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Mysteries Abound

Posted on Fri Feb 2nd, 2024 @ 10:23am by Lieutenant JG Eislyn Jortho & Ensign Kate Kono & Lieutenant JG Vienna Steele & Lieutenant JG Tarja zh'Rhun

Mission: Lost & Found
Location: USS Washington/Runabout

After determining who was available, Shran ordered another away team to take a shuttle and do a detailed analysis of the asteroid field that was giving them so much trouble due to the high magnesite deposits.

The away team gathered in the shuttle bay and readied their runabout. Eislyn and Tarja came aboard the runabout and began the checks of the medical, engineering and science stations. As the rest of the away team arrived, it seemed as though things would be getting underway quickly.

"Medical ready lieutenant" Tarja commented. "Also prepared to assist science as needed."

"Science and engineering online and ready" Eislyn noted.

Vienna was next in, she stowed her gear. “Gear stowed” she smiled as she took her seat next to Wyatt. “Strategic Ops ready and raring to go.”

Kate smiled and reached down for the master switch that powered the main crafts computers and transferred the position information and instrument alignment while the crew got situated. It didn't take too long to get everything running and oriented. Kate made sure the doors were clear on the runabout before shutting them. It had been a while since she piloted anything so big, but it came back to her. They left the forcefield and rushed toward the asteroids.

"Scanning range is limited" Eislyn noted. "The captain was right; we are going to have to land on one of the bigger asteroids to get anything of note lieutenant" she said looking at Vienna.

Tarja was looking at the sensors and noticed something odd. "Lieutenant, correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe we are detecting another ship adrift here in this field. And I believe it is a Federation vessel."

Vienna tapped her console, checking over the readouts. “I think you’re right...” she looked the readouts curiously. “I think it’s a... Constellation class. Correct me if I’m wrong.”

Kate shifted the runabouts direction. "I changed course twenty degrees off boresight to the scanner. Should give you a better resolution."

"Scanning the vessel" Eislyn said as she quickly worked her station. "Constellation class confirmed. Reading it as USS Henry Hudson, reported missing. I don't seem to be getting any bio signs aboard her, but the ship seems to be in low power mode. We should be able to beam aboard the ship relatively easily."

Vienna nodded. “We’d best air on the side of caution, full biohazard suits just in case?”

"I don't think that will be necessary" Tarja replied. "Life support is functioning on the ship, and I'm not reading anything remotely harmful aboard, beyond a higher-than-normal dust particulate count, which I would account for by the ship remaining active without and crew for a prolonged period of time."

"My understanding was that Cmdr Grayson's team boarded the Daystrom without suits and everything was fine. The Daystrom seems to have been found in a similar condition as the Hudson. I don't think we would be at risk of anything. We could transport to the bridge or engineering to attempt to bring systems back up to full which would bring environmental systems back up and clear up all the dust and any other potential materials floating about" Eislyn added.

Vienna nodded. "If environmental systems are reading okay then that's good enough for me, the sooner we get over there, the sooner we find out what's happened."

"Alright, we will beam over to the ship. The bridge seems like a good starting point. Ensign Kono, bring in and set at a hover above the bridge" Wyatt replied.

Kate selected the bridge and programmed the computer to automatically hover forty meters off the top of the bridge and entered the program in. Kate pushed away from the pilot's console and allowed the ship to automatically seat in right where she wanted it to remain while she grabbed her supplies.

Tarja smiled broadly. It was a rare thing for her to be on an away mission, and this was all thanks to Sam being preoccupied with Callie at the time. She would have to thank them both when she returned.

Eislyn continued scanning as best she could to get as much data as possible before they beamed over. She was functioning outside her normal role, but it was one in which she was more than qualified for. This sort of thing was exactly why people were in StarFleet after all. "I might suggest we contact the captain, update him on this unforeseen find."

Kate nodded and waited for one of the higher ups to contact the captain while she grabbed an over-the-shoulder bag with her supplies and snapped on a type II phaser next to her tricorder.

Tarja gathered up her medical gear and checked to make sure her tricorder functioned properly. As she made her way towards the transporter she stopped, remembering she needed a phaser. She walked over to the weapons locker and took a phaser, checked it was set to level 1 stun, and holstered it. Looking at the others she gave a sheepish grin, "Not used to being armed. Usually, the most dangerous thing I need to handle is a laser scalpel or perhaps an angry Klingon patient."

Vienna grinned as she made sure she’d got what she needed. “When you’ve been on enough away teams, it becomes second nature.”

Eislyn grabbed her gear, holstered her phaser and tricorder and walked over to the transporter. "I have lifetimes worth of away missions. People change, equipment upgrades, feelings are always the same." She smiled. "I love this part. Mysteries abound."

Wyatt set the coordinates for the transporter and then joined the others in the transporter. "Energize."


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