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Whoa!!!! (Backpost)

Posted on Wed Jul 10th, 2024 @ 8:10am by Lieutenant Commander Callie Raven-Grayson & Commander Jonathan Grayson & Commander Samantha Howard & Lieutenant Commander Shoniara T’ghann-Travis Dr

Mission: The Andromeda Strain
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: After Mind to Mind

~ 3 weeks ago ~

Jon had beamed back to the Washington with Shon and was informed Callie was in Sickbay where she was experiencing labor pains. The pair quickly made their way to Sickbay and found Callie in a biobed, wincing in pain. " Callie sweetie! I'm here! What's wrong?”

Callie’s eyes widened at the sight of Jon. “Jon! You’re alive!!” She reached out for his hand. “I thought...I didn’t know what to...” She paused. “The twins are coming!”

"Jon smiled and took her hand. "Callie, it is alright. Relax and breath. How far apart are you contractions sweetie?"

“I...I don’t know!” Callie shook her head and looked at Shon, knowing she’d be monitoring.

"Callie sweetheart. calm down. Everything is going to be fine. You getting upset, isn't going to help the babies." Jon said softly as he continued to hold her hand.

Callie nodded as she held onto Jon’s hand, she’d seen a look on Shon’s face during her last scan she was worried something wasn’t right.

Jon continued to hold Callie's hand. "There, that's better, just breathe normally Callie. Everything to going to be fine. Your in good hands." Jon said softly.

Sam has set up the monitoring equipment in a calm an efficient manner. "Relax Callie, everything is going to be fine" she soothed, placing a reassuring hand on her shoulder. She took a few moments to get some readings before spending a few more mulling over them.

"Hrmmmm." She murmured to herself without looking up.

Hearing San's "Hmmmmmm." Jon looked over to her. "What is it Sam? Something with the babies?"

"Nothing that we can't deal with" Sam replied warmly, still going with the reassurance. "You won't be having a natural delivery with these two though. I'm sorry if you were planning on it."

"Sam, Callie and I want what is best for her and the babies and if that means Callie can't have a natural delivery so be it." Jon replied, knowing Sam would do everything in her power to ensure that both Callie and the twins were safe.

Callie looked up at Sam. “What’s wrong?...are my babies alright!?”

"They're fine so long as you let us do what we need to do and stop stressing, it's putting your markers all over the place" Sam pointed to several markers on the monitor nearby. "Now, relax. Breathe, and let us bring these two safely into the universe."

Shon put her arms around Callie and hugged her whispering, "I promised you I would be here for you and Jon and the babies. I am going to help you." Shon moved to Sam, sorry I am late what is the problem?"

"Callie’s in labour and the babies need to be delivered separately" Sam replied, showing Shon the scan that had concerned her. "The safest way to do that is via an operation, a old fashioned caesarian section. Although I promise not to leave scars like the dark ages"

Callie was doing her best to stay calm for the twins. “Do need to do” she nodded.

Jon meanwhile was doing his best to keep Callie calm as possible. He stroked her hand and smiled trying to reassure Callie. "Breathe." He joked.

“I AM breathing!!” Callie gave Jon a glaring look for a few moments, the emotion of the moment coming out before offering an apologetic smile. “I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to...”

"Didn't anyone ever warn you about women in labour?" Sam chuckled as she set up the equipment.

Jon just nodded, he was speechless, totally surprised by Callie's outburst. "He looked at Sam. "Uh no. Sam. A approach with caution sign would be nice though." He replied with a grin at his friend.

Shon readied the incubators in case they were needed. “Callie this won’t take long and then a whole new world will open up that is beyond wonderful.” She gowned up for the procedure and prepared drugs if needed handing Sam her gown she said quietly “how do you want to deal with this?”

"Same way we always do Shon" Sam smiled "can you prep Callie and have her transferred to theatre?"

Shon nodded and walked over to Callie and Jon. “Callie I am going to move you over to the delivery bay. What Sam and I are going to do is make a small incision in your abdomen and deliver each baby one after the other. Then I will need to check them both over before I hand them to you so don’t worry about any delay it’s quite normal for a cesarean.”

Shon moved Callie, “are you excited?” She asked as she prepped her friend.

Callie offered a nod of her head. “Excited...yes, afraid...most definitely!”

“There is no need to be scared, in a few minutes you and Jon will become parents and hold those little ones in your arms. There will be no pain. I want you to take a few deep breaths and concentrate on Jon. Look at his face, excited and full of love for you. Now concentrate on those breaths and I will be with you all the way.

"We need to begin" Sam said simply as the final preparations were made. "Would you prefer to be awake or asleep for the procedure. Please note it will be...messy" she cautioned.

Callie looked at Sam. “I want to be awake, I have Jon to keep my mind occupied.” She offered Jon a brave smile as she did as Shon had suggested and concentrated on her breathing and him.

Sam nodded and picked up a hypo, pressing into Callie's neck. "This is a pain blocker, you'll feel pressure but not pain, there's also a muscle relaxant and mild sedative in there to ensure you stay still and calm." Sam started, placing a small blue drape up to obscure the incision site.

Jon sat at Callie's head. "Hey there pretty lady you just relax. You are in good hands with Sam and Shon, you just think about those bundles of joy that are going to arrive shortly."

Sam started the procedure, carefully using a laser scalpel to cut through the 5 layers of tissue to reach her target. A few minutes later the first of the babies emerged, followed quickly by the second. Both being handed to Shon and the other waiting staff for their checks.

Callie hadn’t felt a thing as she’d concentrated on Jon until their children were safely delivered. “Are they okay!?” Callie looked towards Shon.

Shon carefully and quickly assessed each baby checking all systems and the usual two hands, ten toes. With relief she found everything to be normal. She beamed at her friend. "Absolutely fine and both beautiful but we just need to monitor them for a little while. She handed the babies to Sam looking to see her reaction.

"They will be fine. We just need to monitor them and provide some supplemental oxygen for a little while to bring their oxygen saturation to where it should be." Sam explained, attaching a small unit to each child's chest.

Callie nodded. “Can I see them? Hold them?”

"Not just yet, we need to get them stabilised first
" Sam cautioned. "But I can assure you with a little help they are going to be fine"

Jon leaned across and lightly kissed Callie. "You're a mom Callie to two bouncing babies." He said proudly.

Shon made sure Callie's heamostasis was fine and then her friend was comfortable. "Now it all begins, sleepless nights, worry..." she laughed, "but with all that comes so much love, new lives beginning." she bent down and kissed her on the cheek.

"The sleepless nights, the worry, will all be worth it." Jon answered proudly. "For in exchange we get to love them, see them grow watch and be a part of their lives."

Callie nodded in agreement. “Plus we have Harry too, I want him to know he’s not going to be forgotten amongst the arrival of his new siblings.”

"You are absolutely right Callie. Harry is part of this family and always will be." Jon answered with a smile.

"We'll keep everyone here for a few days to make sure you're all recovering as well as you can without interruption. Rest, eat, and spend time with your little ones whilst we get them stabilised" Sam smiled at the new family. "Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go write up the reports" she nodded and quietly left the room.


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