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Strange Life, and Strange Machines

Posted on Mon May 27th, 2024 @ 10:04am by Lieutenant Inara Senn

Inara Senn's Journal, On Paper.

My mind has been preoccupied by what we have found on a tomb world. Apparently I have found a radical new type of life. One that has great implications. It is a lifeform very similar to mitochondria, but diffierent. This one has a boron based anatomy. Which is fascinating, Not only does it provide its host with unheardof resistance to radiation of various types, but it also has properties I cannot fathom. I will be researching this lifeform for quite some time.

The other interest is these machines. I am busy analyzing their remains. Perhaps it is a true artificial intelligence, as it left the interesting wildlife alone, prefering to exterminate humanoids. I wonder why? I would have to perform a study of its code.

As for the other matter, I've realized I've been a fool these last few months. My behavior has been that of a pertulent child, and I didn't even notice it. Not that my opinion of the divine has changed. There is no virture in a being that has not faced the trials and failures of mortality. Being born at the pinnacle of evolution is not a gift... nor is it a privilege. Furthermore that does not grant the gods any right to patronize nor preside over mortality. And worshiping, any of them, is weakness and superstition. We might as well take a horse, and hammer a horn into its head, then call it a unicorn.

But I do have one reconciliation. Norse legends tell of a... Doom of the Gods. That means one day, no matter what form I'd be taking, I'd have the privilege of watching Hela be destroyed by Fenrir. It would be worth oblivion to be spared and given the opportuntiy of seeing her get torn apart. For right now, they are below contempt, and I care not for them. I am focusing on far more worthy endeavours.

I will not give myself to her. Not in the slightest. I don't care about her anymore. Not until the day karma is served to that bitch.

I do not need a god or goddess to ride in and save my soul from the afterlife, I can figure that out eventually. Science gives me the tools to understand the universe, but I will find the tools to understand existence. And with it, the gods will be obsolete one day.

End log.


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