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It's Never Easy

Posted on Tue Nov 21st, 2023 @ 11:47am by Captain Shran dh'Klar & Commander Jonathan Grayson & Lieutenant Commander Callie Raven-Grayson & Lieutenant Commander Shoniara T’ghann-Travis Dr

Mission: Hard Earned Peace
Location: USS Washington

Shran had enjoyed breakfast with the colony representatives. Piper, Phoebe, and Paige all seemed prepared to negotiate what Shran hoped would be a lasting peace accord. Such an accord would be another step in bringing the colony into the Federation and giving the colonists the opportunity to possibly reunite with long lost family members back on Earth. He had time to review some last-minute items before he was due to see the Kilrathi representatives aboard. While he hoped for smooth sailing, the sudden erratic chiming at his door told him something was about to go very wrong.

Shon burst into Shran’s quarters breathless and shaking. “Captain!” She stood for a minute trying to collect herself. “She is here, here on the ship. Hela, already interacting with myself and other members of the crew. She wants repayment for what she gave.” She took a ragged breath. “Hela is …different this time worse than before, stronger." Shon took hold of Shran’s arm her fingers digging into his skin. “What are we to do Sir?”

Shran had been focused on preparing for the Kilrathi and was expecting Jon and Callie when Shon came in and began wailing. Hearing about the return of Hela, Shran felt a great weight suddenly fall upon him. "Slow down Shon" he said gently, trying to get his own bearings. "You said Hela has returned, and she has come to claim on some sort of debt. You are going to have to tell me what debt is has to claim on if I'm to try to figure this out."

She took a hold of herself realizing the way she was acting was of no help. “Captain, she appeared to me and some of the crew as a new bartender. She talked about the debt I specifically owed her, my daughter, our daughter. She is determined to collect the debt in whatever way she thinks fit.” Shon thought for a minute. “Sir, this Hela appears much darker, full of malice and it is my thought that nothing is beyond her.”

Shran was most definitely concerned at this development. "Your child? Hela has come for a debt on your child? This is problematic to say the least. It took everything we had to deal with Loki, and it was only by sheer luck that Hela seemed to leave us without much incident. She picked a heck of time to come strolling back here to us, though I suppose never a good time dealing with these would-be gods. We'll figure this out Shon, I promise."

The door chimed again. Shran assumed it must be Jon and Callie.

Callie looked at Jon as she sensed the emotions coming from inside. “There’s something wrong Jon” As they entered, she looked concernedly at Shran and Shon. “What’s wrong?”

Shon turned to see Callie’s worried face. “Callie, Jon, Hela is back, and she wants her debts paid!”

Shran gave a concerned look to both Jon and Callie. "It seems we will have to deal with more than just tough diplomatic talks. With Hela here, we will most certainly have our hands full."

Callie nodded. “That’s certainly going to complicate matters. I hope Hela doesn’t get to interfering with the talks. That’s not what we need.”

"That certainly complicates matters, but we can't let her interfere with these talks." He looked to Callie. "It means you are going to have to pay extra close to the colonists and the Kilrathi for any outside presence that may be interfering with their thoughts."

"Jon is right. Callie, you'll need you at the top of your game regarding the delegates. I'll have to lean on you and Jon more with the negotiations now, while I help Shon deal with Hela." Shran looked at Shon, "You said Hela appeared to you and others. Which others?"

Callie nodded in response to Shran’s words, looking at Shon as she waited for her to answer Shran’s question.

Shon nodded. "There was a new lieutenant who was talking to her, Lieutenant Senn, I think. she had interaction with Hela before I recognized her, or she let herself be known to me."

"Very well. Here is what we're going to do. I have to be present when the Kilrathi delegation comes aboard, so I will go and meet them in the transporter room. Callie, you escort the colonial delegation to the conference room, and don't hint about Hela with them. The fewer people are made ware of her presence here the better. Jon, you go find Inara, make sure she hasn't gotten herself into any trouble with Hela. Once that is settled you can join us in the conference room. Shon, return to sickbay for now, try to focus on work. Once we have gotten things settled with the negotiations and I can step away, I'll come find you Shon and we'll try to deal with Hela. With a little luck we might just be able to survive this whole situation with minimal strain."

Jon smiled at Shran's remarks. "And where do you want me sir? I seem to have been left out."

Shran arched an eyebrow. "You feeling alright Jon? I just said I want you to find Inara and determine how deep she is in with Hela."

Jon grinned sheepishly. "Yes sir. I'm fine. I just missed it. I apologize."

"I understand Jon. Just making sure you are good." Shran looked at Callie and Shon, "You two good as well?"

Callie nodded. “I’m ready Sir, let’s get these talks underway and hope Hela stays out of the way.”

"Alright, let's do this" Shran said confidently.


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