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Wax Off

Posted on Thu Nov 16th, 2023 @ 5:04am by Ensign Kate Kono
Edited on on Thu Nov 16th, 2023 @ 5:16am

Mission: Hard Earned Peace
Location: Holodeck
Timeline: After Kate's shift, same day.

Usually, her holodeck time was spent goofing off or flying. The days recent events left her focused on task and also, trying to keep her mind off Kevin. The standing theory was that Kevin was involved with some sort of fleet espionage; nothing so deep as to be spying for any sort of enemy but rather, feeding intelligence to companies that supply Starfleet with research and development. Kate didn't like this because she instantly liked Kevin and it was hard for her to see him as a traitor to Starfleet -- much less, a killer.

Kevin's girlfriend in the academy has been listed as vaporized by accident on the training range. After Kevin and his girlfriend were romantically involved, she was reported as distraught and she had contacted Starfleet Security on campus. The working theory was that, since Vulcans are neurologically linked in intimacy, his thoughts and feelings were seen and felt by his lover and therefore making her a witness to any of his transgressions. After the incident, Kevin had remained a loner in his personal life.

Part of being in Starfleet intelligence was to take advantage of moments in time where one might need to break with their practices for medical reasons. Being partially Vulcan with a seven year need to commence the act of mating was part of the ploy. Kate of course had no intention of going through with this. She had her own ideas of what really happened.

When word gets to Starfleet that he found a temporary mate, Kate knew that someone would have to intervene and then she'd find her real killers. Kevin of course would just have to suffer through his smaller part in his espionage for a week until he got over it naturally without a mate, but for now, he was thinking he had someone to help cure his biological burdon.

Kate just felt bad for the ruse, either way.

So for now, she stood in the holodeck across from a larger opponent, practicing Judo, Krav-Maga, and Jujitsu using holodeck characters.

She may have been Asian but she was destroying her stereotype with each painful crash into the mat of the simulated Dojo. Her instructor was another stereotype that she was guilty of creating, herself -- a combination of every exaggerated film stereotype of a martial arts master. Complete with a Gi, black belt, funny looking hat, handlebar mustache that dangled down in long white strands, and Asian Eyelids. He hobbled over to her and hummed loudly before throwing enough shade for a picnic on the planet Mercury.

"Mmmm... You've excelled in blocking the whole world with your body with every attack. Much like how you expertly picked his counter elbow with your face..."

Kate wheezed for breath as she rolled onto her side.
"I... Should have loaded up my flight simulator."

The martial arts master laughed under his breath,
"Why load that simulator when it's perfectly apparent you've mastered the art of flying through the air --- without the need for wings? Mmm.."

Kate wiped the sweat from her brow and balanced back on her feet.
I can fly just fine with wings."

"Ah, but might I suggest you relearn how to walk before you fly?" The master said.

Kate stuck her tongue out at the master before stepping back into the fighting circle. She may have been annoyed about getting her butt kicked but it did a great job getting her mind off the day.

Her appointment came at her again. She attempted to block a punch at the exact moment she got kicked in the face.

"... Perhaps we should load up the infirmary for your next program?"

Kate still had her eyes shut and was seeing stars as she shakenly used the last of her strength to extend her middle finger before her world went dark and her whole body went limp. There was a thud as she fell over unconscious.

"Crouching Tiger, Hidden...," she trailed off
"Grouching Ensign, Could'a Ducked?"


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