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Posted on Mon Jun 21st, 2021 @ 8:56am by Captain Shran dh'Klar & Commander Jonathan Grayson & Commander Samantha Howard & Ensign James Phoenix

Mission: A Dark Looking Glass
Location: Mirror Universe

The rebellion waited, their intel had come together and the plan had been set. A bomb would be planted at the door of the Indendant's harem, hopefully killing her without harming too many others. Their contact in the harem had advised that she had some new 'toys' keeping her occupied in the front section of the room. The 'newcomers' were being tortured for information, leaving the harem in the rear of the room. In the commotion the plan was to free the harem, take out the Intendent, and if there as time, free the newcomers.

Jon was still unconscious. His body bloodied and spent from the Intendant's torture but he had succeeded in planting a seed in her brain with the word Corbomite.

The Harem remained at the rear of the quarters, the word from the resistance was to stay back and out of the Intendant's way as much as possible.

The explosion was as sudden as it was loud, the wall next to the door exploding inwards and showering everyone inside with shrapnel.

Screams filled the air from those wounded by flying shrapnel. However amazingly none of the newcomers were hit though they all remained bound as members of the rebellion flowed into the room in the confusion and moved the harem to safety before their attention fell on the newcomers.

The Intendant lay amoungst the ruins, alive but unconscious. Shran couldn't be seen but was in the room somewhere. The noise had roused Sam from her stupor and she looked around, smoke stinging her eyes and making her cough violently. She could see the other members of her team, all bound and in various levels of consciousness.

"Jon.. Essie.... Pheonix" She attempted to shout over the din, watching helplessless as the Harem vanished in the explosion hole. Several of them paused...

Jon stirred but he was still between being conscious and unconscious. A painful moan escaped his lips.

Sam registered the sound and attempted to move, only to find herself bound, her ribs broken and abdomen split and bleeding. She took as deep a breath as she dared and called out to Jon again.

This time Sam's call penetrated the darkness and Jon opened his eyes and looked about, Chaos reigned supreme. There was smoke and dust everywhere as people scurried about like quail. Essie was still tied next to him but she appeared unharmed. He looked around and saw Sam and Phoenix lying on the floor. both bound and Sam was bleeding! "Sam!" He called out ignoring the pain at his abdomen and face. "Sam!" He called out again to his friend. He saw a rebellion member. "Hey you! Get my friend out of here. She's hurt but she can help you, she's a doctor."

The rebel stopped, quickly scanning the room for any further threats. Shran still could not be seen but that wasn't uncommon for the Andorian, he had a way of cropping up when he was least expected and causing havoc. The Rebel went over to Jon and knelt down, using a sharp blade to cut his binds. "How many of you are there?"

"Thank you." Jon replied gratefully. "Four. Myself the woman next to me." As he cut Essie's binds setting her free. "And these two." Indicating Sam and Phoenix. He knelt next to Sam and cut her binds. "Easy Sam, we are leaving." He told her even as he cut Phoenix's binds as well. He ignored his own pain and moved back to Sam and he helped her stand. "Can you walk? Or do we need to carry you?"

Sam sat gingerly and took a moment to assess not only her own injuries but Jon's as well."My goodness Jon, what did she do to you?" She whispered, looking around for her medical kit.

He tried to smile but it hurt too badly for that. "Sam, don't worry about me. Treat yourself first. Please." He urged his friend.

After Jon cut his binds, James slowly stood up to scan the area, to see if any hostiles where still in the room. But, he also wanted to see if someone was alright. He hadn't seen her since Shran had tortured her and James. Then he saw her. On the ground and unconscious with several injuries. Without saying anything, he went over to her, confirming who it was. He fell to his knees next to Ash, who was severely wounded, with several injuries. "Ash?" he asked to the girl who was out cold. He checked her pulse. It was faint. He tried to control himself. This was not his Ash, but he couldn't lose her again. "Over here!" he called out.

A rebellion member came over to Sam. "Doctor? Can you use this?" He asked holding out her medkit.

Sam reached for the portable medkit, thumbing it open and checking that its contents were complete. Blessedly they were.
She struggled to her feet, reaching for Jon as she did so to help maintain her balance. Hypo in hand she gave him a shot in the neck to keep him going before moving to where James knelt "Who is this?" She asked as she eased herself to the ground and took out her tricorder.

"An old friend of mine. At least-" He stopped, trying to keep it together. "I'll explain later." He answered, knowing he would lose it if he tried talking about the incident in this moment.

"Doctor don't forget to heal thyself." Jon said as Sam worked on the woman Phoenix was kneeling next to.

