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Quarters Redecorated

Posted on Sun Jul 2nd, 2023 @ 9:54am by Lieutenant Commander Callie Raven-Grayson & Commander Jonathan Grayson

Mission: Writing the Q Cards
Location: Jon & Callie's Quarters
Timeline: after staff meeting, prior to medical mystery

Jeff found Jan in a corridor. "Jan." He greeted her pleasantly. "I have an idea. What if we go to our quarters and redecorate them? It will give us something to do and Harry will think it is for the baby."

Janet nodded. “That could be a good idea, we were going to redecorate eventually anyway, plus the nursery needs some finishing touches anyway. It’ll give us a chance to practice working together as a couple, just like our counterparts.”

"I couldn't agree more Jan and now is as good a time as any to get started on the redecorating." Jeff answered a smile on his face.

Janet nodded. Arriving at their quarters not too long afterwards she headed inside, it was odd to say the least knowing she’d have to keep up pretences in-front of Harry. “How are we going to play this? Callie and Jon are so loving, they spend their time cuddled up, kissing and hugging. Harry will find it odd if we don’t act the same.”

Jeff followed Jan into their quarters. He nodded at her statement, "Very true Jan. I think now we find out how good we are as actors. Which means we keep on acting like Callie and Jon. We don't want Harry thinking anything is odd or out of place. Which will then upset him and we don't need or want that."

Janet nodded. “True, I’d hate to see him upset. He maybe a character we’ve created but in-character Harry means as much to me as my own children do.” She smiled warmly. “So...where do we start? We have a nursery to decorate so maybe start there?”

Jeff nodded, "You are absolutely right Jan. For all intent and purposes, Harry is our son." He paused as he thought on her suggestion. "Works for me. Let's go and get to it. I suppose the first thing to do, is to decide on how we want to decorate the room."

“Well I vaguely remember mentioning Callie had plans for the nursery, I just don’t remember if I actually wrote anything else about it!” Janet grinned. “So we start with a blank canvas more or less, I was thinking maybe painting the walls in 2 colours so you’d have opposite walls in the same colour. I’m not sure what colours as yet though.”

"A blank canvas is good. What about I draw some circus pictures on the walls? You know, clowns, merry go round, some animals. then we can paint them a different color so they will stand out from the wall colors. We can paint the walls pink and blue or any colors just so they don't clash." Jeff suggested. "As it going to be for the twins correct?"

Janet nodded. “Maybe, I’m not sure what exactly I’m picturing for decorations on the walls. Don’t get me wrong I like your idea, I’m just having trouble trying to picture it right now.”

"Sure I understand Jan. Take your time. Have you thought on what colors you want the walls painted? Jeff asked.

“I was thinking something that would suit boys and girls, neutral colours but not plain or boring. I hate magnolia and white!” Janet smiled.

"That rules out two colors." Jeff teased. "What about painting opposite walls pink and blue? Those would suit boys and girls." He suggested.

“I...” Janet sighed and shrugged her shoulders. “I normally plan everything out to how I want it, compare colours, see it in my mind’s eye as to how it will look before I go painting it.”

Jeff nodded, "Okay, so compare colors. Let's go sit at the table. Grab a PaDD and we can put down ideas and talk it out. Or...." He continued, "We can go to holodeck and see how it looks."

“The holodeck, perfect choice!” Janet smiled. “I’ll be able to see how the colours look on the walls.”

Jeff smiled. "Great! Let's go, so we can see how the colors look and get this show started."


Janet stood looking at the holographic representation of the nursery they’d be preparing for Callie & Jon, in all honesty her head wasn’t really in it not when she was herself instead of Callie. It seemed silly as Callie was her creation, she looked at Jeff. “I’m sorry if I’m making this awkward.”

Jeff smiled indulgently at her. "It is fine Jan. I understand. We aren't married. We're carrying out a charade. I am sorry I suggested it. I had no desire to make this awkward for you. We can just forget it if you like."

“No...let’s do this, once we’re back to our characters again they’ll be needing a start made on that nursery.” She smiled as she looked at the room layout. “Computer show me a room decorated half for a boy and half for a girl.”

Jeff smiled. "As you wish Jan." Then waited to see what the computer would show them as far as decorations for the nursery.

Several options later Janet had two or three options noted down. “So which ones did you like? I thought these were good..” she called up the options again for Jeff to see.

Jeff studied the different color schemes that had made it to the final selection process. Jan had done an excellent job to picking out different schemes. "I think I like this one." He said. It is bright and cheery, happy."

Janet stood for a moment before finally nodding in agreement.
“I think I like that too, now all we have to do is make a start on getting it on the walls!”

Jeff nodded, "No time like the present to get started Jan. Now is as good a time as any."

Janet nodded. “Okay, let’s go home and get the colours replicated, then we can make a start.” She smiled warmly.

"Sounds like a plan to me." Jeff agreed, 'let's do this."

~ Quarters ~

Back in their quarters work started with enthusiasm, when Q eventually decided to change things back Callie would have a nursery she’d love.

Work progressed as the pair began to paint the nursery. Jeff was halfway through his painting when he saw he was painting his wall the same color as Jan was hers. "Well drat." He said stopping.

“What?” It was then Janet noticed the problem. “How on Earth did that mistake happen?” She sighed. “We’ll have to wait for it to dry and then paint over it.”

Jeff had a sheepish grin on his face. "That's on me Jan. I wasn't paying attention. I was thinking on this whole replacing our characters and everything going smoothly." He explained. "I'm sorry for screwing up."

“It’s fine” Janet offered a forgiving smile. “Mistakes happen. Let’s just get the rest done and let that wall dry.”

Jeff nodded but still felt bad. "Thanks for being so understanding." He answered. "Sure. three walls do to is better than four." He joked weakly.

Janet nodded. “It’s no big deal really, we have the time to fix it.” She offered a smile. “Let’s crack on before a certain young man returns home.”

"Right you are Jan." Jeff agreed. "let's get cracking before Harry gets here."



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