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Boom Town

Posted on Tue Jul 13th, 2021 @ 12:47pm by Captain Shran dh'Klar & Commander Jonathan Grayson & Commander Samantha Howard & Ensign James Phoenix

Mission: A Dark Looking Glass
Location: Mirror Universe

The detonation went off without a hitch, causing power outages and the general disarray the Terrans had been hoping for. With the station now under intermittent emergency power at best, now was the time to make their move. However they had also just given away their position to the very angry Andorian who had been hunting them.

"We need to move" Hissed Sam, sensing the seconds trickling by like grains of sand through an hourglass.

"Sage advice Sam." Jon quipped as he took Sam's hand and helped her along trying to put as much distance as they could between them as their pursuers who were led by an Andorian bloodhound. "We've got to get out of here and back to our universe before this station becomes our memorial."

She looked at Smiley who had previously mentioned knowing how they could get back to their universe.

"What do we need to do?" She asked, feeling the affects of the hypo starting to fade, Jon would be feeling like hell right now.

Jon hoped Smiley had an easy or at least uncomplicated way for them to get back to their universe. he was beginning to feel worse for wear but kept up a brave front. "How you doing Sam?" He asked his friend. "Still hanging in there?"

"I've been better to be honest. Then again we all have. What I wouldn't give for a hot shower, a good meal, a hot shower and a half a dozen different hypos" She muttered as they moved through the corridors trying to avoid the evil Shran who was still hunting them ruthlessly.

"Sounds like just what the doctor ordered." Jon replied. "I can certainly go with that and without any argument as well."

They were quiet for a while, moving as quickly and quietly as they could until a loud voice caught their attention.

"My, you have been busy little bees" came the voice from a distance. "Blowing up systems, sabotaging others, attempting to assassinate the Intendant, and I see you have gathered with some rebel friends." His voice was tense, hints of anger and joviality mixed in. "They failed to kill her by the way, just as they'll fail to retake this station." He raised a weapon and fired, killing one of the rebels. "You Terrans, even those of you from the other side are short sighted. You've left me little choice but to kill you all" he said as he pressed forward towards the group in heavy deliberate footsteps, beginning to fire almost erratically.

As a few rebels began to fire back towards him Shran took cover behind a bulkhead emplacement. He continued firing, a lone gunman taking on a dozen rebels, and seemingly winning. Two more rebels fell as they scrambled for cover, Shran blasting away in a manner only imagined in war scenes. Then two more hits, this time those hit were known to the Starfleet personnel, though how serious the wounds were needed to be assessed by Samantha. Estella lay against the wall on the floor clutching her abdomen, blood leaking past her hand, while Phoenix clutched his female companion in his arms, her wound visibly far more dire, a chest wound that looked to have hit both the heart and lungs.

Phoenix, who had a wound in his arm, was now holding his hand over Ash's wound, ignoring his own injuries. He knew she might not survive; however, he needed to have hope that she would, even if she was a counterpart. "Come on, don't die on me." His voice almost broke. "I can't lose you again." He said quietly to her.

Shran and the rebels continued firing at one another. The rebels looked visibly shaken, lacking leadership. If only Bashir or Smiley were with them at this moment, but they weren't. Smiley was working in the central core and Bashir, well, according to Smiley he'd be around soon with some sort of invasion force. None of that mattered at the moment though. Right now they were pinned down by Shran, and the casualties were mounting.

As he held her, he felt her pulse. Nothing. She was dead. 350+ years since he had seen her, and she died in his arms. "No... No.." Tears began to fill his eyes.

Jon saw the tears in James's eyes and knew what that meant. "Sam" He said quietly, "See what you can do." He looked at Essie, her eyes were glassy. "Hang on Essie. We'll get out of this." He grabbed a phaser and ignoring the pain in his face and abdomen. He fired back and shouted at Shran. " That's enough! He turned to the rebels, "Get the wounded out of here. Keep firing at Shran and his forces. Keep them bottled up!"

"We have to get to the cargo bay" said Celes.

"I'll handle this" said Ayana. She stepped out into the corridor and stared at the Andorian. Shran stopped firing and looked at her. "You have to let us go" she said softly.

"I can't" he replied.

"You don't want to, but you can" she retorted.

Sam dropped to her knees and yanked out her medkit, working furiously to save Estella, her wounds were critical and would need far more than her basic nearly depleted medkit. She pulled out a bandage and did what she could, knowing it would be futile. Making Essie as comfortable as possible she moved to Pheonix, seeing the dead woman in his arms and breathed an apology. So much death and destruction. "I'm sorry" She whispered as she made his wound as good as she could. The hypo's now gone, she was relying on a very small supply of bandages and rudimentary tools.

Jon gave a quick backwards glance toward Sam and Essie, hoping to catch Sam's eye to see how Essie was doing while still watching Shran to see what his next move was going to be and how to counter it.

Ayana slowly walked towards Shran. The Andorian remained still, his gaze drifting from Ayana to the others and back again. Ayana reached him and embraced him, wrapping her arms around him. "Let them go. I'll stay" she whispered.

He looked at her, his eyes large with surprise. The moment of truth had arrived. What would he do? Could he actually be who he truly was in this universe of chaos and pain? He had suffered greatly, losing what he loved most, the Klingon-Cardassion Alliance had seen to that, and the Intendant has nurtured his anger, his anguish, his hatred, but he didn't actually care for her, even if he was good at his job. And in some way he actually enjoyed his work, if only to release some of his anger and grief into the universe that had given it to him.
He leaned in and kissed Ayana, a soft tender kiss.

