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We need to get rid of her.

Posted on Wed Jan 10th, 2024 @ 7:52pm by Lieutenant Commander Shoniara T’ghann-Travis Dr & Lieutenant Inara Senn

Mission: Hard Earned Peace
Location: Sickbay

Inara entered the sickbay, looking for a certain woman that was in the lounge with her that night. one of the people Hela took an interest in. It was time for allies in her quest to get rid of this woman. Of course, Inara was infuriated.

Shon was busy initiating treatment for fractures sustained by one of the engineers who fell during routine warp coil maintenance. She looked up remembering the woman that had been with her when Hela appeared. She walked over. “Lieutenant… it? I’m the ACMO, please call me Shon. How can I help you?”

She looked at her, "I need you to help me kill a god. Or at least get rid of her. Do you want to know what she did?!? She vandalized my paintings. How dare she!!!. She has insulted me and there will be consequences!!"

Shon indicated the office, “please come inside, I’m just about due for a coffee break and we can talk.” She waited for the lieutenant. “I need to tell you all about Hela.”

She walks into her office. "Never have I been so enraged!!!"

Shon smiled as she took her tea from the replicator and sat down. Motioning for the Lieutenant to sit down. “I don’t know you very well yet Lieutenant but I can understand immediately your feelings towards Hela but, she really is very dangerous

"She's torn open moments of my life that I wanted closed.. but also made me face myself... for the monster I am, Doctor." Inara noted. "I guess I should introduce myself. Inara Senn."

Shon leaned forward and extended her hand. “ Shoniara T’ghan -Travis, call me Shon.” She smiled. “I’m sorry you have had to encounter Hela, it would have been very good if she had not returned at all. We have a history together that I think will not end well so, if you can think of a way to help…..remove her from the equation without her ‘godlike’ proclivities causing havoc to the ship or anyone on board I am more than happy to listen?”

"We've encountered entites like her bedfore. One was called Apollo, then there was Trelane.. Finally.... Q... This one is like the primadonna's we remember from the Academy." Inara noted.

Shon looked at Inara and knew she would have to tell her the truth. She sighed, Inara we have another problem with Hela. It’s a long story but I will make it as succinct as possible. A while ago we encountered her on a mission, I will not go into the depths of it but ….. I had another family once, a husband and a daughter. They were killed whilst we were on a planet invaded by Klingons. Mark and Shasta were my world and for a long while I blamed myself for their deaths.

I left StarFleet and spent most of my time with drugs and alcohol. Then, by chance I met someone, a Vulcan who is now my Bond- Brother. He helped me get my life back together bringing my Vulcan side back into play. This led me back into medicine and eventually to the Washington.” Shon stood and ordered herself a tea from the replicator taking time to order her thoughts. Sitting she sipped the liquid letting it warm her.

Hela offered me my daughter back, I agreed not thinking of the consequence but she told me there would be one. I thought I would never see her again. Shasta is now here and growing up into a young woman with the help and support of Seth my husband. I don’t think you have met him. He is a diplomat on the ship. As you might have guessed I am pregnant with twins and Hela has returned to claim one, or both of them. “ Shon stopped talking and took a deep centering breath in the silence waiting for Inara.

"Oh no, you didn't." Inara noted. "But I probably have done worst things with the last ten years of my life, So I do not have the right to judge. Let's just say I know loss. Deeply. She's been taunting me with the dead spirit of Josephine." Inara noted. "Once upon a time, she was the love of my life. Now... The chief amongst the painful memories I now have. She's trying to make me angry... Very angry. I lost Josephine to slavery, and treachery."

“I am so sorry Inara, was she involved or just playing with you?”

Inara looked into her eyes. "Your pain is the same as mine. You lost someone you loved, and Hela gave her back. With a price. She really is a bitch, isn't she? Giving you such a choice and then, making you make it again?"

Shon smiled ruefully, “to be honest Indra I should have said no but I wanted her back so very much. I didn’t expect to see her again but of course there is always payback. I wonder if I had not been pregnant who would she have taken, Seth, Shasta. I offered myself after the babies were born but of course she refused that. I know she has family also gods, most of them hate her, I would love to find them.” Shon looked at Inara with sympathy. “What happened with Josephine? Unless it’s too much for you to talk about.

Inara spoke. "If I told you.. Doctor.. you would indeed hate me. We've both done things we'll regret to the end of our days. But long story short, me and Josephine were enslaved. We were both tortured and turned into mockeries of ourselves. Sometime later we were rescued, and my crew refused to rescue her. "'Starfleet's Orders' they told me, and when what was left was rescued.. They kept me from her. 'She needed to recover they said.' It felt like a betrayal. Dear Doctor.. Be thankful you have never been enslaved in your life. Nor would you ever feel the sting of when trusted friends betray you for what they see as the 'greater good.' Then... I had to let go for all that hate, anger and pain, or end up Hela's servant. I've had to let go of all these things. Or end up a slave again. But that's not the only thing I've done, Doctor." Inara mentioned. "I loved her so much.. I was willing to bend time to get her back." She let it sink in. "Yes, I used time travel to attempt to bend fate to my will. All for Josephine." Inara shed a tear. "All so that that such a very cruel woman such as Inara Senn, could change time so that a very good woman like Arrianna Salannis an Vantar could live together.. In what seemed to be bliss." Inara noted. "Yes. Me and Arrianna are like two damaged, post-traumatic stress induced sides of the same coin. Where Arrianna was Starfleet Personified.. I am a cruel, lonely, and selfish bitch, Doctor." She concluded.

Shon stayed in the silence for a few moments. This woman she hardly knew had opened up completely to her. "Inara" she whispered you have to give up all this hate or you will be lonely forever. Whilst you hate you will be contained in this world." she put her hand on Inara's arm. "How can I help you?" she asked.

"Just don't give yourself to her. I know what being enslaved is like. It's not something I'd wish on anyone."

“I do not intend to do so Inara but if I had to do so in order to ensure the safety of my family and my unborn children then I would gladly do so. We need to destroy her but we need help, a lot of help.

Inara sighed. "You have the same firebrand determination another woman I once was had. The same unshakable will. It killed her in soul, and now the only thing that is left is me. Sometimes people can die inside, I simply have been dying for ten years until I have decided to tell all of you and stop dying."

“Inara, please, we are not unalike you and I. I too was dead inside for three years after I watched my husband and child burn. Watch as the flesh peeled and blackened away and hear their screams of agony. To know it was my fault. I spent too long at my post instead of thinking of my family. To see their skeletons crumble…..” Shon’s eyes took on a faraway looked she stopped speaking.

Inara sighed and held her. "Hela has an agenda, don't buy into it." She turned to leave.

Shon watched Inara leave wondering if their Chief Science Officer was really fit for her position and resolved to speak to Callie about her. "Te sos Ala" she whispered in the Vulcan dialect then repeated it "Find peace".


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