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Cold Warriors

Posted on Mon Oct 4th, 2021 @ 11:19pm by Captain Shran dh'Klar & Commander Jonathan Grayson & Lieutenant Aiko Kato & Lieutenant JG Shoniara T’ghann Dex Dr

Mission: Breen in Paradise
Location: USS Washington

With the new information in hand and with his strong suspicions, Shran was ready to investigate further. "Helm, lay in a course for that class-P planet, half impulse. Ayana, bring us to yellow alert. Raise shields, but no weapons at this time."

"Aye sir," Aiko answered acknowledging the order. Her hands moved effortlessly on the glass surface console, calling up the navigational computer and selecting the ship's new heading for the class-P planet. The astrogation software within the computer plotted a suitable course, which Aiko accepted.

The impulse engines of the ship roared to life in the silence of space as the ship's direction changed as she gracefully swerved sixty degrees to her starboard and edged her nose vertically twenty degrees.

"Bring us into orbit near the northern pole" ordered Shran as he saw them nearing the planet. He suspected that the Breen may have a base on the planet, and considering the north pole was where the ships were hiding in wait, they may have a base located in that area as well. "Celes, scan the planet. Look for any readings out of the ordinary."

Celes complied, her mind in lock step with Shran for what he was looking for. "Standard class-P planet. It would appear the planet is nearing its Autumnal equinox. Temperatures ranging from 10 degrees Fahrenheit to -30 degrees Fahrenheit. I am reading some minor magnetic flux in the north pole region, in and around a small mountain range which appears to have an extensive cave system."

Shran sat in thought for a moment before looking at Jon, "I think this deserves some investigation. If you don't mind Jon, I'd like to lead the away team myself. Can't have you having all the fun."

"Captain, I must protest." Jon answered. "You are much too important to lead an away team. Especially to the surface of the planet we're currently orbiting."

"I understand your concerns Jon. As much as you'll hate to hear me say it, this is captain's prerogative. You stay hear and keep a lookout for any more Breen ships that might come wandering along. Something tells me if they do have a base here, more of their ships might be around. I'll take Ayana with me for protection and to fulfill regulations."

"You're right. I do hate hearing you say that," Jon admitted. "You sure you won't change your mind?"

Shran smiled. "A class-P world Jon. Nobody else in the crew is as ready to check out such a world as me. I understand your concern, but this really is something I have to do. Don't worry, Ayana will keep me safe."

Shran stood and straightened his uniform, "Aiko, Celes, Ayana, your with me." He looked at Jon, "You have the bridge." Shran turned and made his way to the back of the bridge and joined the other officers in the turbolift and made their way to the transporter room.

=^=Shran to Dex. Report to transporter room 2 for an away mission. Arctic weather gear required doctor. =^=

Dex was just finishing up her report to StarFleet Medical when the summons from the Captain came. She had been a little surprised but had looked forward to an away team inclusion. She did not like being cooped up for the long periods of time that life aboard a starship required.

=/\= Dex to Captain Shran, Arctic weather gear aye sir. I’m on my way. Dex out =/\=

She collected a medkit, and medical tricorder. Once embalmed in her Arctic gear she felt reminded of a book her father used to read to her about an Eskimo boy, Nanook of the North who went adventuring. She smiled and took the turbo lift that dropped her off at transporter room 2. She nodded to the transporter Chief. “What is the weather like down there?” He smiled, “cold Doctor, very cold.” She put her gloves on.

"I want a heavy armament Ayana. I don't intend on us to walk into a trap without the proper firepower. I think perhaps one or two additional security personnel may be required, and it might ease Jon's mind some."

"Understood. We'll be ready captain" replied Ayana

"I'll get a few bits of extra equipment, just in case" Celes chimed in.

Shran looked at her and then nodded his understanding. He looked at Aiko, "You and I will go ahead to the transporter room. Hope you are ready for cold lieutenant."

Aiko grinned at the question, phaser rifle at the ready. "Ready Captain," she answered. She had only been on this ship a short while and in that time she had experienced combat and was about to go on a second infiltration mission to a Breen base. To her, it seemed reminiscent of the Dominion War.

And as much trauma and baggage that brought with it, there was a strange comfort in this routine - a routine that she had perfected from countless repetition during the war.

Besides, given what the Breen did to her during the war, it seemed fitting on a poetic justice scale level that the multiverse saw it fit to give her the opportunity to deal them a serious blow.

She nodded grimly but determinedly to the Captain. She was more than ready for this.

Shran entered the transporter room with Aiko and he looked to the transporter operator. It was Chief Boykins, a tried and true engineer who had seen more action than any engineer ever wanted to see. Shran had served with him for quite a long time, dating back to prior to the Dominion War. "Chief, I have another hunch" said Shran with a slight grin on his face.

"Then I'm glad I'm not going down there" he said with his Texas twang. "Not that being in such freezing temperatures is something I would be signing up for to begin with. Give me a summer day on South Padre Island over that cold stuff any day, especially if you want to toss in the potential for a fire fight in those harsh conditions."

Shran grinned. "Sometimes Chief, one cannot help but deal with the terrain given. Besides, I'll be quite at home down there."

Boykins looked at Aiko, "I doubt that can be said of the lieutenant, though I doubt she'll admit it."

Aiko smiled. "Not afraid to admit I am not particularly fond of the cold Chief," she answered. "However, I think this is to the disadvantage of our Breen friends. I suspect they are about to experience just how much I dislike the cold."

“Captain before we go may I have a word?”

"Of course doctor."

“With all this firepower we are taking down am I given to believe we may be involved in fighting? If so I have an idea. When I played with the virus looking for a cure I inadvertently stumbled upon something I did not expect. We may be in a position to ‘give back’ what was given to us. I have a virus we could leave with them, it would not kill them just make them very unwell until they can find a cure. Would you like me to retrieve it from the lab and take it with us?

Shran contemplated what Dex was proposing. Biological warfare. In his days working as an intelligence operative it would have been a quick affirmative to the proposition, but he wasn't working as an intelligence operative now. He was a StarFleet captain, an officer, and that meant he had to hold himself to a higher standard. "It is an intriguing thought doctor, but I'm not looking to go tit for tat with the Breen. Just knowing that we can eliminate a beachhead and perhaps stop a potential plague before it spreads will be sufficient to me." He stopped, still thinking, a half grin came over his face, "But I'll keep it in mind in the future."

Dex somehow knew that the Captain would say that. As a physician she was bound to save lives but as the virus would only incapacitate she had thought it best to mention the alternative to her superior. Somehow she felt faintly dirty but it had been her duty to offer up the idea. She smiled and breathed a sigh of relief.

“Thank you Captain, phaser only then.” She saw Ayana looking at her. She nodded. She had taken her last hypo of delactovine an hour ago so she knew she would be be okay for a few more hours. The periods between her increased aggression had been getting shorter so she was going to have to use the program……but not yet, the mission was her priority.

Ayana and Celes came in fully loaded for action, as if they knew something but didn't want to share with the others. A pair of security officers came in behind them, also ready for heavy action. Shran nodded at them and checked to make sure he had everything. Once he was sure he had what he needed he stepped up onto the transporter pad with the others and looked to Boykins, "Energize." They slowly disappeared in a blue haze.


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