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Gathering the Away Team

Posted on Wed Jan 31st, 2024 @ 9:42am by Lieutenant Commander Deanna Celes & Lieutenant Commander Shoniara T’ghann-Travis Dr & Lieutenant Inara Senn & Lieutenant JG James Phoenix

Mission: Lost & Found
Location: USS Washington

Deanna exited the turbolift and made her way into Engineering. She quickly found Jon conversing with LeFaye. "Excellent. I have orders from the captain for both of you. We have found a derelict vessel, the USS Daystrom, that was reported lost. We aren't detecting any lifeforms aboard. The captain wants us to take Shon, Inara, and Phoenix to investigate." She looked at LeFaye, "The captain wants you to take an engineering team and bring the ship systems back up to full. We know the ship is functional and systems are running on minimal power currently."

"I'll gather a team and meet you in the transporter room commander" LeFaye replied.

Deanna looked at Jon, "I contacted the others on my way here to speed the process commander. They should all be ready when we get to the transporter room."

"Very well Deanna" Jon responded.

Transporter Room

Inara spoke as the commanders entered, "A seventy-five-year-old Oberth Class Science ship. Huh? You know a lot could happen to a deserted ship in seventy-five years, and I doubt any ship remains deserted for that long. So, I think we should send a probe on board commander, as there's too many unanswered questions about this ship to just nonchalantly beam aboard. Furthermore, can't rule out we won't become the victims of some unknown biological virus, or another horrible unknown thing that will have us die a particularly painful and gruesome death." Inara mentioned. "And besides, I have a particularly scrumptious marinara sauce with heirloom tomatoes slow-cooking in the galley, and I very much want to be alive to taste it, so I strongly recommend sending a probe to examine both the interior and exterior of the vessel, and if nothing else, we use environmental suits." Inara mentioned. "This is making my neck hairs raise."

"Quite the pessimist it seems" Deanna quipped. "No need for probes or the like. All scans indicate the ship is devoid of life. We have a doctor should something arise" she said as she looked over at Shon. "All indications are that this is a standard away mission outside of the mystery. No need to assume the worst lieutenant."

James entered the transporter room wearing a tactical jacket and a utility belt complete with his phaser pistol, tricorder, and some extra tactical gear in case the away team got into a confrontation. It was probably more than what the group needed, but something didn't sit right with the Ensign about the ship they were boarding. It was better to be safe rather than sorry. Upon entering the room, he nodded to the Transporter Chief and those of his colleagues already assembled stood at his place on the transporter pad.

Deanna spoke with Shon, "First bit of action since returning to duty. You feeling alright?"

Shon looked askance as she shouldered her medical and science pack. “I am fine Deanna, I wish everyone would stop asking me! And stop treading on eggshells around me. Sam cleared me for active duty a few days ago.” She sighed. “I checked the logs to see if there was a medic on board the Daystrom. It turns out there was an actual Medical Officer one Redver Danver. The records were rather fractured but it does not seem that there had been any problems reported prior to their disappearance. Do we know anything about the environment over there?” She asked Deanna.

Inara spoke up, "By all accounts, the ship should be dark, dead, with life support offline. Auxillary reactors should have gone into standby mode for maintenance about ten years after the ship was offline, Emergency power would have lasted an additional six months at the most before also tripping into standby. But they built those damned things sturdy in the twenty-third. Enough to last a century or more. The ship should still be operational.

Phoenix looked to Inara and the others. "Any chance that the weapon systems have been used recently?" This was a very odd situation and James wouldn't be surprised if the crew had tried to defend themselves against anything. Although, if there was no damage to the ship then the chances of the Daystrom's crew using weapons against anything were slimmer, but not impossible.

"Commander, that's what has me rattled here. There's no reason for this ship to be abandoned like this, and it is why I recommend caution, as there are things a ship's sensors cannot detect, quantum filaments or things beyond the EM and Subspace domains, and in the field of science; unknown can be dangerous." Inara explained.

Deanna offered a smile. "Lieutenant, your desire for caution is appreciated. Believe me when I tell you, I scanned for everything you are concerned about, nothing was present." She looked over to Phoenix, "No residual weapon signatures, but as this ship has been missing for nearly 75 years, one wouldn't expected to find any. We may well find evidence of a fight once we get aboard though. I trust you'll keep a sharp eye."

She once again moved close to Shon, "I didn't mean to upset you. I simply assumed you might have a few butterflies being away from your newborn, nothing more."

Deanna made her way onto the transporter pad, "Unless you all wish to continue this peanut gallery, I believe we have a mystery to investigate. Don't you agree, Jon?"

As Shon made her way onto the transporter pad, she touched Deanna on the shoulder. “Please accept my apologies. Your assessment of my situation was completely accurate. She is safe with Seth and Shasta but due to the circumstances….” Her voice trailed away as she checked her phaser was on stun and holstered it.

"Worry not, Shon. Return your thoughts to medical matters and what we might find aboard the Daystrom" Deanna replied. She checked her tricorder once more before placing it back on its holster and then did the same with her phaser.

Phoenix nodded in response to Deanna's answer to his inquiry before checking his own gear. It was all good. More importantly, as Deanna said, he most certainly would keep an eye out for evidence of any sort of fight or weapons fire.

"We will be transporting directly to the bridge. We have the viewscreen active to allow the captain to monitor our progress" Deanna mentioned.

'Oh nice, now if we immediately die upon beaming in, I can flip that blue blooded Andorian off before I check out.' Inara thought to herself.

Deanna looked at Inara and smiled. Being a telepath and having her intelligence training came with certain advantages. "Such thoughts lieutenant" she quipped with a smile.

Shon spoke to the away team. "when we beam in I want to assess the situation over there prior to moving out, is that understood?"

'Did your mother ever tell you to mind your own business, Commander. Because your prying, commander.' Inara sent to Celes.

Deanna smiled and sent a telepathic reply. 'I'm a telepath. According to the captain, everything is my business. A human once wrote that all creatures have three lives: public, private, and secret. Amongst telepaths, everything is public, few things are kept private, and nothing is secret. I wasn't prying though; your thoughts are broadcasting sufficiently enough that any telepath would be able to pick them up. Would you be equally upset with Callie for knowing your every emotion?'

'I have my issues with the Counselor for another reason. Which does not concern you. You are as annoying and probing as... her.' Inara noted. Pondering a vague memory. 'Never mind.. I'm better off alone.. At least I can't lose anything more, and let's focus on the mission.' Inara sent back. If she was Betazoid. Deanna succeeded in finding the most enclosed one imaginable.

"Alright Chief, energize" Jon ordered.

They dematerialized in the standard blue hue, making their way to the bridge of the Daystrom.


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