" Yep, let me deal with this one first" Sam replied, scanning the woman on the ground. She was injured, but not critically. A hypo would get her on her feet. Sam pressed one into the woman's neck, a potent combination of an antibiotic and stimulant with a hefty painkiller designed to get anyone or anything on their feet for the short term. " We need to get out of here, grab Essie"

"I'll get Essie. Will you please take care of yourself! I don't want to have to carry you Sam." Jon replied crisply.

" I will" Sam helped James get Ash on her feet and turned around to tend to Essie, giving her the same stimulant cocktail she had given the other two. As a team they made their way towards the hole in the wall, hopefull the neither the Intendant nor Shran would stop them. Any minute security teams would be swarming the area - their time was running out.

"Damnit now Samantha! Quit putting it off." Jon snapped. He didn't want Sam doing any further damage to herself.

The alert klaxon blared outside, the lights dimming and replaced by a blood red glow. Somewhere behind Sam the Intendant groaned, clearly not dead and soon to be very pissed off.

" Go!" Sam shouted, hoisting her medkit over her shoulder, jabbing herself with an injection of her 'gogo juice' as she affectionately called in, and headed for their escape.

Jon moved Essie ahead of him along with Phoenix and his friend. He waited however for Sam. He knew she was hurting and was not going to leave her behind.

As the rebels and away team moved out, from the shadows in the back of the room came phaser blasts, hitting two of the rebels, and a third shot grazing Jon's arm. The rebels kept moving, unwilling to engage the shooter.

The lead rebel called back, "Move!"

From down the corridor disruptor blasts began to fly. Security had arrived, and a fire fight was ready to ensue if the rebels want it, which they obviously didn't. Once again the rebel leader yelled, "Move!"

Sam kept her hands on her medkit and tucked her head low, following blindly in the throng of people that erupted into the chaos of the corridor. She tried to keep eyes on the rest of her team but failed miserably. Weapons fire intersected the group, dropping the rebel in front of her and potentially saving her life. She stumbled, crashing to the floor on top of him, eyes still open in his passing moments.

Jon grabbed her and pulled her to her feet, "Come on Sam, we need to move. Essie and Phoenix are ahead of us." He told her ignoring the pain coming from multiple areas on his body.

Despite the young man's death in front of her eyes she was relieved that the rest of her team were indeed alive. Loud shouting filled the corridor, as did thick smoke making keeping tabs of anything incredibly difficult. They had no idea where they were going. It was blind faith the Rebels had done this before and knew the best places to hide.

"Just follow the crowd." Jon said from her elbow. "They know where they are going.... I hope." As they continued to follow the rebels through the smoke.

In the room Shran emerged from the shadows and walked to the side of the Intendant. For a moment he considered using the weapon in his hand to kill her. It would be so easy. But if someone saw him, that would be another mess for him to clean up. He knelt down to check on the Intendant, brushing off debris that was on top of her.

"What happened?" she asked weakly.

"Terran rebels" he replied simply.

She looked up at him, "I want them killed. All of them."

He nodded. "As you wish." He waived for one of his men to come in. "Stay with her. Have a medic look at her." He walked out to the corridor and turned, following the sound of disruptor fire.

The throng surged down the corridor, two by two the Rebels ducked into ventilation shafts, vacant rooms and other hiding places. From behind them the weapons fire increased, Sam risked a second to stop and turn, seeing Shran in the lead of the Intendant's security force.

"Crap" She hissed before attempting to catch up with the rest of them.

Jon grabbed her by the shoulders, seeing what she saw. "This no time for sight seeing Sam, we need to get out of here."

A yank of the shoulder and both Jon and Sam were reefed into a darkened corridor, Essie and Phoenix along with them. Two rebels covered them with their weapons fire, ensuring they were for the moment somewhat safe-ish.

Shran and the troops fired on the rebels as they pushed forward. The Andorian looked angry, his clothing dirty and covered in soot, smudges on his hands and face. He fired furiously, killing one of the rebels that was trying to hold them off. He directed the troops to push forward. The troops moved forward, downing the other rebel. As Shran and the troops turned the corner they found that the others were gone. Shran slammed his hand against the wall in frustration. "I want them found. Now!"

" He doesn't sound overly happy" Sam quipped as the small group made their way down a darkened corridor to an access hatch that would lead to their future. Hopefully there wouldn't be a ladder involved, nine if them were in the condition vfor climbing.

"Lets put as much distance between us and him." Jon commented as the group reached an access hatch. Having no desire to tangle with either Shran or the Intendant any time soon.


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