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No words

Posted on Fri Jul 1st, 2022 @ 3:11am by Lieutenant Commander Shoniara T’ghann-Travis Dr

Begin personal log,

The thing I have wanted more than anything in the universe has happened. Hela restored my daughter to me. I returned to the ship dispirited and tired. The interaction with Loki and his ‘family’ almost broke me tearing through my Vulcan composure. ‘So near and yet so far’ I had thought. I promised Hela anything if she would just return my daughter to me and I thought my plea had fallen on deaf ears, but when I returned to our quarters a little figure was fast asleep in a bed. My little Angel had indeed been returned to me. I sat for a long while just watching her, Seth had not yet returned so did No know about her. That worries me as I have no idea how he will take this. My fervent hope is that he loves and adopts her as his own. Then she woke and looked at me. Those blue eyes under that curly mop of blonde hair so much like Mark actually looked at me. I could not believe it and, it seemed like forever before I took her in my arms feeling real flesh and blood, life from death. It is as though no time has past as she seems to know nothing about the trauma she went through or that her father has gone. I told her there and then that Mark had gone and would not be coming back. Strangely she accepted that without question. I had expected tears at least but she just smiled seemingly older than her 8 years and told me she knew. The doctor in me checked every inch of her, no burns, clear lungs, smooth white child’s sweet smelling softness only. I asked her what the last thing she remembered was and she told me she had been asleep and woken to see a wonderful warm but piercing light that covered her like a blanket and she fell asleep. I have to hope that Mark felt the same thing and that cheers me. I will need to make an appointment with Callie for both of us, she will not believe this. My other worry is Seth, how will he take this? we are so newly married and had not discussed having a family. Will he understand and take her for his own? I think so, I hope so, he will be home soon and I will be so happy to see him.
However in the back of my mind despite all this wonder I am sure that I will see Hela again to collect what I owe and I am sure it will be no small thing.

End personal log.


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