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Finalizing Peace

Posted on Sun Jan 21st, 2024 @ 7:34pm by Captain Shran dh'Klar & Commander Jonathan Grayson & Lieutenant Commander Callie Raven-Grayson

Mission: Hard Earned Peace
Location: USS Washington

Though very little about the situation as it stood was normal, Shran was pleased that he and his senior staff had managed to work to reach this point. Jon and Callie in particular had put forward monumental efforts to keep the peace process on track, and this final meeting was to be the fruition of all their work.

Dressed in his dress uniform like the others, Shran approached the diplomatic facilities and stopped short, looking back at both Jon and Callie. "The two of you have done masterfully with these peace talks. I want you to know how proud I am of you both for your work here, helping create peace between the colonists and the Kilrathi."

Callie blushed at receiving such high praise. "We just did what we were asked to do Captain, I'm just glad we've been able to make such good progress in the talks."

"Thank you, sir. Callie was amazing and the colonists and surprisingly the Kilrathi were both eager to see the bloodshed behind them. I think this is the dawning of a new era between both groups." Jon answered.

"I hope you are right Jon" Shran replied. "Let's get in and finalize these talks and enjoy this hard-earned peace. I'll shift my attention back to Hela afterwards." The trio entered and made their way towards the delegates.

Shran looked at both sides before starting his speech. "Centuries ago, your two sides began a conflict that saw tragedies on both sides. The history between the two sides includes the scourge of slavery and the horror of genocide. Despite these dark aspects and the continued active warfare, both sides showed a willingness to find a peaceful solution. It was this willingness to end the bloodshed that has brought us here today, as we gather here to formalize the negotiated peace. Upon the signing of the official peace accord, the negotiated assistance from the Federation to both sides will be solidified as well, helping both sides recover. I ask now for the leading dignitaries to come forward and adorn these accords with your signatures."

Callie smiled as she motioned her delegates forward to sign. "This is a momentous day for all of you, I hope that peace will be forever lasting, allowing both your cultures to thrive anew."

"It is a joyful day indeed" Piper said through a broad smile. "Once signed, we will be able to focus our attention to reconnecting with Earth formally. Your captain said that an engineering team is coming, along with science and medical vessels. It is an exciting time for us." Piper made her way to the dais and offered a smile for Shran before placing her thumbprint on the document and it being scanned.

Jon nodded to the Kilrathi General. "General your willingness to see beyond the troubled past of your people has allowed this day to arrive. This is a tribute to you sir and your willingness to change."

Garawl approximated a smile. "Kind words commander. The truth is my people needed this peace, whether they are willing to admit it or not. The help from several of your Federation worlds will allow my people to pull back from the brink of extinction and slowly return to normalcy." Garawl approached the dais and followed Piper by imprinting his thumb print signature.

With both signatures upon the document Shran added his own thumb print signature as the Federation representative. "Ladies and gentlemen, we officially have peace. I invite both sides to now enjoy our banquet in both sides honor, which includes many delicacies from various Federation worlds as we welcome both sides into peaceful relations with us."

Stewards uncovered the large silver serving dishes to showcase the various dishes. Shran approached Garawl, "General, might I suggest you try the turkey. It will pair well with the Andorian ale. I am certain you will enjoy both. We'll also have Saurian brandy at the end of the meal."

"This turkey, it smells like some sort of bird" Garawl replied.

"You are correct General. Turkey is an Earth bird that they serve during special events and holidays. I have asked that they prepare it in several different ways for your pleasure. They have also prepared another human dish called smoked salmon, which is a type of fish" Shran replied.

"I will try it all Captain. You honor us with such gestures" Garawl said confidently.

To one side Jon stood alongside Callie, an arm around her waist as they watched the festivities. "Good work Counselor. Very good work indeed. You should be very proud of the work you did here."

Callie smiled at Jon. "Oh I am, and you should be equally as proud. We did good work, now how's about we join in with the festivities? I don't know about you but we..." she rested her hand on her stomach, "Are hungry!" she grinned as she took his hand.

As everyone sat and enjoyed the banquet, conversation continued. Phoebe looked over at Callie, "How far along are you now? I'd say you are due soon."

"Not quite yet" Callie smiled at Phoebe. "I'm only 25 weeks, just over 6 months. I'm not due for another 11 weeks. I'm expecting twins, hence the size." she rested her hand on her stomach for a moment.

Jon beamed, "Callie just radiates. Being pregnant agrees with her. However, I know she's ready to deliver."

"Well, twins always come early. You certainly look to be doing well with them" Phoebe replied.

"Thank you" Callie smiled warmly. "Jon and I already have a son, a young boy we adopted. He's looking forward to being a big brother."

"Oh, how fun! Siblings make this such a better experience" Phoebe replied.

"We're hoping so" Callie smiled warmly as she looked at Jon, then back at Phoebe. "Do you have children?"

"My son Milo is 2 years old. I am hoping to have a second child in the foreseeable future, especially now that we have peace, and we can begin our reintegration with our families back on Earth."

"I don't see anything stopping you now Phoebe. Peace is secured. You will soon have Federation representatives here to help you and the other colonists and bring back full fold into the Federation." Jon replied.

Deanna entered and made a delicate approach over to Shran. She whispered in his ear and Shran's antennae rose. He stood and excused himself as Deanna walked over to Jon and whispered to him, "Shon has gone into labor."

Callie looked at her husband waiting for Jon to relay what Deanna had said. "What is it?"

Jon looked at Callie, "Shon has gone into labor Callie." He said quietly but urgently.


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