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Prep Work

Posted on Sun Nov 19th, 2023 @ 9:31am by Captain Shran dh'Klar & Commander Jonathan Grayson & Lieutenant Commander Callie Raven-Grayson

Mission: Hard Earned Peace
Location: USS Washington

Shran had left his talks with Inara, Kate, and Shon and made his way to Deck 2. He walked out of the turbolift and down the corridor until he was standing in front of Jon's quarters. His mind still mulling over some of his conversation with Inara, he hesitated before hitting the chime at the door, almost not wanting to disturb his XO during off hours.

Callie was closest to the door when the chime sounded so she headed over to answer it. Opening the door she smiled warmly, “Captain, please come in!” She motioned for Shran to enter. “Please make yourself at home.”

Jon was in the bedroom and called out. "Who was at the door Callie?"

“It’s the captain, Jon” she offered Shran a warm smile. “You’d best come out here.”

"The captain?" Jon repeated and then added, "I will be right there."

Shran entered the quarters, his hands clasped behind his back, his face still somewhat pensive. "Thank you, Callie. I hope you are well."

Callie nodded. "I, or should I say we, are very well thank you Sir" she smiled warmly.

Shran saw Jon making his way out slowly. "Apologies for coming by during you off time Jon. I hope you are doing well, recovering without much discomfort."

"No apology necessary sir. I'm doing better. Callie is making sure I follow Sam's instructions." Jon answered, giving Callie a smile and wink.

"Well I find that to be good news, albeit surprising. You do have a habit of ignoring Sam's medical recommendations" Shran said with a wry smile. "It will be good having you back with these negotiations. Lot of bad blood to sift through between the colonists and the Kilrathi. Do you feel you'll be good to go when the Kilrathi delegation arrives tomorrow?" Shran inquired.

"I'll ignore these if I have to sir." Jon replied not looking at Callie. "I would like Callie in on this with me sir. Her abilities could give us an edge in knowing how both sides feel and what they truly want without all the posturing."

"You sure you aren't becoming a telepath yourself being around all these telepaths and empaths" Shran replied jovially. "I was actually going to suggest just that. I'm not as worried with the sisters, they are fairly straightforward, albeit cautious in their approach, especially Piper. The Kilrathi though, they are a bit more of an enigma. I trust that they will be true to their word and will approach the talks with honor, but they were far more damaged by the war, making anything possible." Shran looked over at Callie, "Do you feel comfortable with such work Callie? You are going to have to deal with some very strong emotions."

"Maybe sir." Jon joked back. "But I think it is more I just know Callie's abilities and what she is capable of." Jon replied honestly. "I also think between the two of us we can handle the Kilrathi."

"Just rest up. The Kilrathi are warriors, they see you injured, they may take it as a sign of weakness. I think we can handle these talks if we have a united front" Shran replied.

“I’ll manage Sir” Callie offered a reassuring smile. “If I find myself struggling I’ll take some time out for a rest. I want to help with these negotiations.”

Jon smiled at Callie and sent her a message. *Thank you Callie! Together we'll succeed in these talks and come up with a peace between the colony and the Kilrathi.*

Callie smiled and nodded to Jon letting him know she’d heard his ‘mental’ message. He’d learned well from her teaching him how to read her thoughts and be able to relay her messages.

"Very well" Shran acknowledged. "Callie, I understand that you saw Ayana earlier. I was considering a visit myself. I figured you were seeing her on a more official capacity. How did it go?"

Callie nodded. “I did visit Ayana, as you know I can’t divulge details due to patient confidentiality, but what I can say is that she’s taking what happened pretty hard. I don’t recommend removal from duty; I think working will help Ayana’s recovery. I will want to see her again.”

Jon spoke up. "It was a difficult situation. That we were both in."

Shran nodded his understanding. "Thank you for that update Callie. I'll be sure to check in on her myself." He looked over at Jon, "It does sound like quite the ordeal. I won't disrupt your evening further. I'll see everyone in the morning. Goodnight." Shran turned and made his way to the door, leaving the Grayson's to their family time.

"It was sir." Jon replied simply not wishing to go into further details. Callie knew because he had told her but no one else did. He watched as his friend and Captain bid them goodnight and left their quarters. He turned to Callie. "Well darling, what's next on our agenda?"

Callie smiled. “Actually I was thinking an early night now Harry is asleep. I can enjoy cuddling up to you.”

"Now, that is a suggestion that I can definitely get behind." Jon said with a smile.


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