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A Human Question

Posted on Tue Sep 12th, 2023 @ 11:16am by Commander Jonathan Grayson

Mission: Damn Dirty Apes
Location: Ape City
Timeline: After Arrival

*Military Complex*

General Athos, supreme leader of ape military forces, sat behind his desk and thought. Athos wasn't like most gorillas who relied on strength to get their way. No, he had discovered years ago as a young officer that a few well-placed words in the right ear could accomplish more in five minutes then and entire day on the battlefield.

So, he thought on the pair of humans that appeared in their mist and now occupied a pair of cells in the science complex. Certainly, the humans, the male called Jon and the female called Ayana who had a skin coloring that had never been seen before were not like the other humans he had encountered. No, this pair was intelligent and could speak! They could also reason and possessed weapons he had never seen before.

He wanted to talk with the pair, find out more about them and where they came from but that might be a moot point now. He had just received reports on Thade engaging Jon in combat. If the reports were true, the human gave as good as he got before Thade had overcome him and then beat him to the point of unconsciousness. "Damn him!" He roared as his hand slammed down to the desk. Thade's hatred of the humans boarded on fanatical and had to constantly reigned in. What was the old ape adage? You could more apes with bananas then you could with fish. He wanted to learn about these humans particularly their weapons. He would have to work extra hard to gain their trust.

* Religious Headquarters*

Zaius was in his office. He had left strict orders not to be bothered for any reason. The reason for such an order was the two humans that had appeared. Two intelligent humans whose intelligence he was afraid passed those of apes.

Zaius was one of the few apes who knew the truth about ape culture and the birth of Caesar. Knew how Caesar had his intelligence bestowed upon him by the human Neville. He had seen the holy room and seen the holy images. Were these humans the harbingers of ape downfall?

He had to find out more about the humans where they came from, why they were here, what were their plans. As the keeper of the faith, it was his holy duty to protect apes from any who sought to tear down what they had built. He hadn't sensed any deception on the part of the humans. But being human he knew how treacherous they could be. Luckily, they were contained in cells and would remain there until he could talk to them and derive their true intentions.


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