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So, We are Decided

Posted on Tue Sep 12th, 2023 @ 6:38pm by Commander Jonathan Grayson

Mission: Damn Dirty Apes
Location: Ape Military Headquarters
Timeline: After A Human Question

*Late Night at Military Complex*

"What were you thinking!" Athos roared, "no, don't answer just stand there. I'll tell you; you weren't thinking. You let your hatred of humans get the best of you Thade. These aren't normal humans. They are smart, resourceful they can speak, and reason and you provoke a fight?!"

Thade stood there, obviously favoring one leg. and took Athos anger. "Apologies General I..."

"Stop Thade save me your apology. It is too late for that. We must regroup and reconsider our course of action. What's wrong with your leg?"

"The human Jon struck it in our fight sir. It is difficult to put weight on it."

"Serves you right." Athos replied without pity. He looked at his aide, "I understand you beat him into unconsciousness and in the presence of Salos and her assistants. Thade, you have really bollixed this up."

"What do you suggest General?"

"I suggest you keep your mouth shut and stay away from these humans."

"Thade's mouth opened to reply but closed as a gentle knock on the door stopped whatever he was going to say. A moment later, Dr. Zaius, defender of the faith entered the room. "I hope I am not interrupting."

Athos rose, "Dr, Zaius, this is an honor."

"Hmm, I suppose it is. I've come to talk to you about a most important subject."

"Of course, Revered One. How may I be of assistance?"

"The strange humans." Zaius said simply. "What are your thoughts on them?"

They should be executed!" Thade blurted out.

Zaius gave a hard look at Thade. "I asked the General, Commander, not you. Be smart, be silent." Zaius replied turning his attention back to Anthos and dismissing Thade.

"We should learn all we can from them." Athos replied. "I believe there is much we can learn from them."

"Yes, yes." Zaius nodded, "No doubt, you wish to learn about their weapons. I have more pressing concerns. Did you know they have been to the holy site?"

"Yes. We caught them outside the entrance." Athos replied.

"Athos, they were in the site! Salos told me herself.

"Inside the site?" Athos repeated.

"Yes, and Salos has disappeared as well. We must make sure that the population does not hear any lies these humans may attempt to spread. I fear they may have already poisoned Salos. A pity a bright scientist."

"Agreed." Athos replied diplomatically. Waiting to hear what else Zaius was going to say.

"Take them into custody. Remove them from the science lab. You may question them not beat them at least not yet. Let's see what we can learn from if not nice respectful. Learn whatever you can from them. When their usefulness is up then they can be eliminated."

"I will see to it immediately Revered One." Athos replied.

Zaius nodded, "Excellent. One more thing." He raised his hand and pointed a stubby finger at Thade. "Keep Thade away from them."

"It will be done." Athos assured Zaius.

Thade stood there quietly seething at his humiliation. It caused him to hate the humans even more. For now, he would be quiet and bide his time.


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