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Joyful and Sorrowful Debts

Posted on Tue Jan 23rd, 2024 @ 10:25am by Captain Shran dh'Klar & Commander Samantha Howard & Lieutenant Commander Shoniara T’ghann-Travis Dr & Lieutenant Seth Travis

Mission: Hard Earned Peace
Location: USS Washington

As quickly as the good tidings had spread throughout the ship for the successful completion of the peace talks, an equal dread seemed to fall upon the Washington as Shon was brought into sickbay in labor. No one knew what to expect beyond the typical events of a woman in labor, but the knowledge that Hela must be lurking about was evident to all.

Seth was at Shon's head whispering into her ear as he held her hand as she brought into sickbay. He saw no sign of Hela, but he was sure she was watching from some hidden corner.

Sam emerged from her office as the doors whooshed open, revealing Shon in the first stages of active labor. Tricorder in hand Sam approached them and guided Shon towards one of the birthing suites.

Hela watched unseen. She was curious if Shon would survive the birth. She could sense the power of the child. His aura pulsed, and she wondered if others would be coming to see this event.

Seth whispered to Shon. "Breathe darling, everything is going perfectly. You are doing wonderfully."

Once the couple were comfortably settled in the birthing suite Sam ran a few scans, gauging how far along Shon was and how far she had progressed. "Shon, do you have a plan you want to follow, or just see how you feel as you progress?"

Shon did not speak but looked forward neither looking from side to side or responding to Seth or Sam. There was a sudden movement inside her abdomen flushing the skin as though something was trying to get out. Shon’s eyes widened and she began to sweat.

Sam's eyebrow rose at the movement, not entirely normal for this stage of labor but also not entirely unheard of. "It seems your little one is rather uncomfortable with its current home" she tried to lighten the mood as she timed contractions.

Suddenly the monitors began to signal alarms that a problem was apparent with at least one of the babies. A nurse rushed in with two neonatal pods and activated them, preparing them should Sam require them.

Shon remained calm maintaining an almost uncaring demeanor. “Sam my children will not be born. I will not allow it; I have completed the Cal n’orath ritual.” Shon looked at Seth and shook her head. “Go be with Shasta.” As she looked ahead, she began to slow her contractions until they were almost nonexistent. Her abdomen calmed and the movement stopped although Shon began to mutter to herself.

The monitors continued to signal distress for the infants, but they began to show severe issues for Shon as well. One of the infants appeared to be willing its way to being born.

Shon shouted “Hela I know you are here, know that I will not allow this child to be born!” Shon concentrated and her contractions stopped altogether. Shon’s eyes rolled back, and she began to chant Kel n’ora, t’ kanas” over and over again.

Hela materialized near the entrance to sickbay and her shadow and presence loomed largely. "I suggest you remove the children from her doctor, before my child kills her on his own" she said in a serious and ominous voice. "I have no desire to see her die this day, even if she thinks it her option to somehow break the deal. Do no harm doctor, I believe that is your oath. Save lives. Three lives are in your hands now." Hela looked at Seth, "You may wish to speak to her, perhaps you can sway her to see reason. I know you do not wish to see her perish this day."

Seth nodded at Hela. As much as he hated to admit it, she spoke sense, "Shon sweetheart. Don't do this! Don't sacrifice yourself this way. Think of Shasta, think of yourself. Love the baby we are left with. Think of the future we can build."

Shon could hear someone calling her far away. She looked up from her patient to see the sun coming up over the third planet in the Ensara system. The sunrise looked beautiful, perfect and full of fire and the promise of a new day. As she looked it coalesced into tongues of fire bubbling and snapping in a sudden flash of heat. The sound of disruptor fire breaking the birdsong of the morning. She stood for a moment and then her breath stopped. “Mark…Shasta” she breathed, dropped her tricorder and began to run. She had lingered too long at the medical center. Shon grabbed Seth’s hand “run Mark, run as fast as you can, take Shasta and run.” She came back to sickbay recognizing Seth. Something felt like it was ripping her open and she screamed. She wished that death could take her away from the pain, to feel……nothing, to rest, to let the ground take her. “Seth, look after our baby and Shasta. I love you.” She smiled and relaxed, the full force of the Cal n’orath ritual reducing her brainwaves. Shon’s heart slowed as her pain left her, pain that she had held inside for so long. It felt so wonderful to be free, floating, to be one with the universe. “Sam, save them” she whispered as unconsciousness took her down.

Hela sensed the moment coming. "Quickly doctor. The child, the children are in danger. She is trying to sacrifice herself using a Vulcan ritual. If you wish to save them all, you must be quick."

Sam took in the situation with a critical eye, she couldn't stop Shon from doing whatever ritual it was she was doing; however, the lives of the children were now Sam's responsibility. "Preparing for a fetal transport" the doctor moved quickly to the large wall mounted panel and began initiating the appropriate protocols. She also pressed the 'urgent assistance' red button and waited for the rest of the medical personnel to stream in.

Shon smiled at the warmth and sunshine. The faraway mountains looked beautiful in their winter cloak of blue heather. She sighed and sat on the swing on the porch taking in the peace. It seemed she had been there for hours but, in reality it had been mere minutes. Seth appeared walking through the gate at the bottom of the garden with Shasta. He was carrying what looked like a bundle wrapped in blankets. They reached her smiling. Shasta kissed and hugged her. “I love you Mom, I’m so happy I have a new sister” she said before disappearing inside. Seth sat down, “glad to see you up and about love. We’ve been got to have a little talk”.

"Quickly doctor. She is vastly moving into my domain" Hela prompted.

The nurse chimed, "Doctor, we have the neonatal pods ready."

Seth smiled at Shon. "Your youngest daughter love. She has been most adamant in wanting to see you."


Seth squeezed Shon's hand. "Shon, don't give up. You are bringing new lives into the world and that is an amazing event. Love this baby as much as you do Shasta." He leaned forward and kissed her cheek. "I love you Shon." He whispered.

Sam quickly finished the preparations and initiated the transports, one at a time but in quick succession. Once the infants were safe within their pods, she began to work on saving Shon, leaving the care of the infants to the others in her highly trained team. "Both bio signs are holding steady within normal parameters" the other doctor announced.

While Sam tended to Shon and the other medical staff tended to the infants, Hela strode forward like a great inevitability and stretched out her arms and took the boy into her arms. "He is healthy and strong. This concludes my dealings with you, Shoniara. May you find solace, joy, and happiness with your remaining family." With that she vanished with the child.

Seth watched with an inevitable helplessness as Hela collected her payment. As she vanished his attention turned to Shon and the infant they still had. "Shon." He whispered. "You have a beautiful daughter who needs her mother. Don't desert her."

Deep within her ritual Shon let go and opened her eyes. “Don’t you mean WE have a beautiful daughter Seth?” She said weakly. “Did she…..did Hela… take our little boy.”

Seth smiled and bent over Shon to kiss her gently. "Yes, I do darling. We have a beautiful daughter." He paused before replying. "Yes Shon. Hela has left with our little boy."

Sam worked trying to stabilise Shon, unable to focus on anything else as she fought to overcome whatever ritual the other was trying to complete. She was vaguely aware of a commotion behind her but if she took her eyes off what was happening, she could lose the battle to save a life.


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