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Home is Wherever We Are

Posted on Thu Mar 28th, 2024 @ 1:57pm by Lieutenant Commander Shoniara T’ghann-Travis Dr & Lieutenant Seth Travis

Mission: Man & Machine
Location: Shon and Seth's Quarters
Timeline: Current

Seth sat on the couch; Shon sat next to him. her head resting on his shoulder. The last few days had taken their toll on Shon, with Hela taking their newborn son and then Shon being held prisoner by a race of inner space aliens. She was completely worn out from the events.

Seth turned to look at her, "Can I get you anything love? Something to eat or drink? A blanket? Anything at all?"

Shon glanced at Sage fast asleep in her crib. "Shasta is spending the night with her friend, you know Janell, her parents are science advisers. So, we have the evening and night to ourselves. just..." Shon lay down her head on the end of the couch and put her legs in Seth's lap. She wiggled her feet. "if you could find it in your heart to rub my feet I would be eternally grateful?. She smiled lovingly tiredness showing in her eyes. "In fact Seth Travis, I would be quite happy to give you my heart in exchange."

Seth smiled at his wife, she was the love of his life and he would do anything to keep her safe and content. "Janell is a good kid. I know she and Shasta will have a good time together and her parents will make sure they don't get to wild." He looked at her wiggling toes. "I think I can do that for you Shon." As Seth cupped one of Shon's feet and began to slowing rub and massage it. "All I want in exchange is your love and to spend time with you. I am quite happy with that."

Shon yawned and stretched as Seth began his massage. “Spending time together is not something we have done for a while. When I was over there with the Hereshi I wasn’t sure if I would ever see you , Sage and Shasta again. My only joy was that I knew the three of you would be okay together. You could do without me. Don’t get me wrong you would morn me and tell Sage about her Mother and her lost brother, but it gave me comfort. This life is so dangerous ….for all of us but it is the life we chose…ooh, a little more pressure!” She said.

Seth continued to rub and massage Shon's feet as she spoke. "Please don't talk about that Shon. We would do more than mourn you. You not being with us would leave a huge hole in our lives and could never be healed or looked without profound sorrow and sadness." He stopped his massage briefly, "You are correct, this life is dangerous, and we did choose it. Maybe it is time for us to become private citizens and live in my cabin on the lake." he finished as he continued his massage.

Shon sighed, “Oh Seth it is so tempting, the thought of being totally safe, living a life in one place…” Sage began to cry so Shon swung her feet off the couch and picked the small baby up. Rocking her in her arms Sage quieted and Shon sat back down next to Seth her legs under her. She leaned against him and began to feed Sage. “It is a lovely dream, but…I am not ready. Being a physician is all I ever dreamed of, being in Starfleet also but my guilt at loosing our son to Hela is great and I hope that in our travels one day we will get him back. Please forgive me the loss of our son. It was me who set all this in motion but I cannot go back and, to get Shasta back then , yes I would do it all again.

Seth listened as Shon fed Sage and gave her reasons for not wishing at this time to leave Starfleet and retire to his cabin on the lake in Washington. When she had finished, he spoke. "Nothing to forgive Shon. I understand your reasons and actions and who knows? One day we may get our son back and our lives wouldn't be the same if Shasta wasn't in them." He kissed her cheek. "I understand. It was only a suggestion."

Sage had once again fallen asleep, Shon kissed her and placed her back in her cot. She sat back down with Seth who put his arms around her. "You are always so understanding, do you never feel anger Seth?" she asked.

He chuckled, "Sure I do Shon. But I have learned to channel it. Being angry wouldn't make me a very good diplomat now would it? Anger can be constructive rather than destructive Shon."

She laughed, “Ever the diplomat my love, I too try to keep my anger under check, the Vulcan way does help and, I have become more proficient at it but I would kill to protect my family.” She sat up and took his hand, “Seth I want more children, what do you think?”

"I've had a lot of years to practice Shon but I still have to work on it every now and then. Like you I would kill to protect you, Shasta and Sage." He paused to think on the prospect of more children. "More children? Are you sure Shon?"

She looked earnestly at him. "Don't you want a son Seth? I feel we should have a boy.....nothing will take away from loosing our son, and we have never given him a name, we should do that even though he is not with us....but I feel a boy would complete our family."

"A son would be nice." Seth admitted. "However, I am happy with the three wonderful ladies I have in my life. You, Shasta and Sage. As for giving our boy a name. I agree. He deserves that. Have you name in mind?"

"I thought about Andrew?" Shon stood and moved to the window. "Where do you think he is?" she asked wistfully. she put her palms on the window as if to elicit some sense of being near to him. She had no tears left so she was just silent, looking out trying toil the barren hole loosing him had placed in her heart.

"Andrew is a good name, a strong name. I like it." Seth replied quietly as he joined Shon at the window. "He is with Hela but that is all I am sure of Shon. I hope she is treating him with the love he deserves."

Shon turned to him. "I am sure she is, after all she played the long game to get him. She knew all along and manipulated us but the thing I think about is the fact that he will never know us, never even know we are his parents. Seth I am going to see Callie about this, to try to make sense of it and move on. What do you think do you want to come with me?

Seth sat quietly, when Shon finished he spoke. "All true Shon and you dwelling on this isn't going to help you. Of course I'll go with you to see Callie. However, I don't think you, we can ever make sense of this. What we can do is accept what happened and move forward."

Shon sat down again beside him. "I knew you would say this but you don't have a mother's feelings, and you don't know what it is like to loose something you carried inside you all this time." she sighed. "Seth I have been in touch with T'Ghrek, as Andrew is his nephew he has agreed to travel here with one of the Priests that serve our house. They will conduct the P haLal ritual. It serves as the severing of the physical bonds when a child dies. it allows for the memories to be softer, less painful." she waited for him to reply.

"I can't believe you would say this to me Shon. "No, I don't have a mother’s feelings. I have a father's feelings and no I didn't carry Andrew inside me for nine months but I feel his loss just as acutely as you do, As for T’Ghrek and a priest. if you want them here, fine."

Sage woke and began to cry so she went over to her, picked her up and began to rock her. “No Seth I would not do it unless you agreed. I am sorry I know you miss Andrew as much as I do but these feelings I have inside will not go away and my thoughts run away with me. Maybe we should have a vacation, take Shasta and Sage to Earth, meet your parents again, get away from the Washington?” Sage stopped crying and began to snuggle.

"I said if you want them here, it is fine. My concern is you, Shasta and Sage. I don't want you to be hurting either physically or mentally and it is quite obvious you are. As for a vacation. I think that would do us all good. You need to relax, pure and simple. Just relax." Seth replied as hugged her tightly to him.

Shon sat down on the couch next to Seth and handed Sage to him. “You are such a good father I am so blessed to have met you and have you in our lives and, you know I think Sage is going to have your nose!” Shon leaned over and kissed his nose. “If you can get leave I will ask Sam and the Captain if we can have a month away.”

Seth grinned at his wife's comment. "Then she will be a real looker. Drive all the boys wild." He bantered back. With a grin on his face. I can get the time. there is nothing of any importance on my calander and any updates can be sent to me on Earth."

She got as close to her husband as she could with Sage in her arms and covered them all with a throw. “I’ll ask tomorrow Seth, when Shasta gets in we can ask her but I see no problem, she’s been dying to go for ages. I love you.”


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