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The Time Of Hela

Posted on Fri Aug 19th, 2022 @ 5:46pm by Lieutenant Commander Shoniara T’ghann-Travis Dr

ACMO personal log.

Ever since I returned from the mission with my daughter Shasta returned to me, I have not been able to shake the fact that Hela will be collecting her ‘gift tribute’ call it what she will from whomsoever she wants and we will not be able to stop her. My family, the crew and my friends are in danger and it is my fault, but, I just could not stop wanting what I thought, reasoned I could never have. So, I have been researching her in the hope of finding something I can use against her or persuade her to return to wherever she comes from empty handed.

The daughter of Odin she has many names Hela Lokidottir, Lady Hell. Mistress of Death, Daughter of Loki, Queen of Niflheim, The Merciless. Her origin is from Norse mythology and she is the Ruler of Helheim or Hell. She has many powers too numerous to mention but the most important ones seem to be Graveyard Lordship, Death-Force Manipulation: the ability to manipulate disease, age and induce death. She apparently has skills in necromancy. She aided her father Loki in defeating the Gods of Asgard (eventually succeeded) and haunts the souls of the dishonored and the unworthy. Her crimes are many and include mass murder, Genocide, Treason, Malefic/usage of dark magic.
soul theft I find particularly interesting as I think this is what she may want. She can also use the dead to aid her and can also invade and speak through dreams. There is nothing decent or good in this abomination.

I will not allow her to hurt any of my friends and colleagues and certainly not my husband Seth, or take Shasta from us. If need be I will give myself to her.

ACMO end personal log.


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