Holodeck One. He had only written about one or two of Phoenix's programs so he wasn't actually sure if the Ensign had any others. He thought for a moment. No, he wasn't going to go with any of Phoenix's programs. He wanted to go with a bridge simulation. After all, who wouldn't want to command a starship. But he needed a challenge. Something challenging enough to test his potential to command. Especially he wanted to rise through the ranks and command his own ship one day.

He tapped on the panel next to the door to speak to the computer to configure a simulation. "Computer, please load the Kobayashi Maru scenario."

"There are 5,563 different versions of the Kobayashi Maru Scenario with active commissioned vessels. there are another 1,000 based around inactive or retired Starfleet vessels. Please select the desired version" the female voice sounded very similar to Majel Barrett, which even though it was the computer and in an alternate reality, it was a nice tribute to her and her work on Star Trek.

The large choice was overwhelming. He knew that Starfleet most likely had far more ships than the Navies in his time, but he didn't think that there would a fleet more than 5,000 strong. Regardless, he needed to choose a ship. But which one?

Chris thought for a moment of the different ship classes in Starfleet. There was the Washington, but he wanted something different. Nothing against the Sovereigns, but who wouldn't choose them? There was the Intrepid class, as well as the Akira, Steamrunner, and Saber class vessels. Then there was the Defiant class. Something like an escort vessel would do. But not as small as the Defiant for if they beamed aboard survivors. Then he had it. The Norway class. An Escort vessel and what was essentially a destroyer. He always liked the Norways.

He spoke to the computer again. "USS Budapest NCC-64923" he said as he wasn't sure of the lead ship's registry and he knew the Budapest from Star Trek First Contact.

The computerized female voice spoke again after a few seconds. "Program complete. Enter when ready."

Chris entered the bridge of the simulated ship. He looked around. Most of the stations were occupied with who was presumably the bridge crew of the USS Budapest. However they were frozen as the simulation needed to be started. The only seat that was empty was the singular chair in the middle of the bridge that was the command seat.

However he decided to explore the bridge first. The only real bridge he had been on so far was the Washington's and he only really focused on his own station since he needed to act like everything was normal. Now he was alone. Nobody to question the current circumstances.

First he moved over to the rear of the bridge and examined the tactical and auxiliary consoles, which was directly behind the command chair, which was separated from the rear stations with a metal railing-like structure, very similar to Voyager's bridge. In fact, the entire bridge appeared to be made in a similar layout and fashion to Voyager's bridge with a few key differences. One of the biggest being that the bridge was smaller. Another key difference was the command chair. Instead of two chairs in the center there was one and it was the same type of command chair that the Washington and Enterprise E had, rather than the ones Voyager had.

Separating the command chair and the front consoles was another metal railing-like divider, except this one was separated in the middle to allow the CO to step down to the front consoles which was separated into two stations.

After having explored the bridge Chris reluctantly moved over to the center seat. He ran his hands over the material of the chair before sitting down slowly in it. He leaned back as he felt the armrests. The chair really was comfortable.

After a few moments of preparing himself mentally as he was nervous, he spoke out. "Computer, begin simulation."

The simulation began and the bridge crew unfroze. He noted that the view-screen showed the ships forward view while at warp.

Seconds later there was a beep coming from the console directly behind him. The tactical officer spoke up. "Captain, I'm picking up a distress call from the USS Kobayashi Maru. They are under attack by..." she paused. "Klingons sir. I thought we weren't at war."

He wasn't really on the Budapest but he did his best to play the part. "So did I. What is the origin of the distress call?"

The tactical officer tapped a few buttons. "NGC 370, a class five tachyon nebula. Shouldn't be harmful to us besides the Klingons."

"Acknowledged, adjust course heading to the Maru's last known location and increase speed to maximum warp. Tactical take us to red alert" he ordered shortly before the lights darkened and the blue lights turned to red.

"Aye sir" the Bolian at the helm said as he pressed the controls to alter course. "ETA is five minutes."

"Acknowledged" he tapped what he thought was the comm button. He was correct. "Bridge to Engineering, can we get any more power to the warp engines?"

The engineer's voice came over the comm with a familiar Scottish accent. "Aye sir, I'll do what I can. But I'm giving her all she's got."

Chris smiled at the fact that the Budapest's Chief Engineer was a Scott. He wondered if he reunited with Scotty. No. Now wasn't the time for nostalgia.

He sighed. "Give her more Mister Scott."

"Aye" he said before muttering something under his breath and closing the comm.

A minute later the helmsman. "Captain, Lieutenant Scott has done it. He has given us more power to the warp engines."

"Good. Good. Tactical once we drop out of warp I don't want those warships destroyed. We can't afford a war with the Klingons."

The USS Budapest in the simulation sped off to the Kobayashi Maru's last known location. Little did Chris know Q Junior was about to add a little twist.



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