Celes read the surface thoughts of both of them and then turned to Grayson, "We need to go, now. She can only keep him pacified for so long. If we are going to make the rendezvous in the cargo bay, this is our opportunity."

Jon nodded at Celes and turned to Sam and James, "Lets move. I'll carry Essie." He said as he scooped her into his arms as gently as he could. "Hang on Essie, we're going home." He said softly as he kissed her lightly on the lips as the group headed to the cargo bay.

Phoenix got up with a struggle. He looked down at Ash's body. He didn't want to leave her, but he also couldn't slow the group down. Wiping his tears away, he crouched and grabbed a dropped phaser pistol for just in case, and went with the group.

Shran went with Ayana in the opposite direction of the rebels. As he heard footsteps approaching he slammed Ayana against the wall and drew his weapon once more. A handful of troops came around the corner and he looked at them, dark intent in his eyes. "Don't stop. The rebels are around here someplace. Find them!" he ordered, sending the troops rushing past. When they were out of sight he once again released the grasp of Ayana and embraced her. "They can never know" he whispered softly to her.

Meanwhile Celes and the other Terran rebels led everyone to the cargo bay. It was empty as they entered, with the exception of a dozen or so crates marked as supplies. The station shook, the obvious result of weapons fire from outside. Bashir and his Terran troops had arrived it would seem, and Celes had the job of making the cargo bay ready for their arrival. She quickly worked at the computer terminal, inputting security codes she had conveniently taken from the minds of several key station officials. A sound at the airlock was heard as a ship docked, and then the airlock door opened, and Bashir and his Terran troops entered the cargo bay. "Smiley said you would be here" she said.

"Yes, well, I do enjoy ruining the Intendant's day" replied Bashir. He looked over the others, noticing the StarFleet uniforms. "Who are they?"

"Unfortunate travellers. They are from the other side, the other universe. Smiley promised them a chance to get home after the station is back in Terran hands" replied Celes.

"Did he now" Bashir sneered. He looked at Jon and the others, "Well we have to take the station back first. You can stay here out of my way or you can assist, but if you get in my way or cause me any trouble, I'll deal with you in my own way. Clear?"

James looked towards Bashir. "What can I do to help?" Even though he had his fair share of injuries from this universe, he wanted to aide in the efforts to take back the station. To get home. To avenge Ash.

Sam did her best to tend to injuries with her depleted medkit, focusing her attention on Essie who was gravely injured. She kept an ear out on the conversation, taking in the situation and the plan. So they would be retaking the station - not a minor feat.

"Just how do you plan on retaking the station?" She asked from Essie's side, rising to her feet and wiping her stained hands on what was left of her uniform.

Bashir looked at Samantha. "A doctor with a flair for military strategy. They really do make you dynamic in that universe of yours don't they?" He gave a condescending scoff. "It's quite simple really. The station is currently crippled. Cut of a snake's head and we win. I had hoped that the bomb would have done the trick, but it is all the better that I get to deal with the Intendant personally." Bashir looked over at Phoenix and Jon, "If you want to help, come with me. Otherwise, stay out of the way."

" Hasn't there been enough death?" Sam challenged, having done all she could for Essie and standing up in front of Bashir.

Bashir gave a gruff stare at Samantha and scoffed. "Perhaps you are used to the luxury of peaceful negotiations, but here everything is a struggle, everything is life and death. You can stay here for all I care, but that won't mean you are safe my dear."

The words were like a slap in the face and she physically recoiled, stepping back and giving him a glare that conveyed her feelings. There was a rock and a hard place and she was stuck in the middle. Help them and people were going to die, not help them and she'd be stuck on this bucket of bolts for ever.

"Fine... we need to get out of here" She grumbled, checking over Essie one last time before following the group out the door.

Jon had enough, "That's it! Enough Bashir. I'm tired of your attitude, I'm tired of this shitty universe. In case you hadn't noticed my fiancée is dying and I /we need to get her back to our universe. Now do you want our help or not because up to now you haven't been doing so hot."

Bashir walked over to Jon and stood face to face with him, staring directly at him, nose to nose. It was a tense moment. Finally Bashir smiled, "You talk big, but we'll see if you can back it up. I don't frankly care about you or your people, but if you want to help, I'll take the added manpower. Just remember, I'm not responsible for you or your people." He turned and began to walk away.

Jon shook his head at Bashir, "All I've seen from you is talk Bashir. Give us some weapons and you'll see just what we can do." Jon snapped at him.

"We shall see" replied Bashir, equally snarky as his men brought Jon and the others weapons. "No safe setting on these weapons I'm afraid. Do mind what you aim at" he said as he and his men ben to move out.

"Bashir do me a favor. Shut up." Jon replied as he took the weapon and waited for Sam and Phoenix to get theirs. "Sam, should you stay with Essie?" Jon didn't want to leave Essie alone.

Sam was torn for a moment between going with Jon and staying with Essie, her duty and mind pulling in two different directions. He was her CO on this mission and despite her desire to help get them out of this mess - she would do her primary duty and care for the wounded.

"Please... just come back in one piece." She said quietly.

Jon gave her a weak smile, "We're going to do our best Sam. Watch over Essie for me please." He looked over at James, "Lets go Ensign."

James nodded to Jon as he grabbed an energy rifle to add to his temporary two weapon arsenal. He kept the energy pistol attached to his waistband, and the rifle in his hands, ready to defend the group from their enemies.

She watched them leave, taking most of the able bodied terrorists with them. Sam returned to Essie, checking her vitals with the tricorder and frowning over the results. There was nothing more she could do for the woman until they got her back to a proper medical facility. Until then they both just had to survive. Sam tucked the small energy weapon into her waistband, and waited.


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