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Medical Mystery

Posted on Sun May 1st, 2022 @ 7:52pm by Lieutenant Ayana Hillis & Commander Samantha Howard & Lieutenant Shoniara T’ghann-Travis Dr

Mission: Jupiter Mystery
Location: Jupiter sickbay

Ayana sat in sickbay next to Aiko thoroughly bored. It was a rare occasion for her to not be able to do anything aboard a ship and she hated it. Nothing could be done currently though. The medical team was working on mystery of the biologic agent and the nanotechnology, and she was not involved in it except to be a test subject for the EMH it appeared who routinely came over and scanned her and Aiko, which was honestly becoming frustrating.

Aiko gave a soft smile. "It is difficult not doing anything."

"Not to worry lieutenants, I'm certain we will have this all figured out in short order" replied the EMH as he nonchalantly walked away to consult with Samantha and Shon.

"Ayana, can you come over here for a minute?" Sam asked as she poured over the data. She was trying to pull apart the biological agent and see if they could use it to counteract the nanotechnology. With Ayana still feeling fine and showing no signs of infection despite exposure, Sam was confident that something within her DNA would provide a solution, if not an indication as to a direction.

"Of course" Ayana replied as she got up and walked over to the group of doctors.

Shon felt hyper stimulated, thoughts ran through her brain like a deuterium pulse. She had never felt like this.

" See this is your baseline DNA I have on file from the Washington, and this is from a scan we conducted a few minutes ago. There are very minute differences, your body has recognized the nanotechnology as foreign and has neutralized it as though it would something it has been exposed to before, or something you've been immunized against. My other working theory is that the bioagent has combined with a unique portion of your DNA and boosted your immune system" Sam rubbed her chin thoughtfully.

“I think your theory about hyper stimulation of the immune system is in the right direction. I feel wonderful, my breathing is deeper and longer, I can feel the motility of my blood increasing and the contractability of my heart more responsive to my movements, almost my thoughts also. I think whatever this is is trying to help, not injure. So far no one has been killed just in comas and maybe our missing colleagues are feeling just like Aiko, Ayana and myself. Perhaps we should try injecting our plasma into a coma patient? What do you think” Shon looked at Sam trying to hold back her excitement.

Sam paused as she considered the option "I think we need a little more evidence before we start injecting people" she admitted honestly, and ran a scanner over Dex again "hrmmmm...all your body's systems are in a state of hyperstimulation, my concern is that is it still increasing"

Shon became more animated, “Sam we HAVE TO RETURN TO THE PLANET, sometimes we have to take chances!” she exclaimed loudly. She swept her arm across the desk sending a PaDD and lab tubes onto the floor in her frustration.

Ayana approached casually, "Why is it that the three of us seem to be reacting differently than the Jupiter crew? For that matter, why are the three of us reacting differently than one another? I mean, Shon actually fell asleep, Aiko has looked drowsy for a while now, yet I feel fine and haven't had any issues."

Shon looked at her results on her PaDD. Well we are all physiologically different with our own genetic markers so that must come into play. The people that are sleepy and actually sleep to progress to coma. It is, I think a form of natural selection. I know we can find more answers down there. Sam, you know we have to return to the planet.” She stated.

"You know I'm not gonna let you out of my sight until I solve this" Sam replied equally. She had only a very limited understanding of a complex medical situation and no one was going to leave sickbay anytime soon.

"I'd love to return to the planet, but we can't go until you doctors give us the all clear" Ayana said with a hint of truthful sarcasm.

Shon pulled Ayana aside. “Look, I know this goes against everything you feel but we have to go now, tests could go on for weeks and we have the Jupiter’s crew to save.” She noticed her hands trembling due to the increasing hyper-stimulation, “I am going to go, are you with me?”

Ayana looked at Shon and noticed the hyperstimulation trembles. "I'm not sure you are in the best condition doctor, but if you are hell bent on doing this I will go with you. No need to bring Aiko into this. She is looking a bit out of sorts anyway."

Shon lowered her voice, “you know this will get you into trouble and I never thought you were the one to go against senior advice?”

Ayana looked at Shon firmly, "I may get in trouble, but my duty is to the crew. Can't keep you safe if you go off on your own. Samantha will likely be upset, but the captain will understand...I hope."

“Thank you Ayana, it might be the end of my career but the people we might save come first.” She looked around and whispered. “I have to collect a few things but I need some diagnostic equipment that I cannot carry. We will need a shuttle, so you think you can swing that?”

Ayana nodded. "Shouldn't be difficult."

Sam had moved to a nearby bio lab, leaving the EMH to monitor those within sickbay. Using a sample of Dex's DNA as well as samples taken from the other team members she started working on a viable defense against the nanotechnology that didn't involve environmental suits.

With Samantha not around it was relatively easy for Ayana and Shon to do as they pleased. Though it would likely get her into serious trouble, Ayana knew what needed to be done. She set up a diversion to get the two nurses out of sickbay, sending them on a wild goose chase up to the bridge and engineering. That left only the EMH, and Ayana simply deactivated him. "We should move quickly Shon. When Sam figures out what we are doing, we are both going to catch seven types of hell."

Shon nodded, “I asked one on the newer technicians to transfer my equipment to the shuttle bay,” she grabbed her bag and swallowed worried but knowing they were doing the right thing. “Let’s go then!” She said.

Ayana nodded. "Stay close. I don't plan on letting anyone stop us." Ayana had a look of determination that was fierce in her eyes.

They made their way swiftly to the shuttlebay and quickly boarded the shuttle. Ayana looked to Shon, "I suggest you get into an environmental suit once we are underway. We may be infected, but it seems that the atmosphere didn't agree with you last time." She sat down at the pilot seat and activated the shuttle, running through the prelaunch system quickly. She deactivated the forcefield and the shuttle took off, moving quickly towards the planet.


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