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Winding Down

Posted on Mon Nov 20th, 2023 @ 12:32pm by Lieutenant JG Vienna Steele & Lieutenant Wyatt Steele

Mission: Hard Earned Peace
Location: Wyatt and Vienna's Quarters
Timeline: After For God, country and St. George

Wyatt sat on sofa in his and Vi's quarters. There was 20th century rock and roll playing in the background. He was quiet. His expression was calm almost placid a clear sign he was angry. The target of his anger was Lieutenant Inara Senn and her haughty attitude. Not that he said anything, well, not much anyways. Now he just wanted to be left alone. The only company he wanted was Vi's. He patted the couch, "Want to come sit with me?"

“Are you kidding? Of course I do.” Vi smiled as she walked across and sat down cuddling up to Wyatt. “Don’t be too angry with her, she doesn’t know how we work together, none of these crew do.”

Wyatt looped and arm around Vi's shoulders, to bring her close. He leaned over and kissed her cheek. "Oh Vi, it isn't that, well not all of it. It's her talking to us like we're fresh out of the academy and this is our first deep space mission." He groused.

Vienna nodded. “I know, but that’s probably just the type of person Inara is, plus we’re new to this ship. Before you say it I know I’m being too kind!” She grinned.

"Yes we're new, so is she. I would say you are right on her being the type of person we saw." He grinned at her, "Me? Say you are being too kind? Never. Too understanding, yes you are." He chuckled.

Vienna couldn’t help but giggle. “I love the way we work together, we’re a natural team both on and off duty, and I’m very lucky to have you as my husband.”

Wyatt hugged Vi tightly to him. He loved her so and didn't care who knew it. "Yes, we are a natural team Vi and it is I am who is the lucky one. I am so lucky, so fortunate to have met, fallen in love and married you. I am the lucky one with you as my wife."

Vienna smiled. “What do you think of our new Captain? I know we’ve not really had the chance to get to know him yet, but first impressions and all.”

"Ohhh nice segway Vi." Wyatt commented with a grin. "As to our new captain. He seems to know what he is doing. Solid. dependable. Doesn't rattle easy or get thrown off stride if something unexpected comes up." He looked at Vi, "What's your take on him?"

“I’m not sure yet, but I agree with your assessment.” She moved to lie down with her head on Wyatt’s lap, looking up at

Wyatt peered down into Vi's dark eyes. Eyes he could spend a week being lost in. "You should make diplomacy your second calling Vi You are exceptionally good at it. Though, it is nice to know that we have the same opinion of our captain."

“I’m a Betazoid, we’re meant for diplomatic and counselling positions but as yo know I prefer to use my abilities for other uses.” Vi smiled. “It comes in handy in our field of work.”

Wyatt nodded, "I've seen first-hand how useful it is Vi. It has come in handy a number of times."

“I know, it’s just there are plenty of other Betazoid’s aboard this ship I guess I’m feeling a little like I’ll be excess to requirements when we’re not needed.”

Wyatt shook his head from side to side. "You stop that kind of talk right now Vi. You aren't excess and never will be. You're a strategic operations officer a darn good one, my partner and don't you ever forget it."

“Aye Sir!” Vienna grinned and offered a playful salute before draping her arms around Wyatt’s neck. “Have I told you lately how much I love you?”

Wyatt laughed at Vi's playful salute. She could always get him out of whatever funk he was in. He looked at her and grinned. "By lately do you mean the last ten minutes then no you haven't." He answered as he turned his head to kiss her.

Vienna gave him a loving kiss, she loved Wyatt with every fibre of her being. She knew he was the man for her the first time she set eyes on him.

Wyatt looked at Vi. She was the only one he ever loved, the only one he would ever love. They still acted like newlyweds. They held hands and cuddled. Kissed each other. They were soulmates that truly liked as well as loved each other.

“So how’s about we break out some snacks, cuddle up, put on a movie and enjoy ourselves?” Vi gave Wyatt a curious look.

"That is a great idea! I could go for some cuddling, snacks and a movie. A special movie you have in mind Vi?"

“Not particularly” Vi smiled. “I thought we could choose together.”

Wyatt nodded, "Okay, together we can decide on a movie. Lets get the snacks and a throw blanket, get situated on the couch and then we can pick a movie."

“Sounds Good to me” Vienna quickly went to fetch the large cosy blanket they had. “I’ll let you choose the snacks Imzadi.”

"That I can do." Wyatt replied with a smile. As he went into the kitchen and got some chips. And some cheese snacks. along with some pretzels and cheese dip. He thought on it and got some crackers as well. "I got the snacks Vi. But didn't get us anything to drink."

“I’ll grab those!” Vienna grinned as she put the cosy throws down on the sofa, then went to get some drinks. She opted for canned as that way they could leave opening them until they were ready.

While Vi was getting the drinks, Wyatt was going through the movies, he was getting a good selection of comedies, drama, action for them to choose from.

Placing the drinks down on the coffee table Vienna looked at her husband curiously. “What do you fancy watching?”

Wyatt chuckled, "I was going to ask you that. I'm not sure. Either comedy or action. " He replied.

“Hmm I’ve no clue what I want to see now I’ve suggested it.” Vi grinned.

Wyatt chuckled at her. "How about this one? He held up Zombieland Double Tap.

“Hmm I’m not sure about that” Vi shrugged her shoulders. “How about this...” she held up Blazing Saddles.

Ohhhhh! Much better Vi! Yes, Blazing Saddles it is. Great choice sweetheart."

Vi grinned. “You know it’s an all time favourite of mine! It’s one that never gets old.” She sat down and got comfortable.

"It is a great one." Wyatt agreed as he prepared the movie to play before sitting back and throwing his arm around Vi.

Vienna loved these together moments with Wyatt, he was a romantic at heart and that’s what she loved about him. “It is but just being here with you is enough to make me happy.”

Wyatt smiled as he and Vi sat on the couch. She was an amazing woman. So caring and loving. She was his best friend in addition to being his wife. He gave her a little squeeze and spoke. "I love you Vi. Now and until the end of time."

“I know Imzadi, and I feel exactly the same way. Together forever.” She leant in for a loving kiss.

Wyatt hugged her close and then brought her across his lap to kiss Vi again. "You know it my darling. Forever and ever amen."
He whispered. "Now let's watch this movie."

Vienna nodded. “Then afterwards you have me all to yourself” she kissed him with promise for later.

"Now, that is the best idea that I have heard all night." Wyatt answered as he and Vi snuggled on the couch, settling back to watch the movie.

Cuddling up Vienna smiled, she was a very lucky woman.

Wyatt's thoughts were the same as Vi's. He was one lucky man to have met, fallen in love and married Vi. he must have done something right to have Vi in his life.



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