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Bound but not broken PT 2

Posted on Mon Aug 24th, 2020 @ 5:59pm by Commander Samantha Howard & Commander Jonathan Grayson & Lieutenant Lisa Olsson
Edited on on Tue Aug 25th, 2020 @ 4:23pm

Mission: Tal Shiar
Location: Tal Shiar Base

OOC - contains nudity but not graphic - mild torture and intimidation but not graphic.

She glanced towards Jon for guidance.

Jon looked over at Sam, shaking in her binds from the pain stick. The Romulans had them. They were prisoners. Whether help came an hour from now or a week, it wouldn't change the present. They needed to hang on until help came.
"Do as they ask Samantha."

Sam nodded and sucked in a deep breath, stilling her body and glaring daggers with her eyes. Her body's reaction to the pain stick took the edge off the freezing temperature - or was it a fever developing?

" Why are you holding us here?" Sam asked, finding some bravery deep within.

The male was unaffected by Sam's glare. He stood in front of her and looked her over as she stood there nude and securely bound hand and foot. "Were you not paying attention earlier?" He asked almost pleasantly. "You are our Guinea pigs. Your current state of dress is also your permanent state of dress as the wearing of your binds."

" If we're the guinea pig's... you haven't got any hard data on this virus you've created yet" Sam replied, rising up to her full height and regarding the Romulan with contempt " I'll even bet that you haven't considered a vaccine for it... why else would you need to study us?"

The male studied her, the human female was trying to assert herself despite her situation. He smiled at her arrogantly. "That would be telling." He replied coolly and with that turned and left the room along with the guard and the female.

No sooner had they left than Jon turned to Sam, "Watch what you say Sam." Then he added, "Turn your back to me. Let me get a look at your wrist cuffs. Maybe there's something I can see to get them off."

Sam blushed a little at the mild admonishment and turned around, raising her hands so Jon could access their bindings. She had a gut feeling she was right about the Romulans though - they wouldn't have thought to produce a vaccine or antidote to their bioweapon. Arrogance could sometimes prove fatal.

" Any luck?" She whispered as the felt the bindings shift on her wrists.

Jon didn't rush an answer, if he could find something tho get Sam's bindings off, He could tell her and they could get his off and then Lisa's. The seconds dragged by until he finally came around her back to face her. "Sorry to say no. I don't see where anything fits together, It's seamless. Sorry Sam, you and we are bound for the duration." He said glumly.

" Then we need to make ourselves indispensable" Sam replied with a hint of determination she didn't exactly feel. " Or we need to take advantage of an opportunity when it presents itself." She'd not been held captive for a very long time and it was not something she had planned on repeating.

" Plans?"

"And how do we do that Sam" Other than doing what they tell us to do. We don't have a lot of options right now." Jon pointed out. "Right now I think we bide our time and look for the Romulans to make a mistake."

“Agreed" Sam mumbled as her body started to shiver again. Taking some deep breaths she tried to calm the automatic reaction to the cold temperature.

" How do you feel - apart from the headache? Aches? Nausea? Fevers?" She prompted, reverting back to something she knew to keep her mind focused.

He stood there facing Sam. They were both nude and securely bound yet they were focused on freeing themselves and Lisa and not their current state of dress,

"Just a headache." Jon admitted. "Nothing else. What about you? I mean apart from the obvious."

" Just the headache for now, but we have no idea what the incubation period of this virus is. It could be hours, it could be days or even weeks until we start showing symptoms" Sam grew frustrated. " And of course we don't know what those symptoms might be - apart from weird green gas causing symptoms. Respiratory issues will probably be first...." Her mind kicked into gear with the new task to focus on.

"Which is why we're naked so if any visible symptoms appear they can be spotted right away." Jon added "And without clothes we can't hide them."

Suddenly the door opened again and the Romulan they knew as Straith entered and made a beeline straight to Sam. His hand went to a bag at his waist. "Open your mouth human." He ordered.

"Well it's certainly not for our creature comfort - the hospitality in this place is TERRIBLE!" Sam shouted the last few words before realising that the Romulans were probably listening to everything they said. 'Bad idea Sam..' she thought quickly before making a concerted effort to keep her smart mouth shut. She needed to keep herself in one piece if they were to have any hope of finding a cure.
" Sorry Sir...." She mumbled.

"It is too late to ask for mercy. Now open your mouth the Overseer wishes you gagged." Straith said firmly.

Sam's eyes widened with surprise and she instinctively clamped her mouth shut. Fear coursed through her body. She knew one of these days her mouth was going to get her in trouble.

"You wish to make this difficult? You who are nude and bound? So be it." Straith replied with a grim smile.

"Hey, there's no need to do that. She said she was sorry!" Jon spoke up for Sam. Straith didn't answer he just backhanded Jon a blow that sent him crashing into the wall. He turned back to Sam. "Open your mouth." He commanded.

"Jon!" Sam instinctively shouted and tried to move to help, resulting in a metal contraption being shoved in her mouth and fastened with harsh straps that bit into her face. Her scream was muffled by the device. Now she was really pissed.

"Now now, be a good little doctor and keep quiet now" The Romulans mocked as he parted her head in a childlike fashion.

Lisa could feel the anger bubble up inside of her. Gone was the anxiety and nervousness, gone was the fear and dismay. Seeing her colleague being treated in that manner just made her feel enraged.

“Hey, Tal Shiar scum!” She shouted toward the Romulan. Her voice felt like it was on autopilot at this point, and her words just spilled out of her mouth, “Leave her alone! We’re all shackled and naked, so does it make you feel like a big man treating a woman that way?”

Straith turned towards Olsson and sneered. “You’re next.” As the Romulan started to make his way towards Lisa, she knelt slightly, bowing her head. When the man reached her position, she thrust her head up as forcefully as she could in a swift and surprising motion, catching him violently under his chin. He took a stumbled step back before collapsing to the floor unconscious.

”Damn it! That hurt!” she cursed herself. Lisa looked toward her superior officer and half-smiled, “I’m not sure where we go from here commander, but I couldn’t let him keep doing what he was doing.”



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