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Return to the Washington

Posted on Wed Jun 15th, 2022 @ 8:54am by Captain Shran dh'Klar & Lieutenant Ayana Hillis & Commander Samantha Howard & Lieutenant Callie Raven-Grayson & Ensign T'Plana-hath & Ensign Zack Ravencroft

Mission: Jupiter Mystery
Location: Shuttle/USS Washington

Dr Samantha Howard glanced around the crowded shuttle, people were strewn on the flood, some seated on whatever they could find, others too ill to do anything other than lie still. The Washington personnel were dotted between patients, trying to sooth and reassure that everything would be fine. Sam hoped they weren't telling white lies. The sooner they got off the ghostly hulk of the Jupiter the better.

"Let's go everyone" She ordered, as the ranking officer on the shuttle. "Advise the Washington of our ETA"

Ayana was at the controls as Samantha gave the order. "I have the captain on a open comm channel. Do you wish to advise him of anything?"

"Let him know we're on our way back, and the condition of our patients. " Sam started as she worked the panel in front of her.

On the bridge of the Washington, Shran sat with Callie and T'Plana-hath flanking him waiting on the situational update. Ayana had informed them that they had left the Jupiter and had a shuttle full of wounded, but Shran had noted that two shuttles had left Jupiter and he needed a full update. Who was on the different shuttles. What was the situation with these gods? He waited anxiously.

Callie was keeping her senses alert for trouble. “I’m not sensing Jon on the shuttle closest to us, if anything he feels further away.” She looked at Shran. “I guess we know what that means.”

Shran nodded. "The split up for different goals. According to sensors one shuttle is headed here, the other is about to hit atmosphere of the nearby planet." Shran looked to T'Plana-hath, "Ensign, scan the Jupiter and confirm all StarFleet personnel are off the ship, and then activate the preset code and gain remote control."

T'Plana-hath acknowledged the captain "Aye, aye Captain." She deftly began the scan and noted the majority of the crew was off the ship but there appeared to be some left in various corridors or rooms, twenty-seven to be exact. There also was the appearance of two very unusual energy sources located in the medical bay. "Captain, there are twenty-seven known Federation beings on board the Jupiter in various corridors or rooms, all appear to be unconscious. I am also picking up two unusual energy readings located in the medical bay." She finished transmitting codes and took remote control of the Jupiter. "The Jupiter is now under remote control, sir."

"Beam all those unconscious people to our sickbay. Keep monitoring the energy signatures, I'm guessing that would be Loki and Lugh."

Callie offered a nod. “I am sensing very strong presences from over there Captain, it has to be them.”

"If our people got out unharmed I have to assume Lugh is trying to protect them from Loki" Shran mused aloud.

Again Ensign T'Plana-hath acknowledged the Captain "Aye, aye sir." She then began to subvocalize commands to all four transporter rooms to beam out the twenty-seven Starfleet personnel from the Jupiter to the sick bay of the Washington as she provided the coordinates to them. She then notified the staff remaining in the sick bay to be ready for incoming wounded that would begin to materialize in the sick bay as well as those possibly on the shuttle craft. She also kept a steady watch on the energy signatures on the Jupiter, ensuring it was done in a circumventive manner not to arose suspicion.

Sam dared to release the breath she felt like she'd been holding for the last hour. Could they really be home and hosed?

On the shuttle Ayana turned to look at Samantha and Ravencroft, "Beginning docking procedure. We should be aboard the Washington in two minutes."

Zack had heard the murmurs on the shuttle about what was going on. The whole thing with Loki was surprising and not very believable. It was part of his heritage, generations back. Old Norse. Loki, the trickster god, the shapeshifter. An ally as well as a nuisance to the Aesir. He couldn't believe it was him. It was impossible.

The shuttle began to touch down, systems whiting as the artificial gravity of the shuttle bay was reinstated and eased the shuttle down.

"Shuttle to bridge, we're back" Sam announced with relief.

Sam's announcement was the first bit of good news he had heard since they found the Jupiter. He looked forward to getting a debriefing report regarding the goings on over there. He hit his comm badge, =^=Shran to Samantha. Glad to have you back. Get settled and then come up and give me a report. I've sent help down to assist you.=^= Shran looked to Callie, "Can you lead the assistance effort down there?"

Callie nodded. “Of course Captain.” She nodded and headed for the turbolift tapping her comm badge as she did so. =^= Raven-Grayson to all hands, anyone with medical training whose currently available, please report to sickbay to assist with new arrivals. =^=

~ Sickbay ~

Stepping into Sickbay Callie smiled as she walked over to Samantha. “Hi Sam, where do you need us?” She motioned to a group of people who’d answered her call.

Sam looked up as the small group of officers entered. She was relieved to see the added help.

"Ahh most patients are stable, however these 10 have more serious injuries that I haven't begun to start treating yet, the rest are minor injuries but still need attention" Sam started, briefing the incoming medical crew.

On the bridge, Shran had been given a report from Ayana that laid out the tactical aspects, though he still needed to hear from Samantha about the medical matters. He made a decision regarding his missing crew though, "T'Plana-hath, have the Jupiter follow us, mirroring our movements." He looked to L'Rissa, "Bring us out of orbit lieutenant, and set a course for the sister planet. I want us in a high orbit to be able to send assistance to Jon and the other's should they require it."

L'Rissa nodded. "Aye sir" she replied and she began to purr as she executed the order.

T’Plana-hath acknowledged the captain “Aye, sir. Also there has been no discernible change in the energy signatures on the Jupiter. Sir, I have been able to confirm that the energy signatures are the same as those encountered by Captain James T. Kirk when the USS Enterprise approached the planet Pollux IV, on stardate 3468.1 in the Beta Geminorum system.”

Shran looked suddenly intrigued. "I wondered about that. As I recall, the Enterprise encountered an entity that claimed to be the ancient Earth god Apollo. We will have to be sure to mark this one for the history books at the Academy, assuming we survive this ordeal." He looked at T'Plana-hath, "Look over the log entries of that mission. I want to know how they dealt with Apollo. Perhaps we might be able to do the same if it becomes necessary."

T’Plana-hath began doing as requested by the captain, she began going through the complete historical logs of the USS Enterprise and its encounter on stardate 3468.1. She noted that according to the ships Chief Medical Officer Dr. Leonard H. McCoy, the Apollo being appeared to be a ‘simple humanoid’ on his tricorder, yet the being controlled a dangerous power. Commander Spock was able to determine M-rays could punch holes through the beings ‘force field’ and the crew actually was able to determine the ‘source’ of the beings power and destroy it. This reminded her of another line of inquiry from Captain Kirk and the Enterprise crew on stardates 2124.5 through 2126.3 when they encountered the mysterious being known as Trelane, another being of extreme power, on a rogue planet. In this instance Captain Kirk destroyed a large mirror containing intricate machinery. In this case though the being did have more power than thought, and appeared to be a child of beings similar to the Q. The parents of Trelane were the ones who ultimately saved the Enterprise from Trelane. There is no data on the parents of Trelane or their species. The conclusion thus would be that in both instances there was a ‘power source’ that aided the beings. "Sir, after a review of the given data and research of Captain Kirk and the Enterprise of two similar beings I have concluded there must be a power source of some type involved."

Shran nodded, "I suspect that is the case, but the question remains where it is or what is it? Our sensors are far superior to the sensors used in Kirk's time, so you would think we would have detected a power source. On the other hand, if these beings are more like the Q or other similar beings, they may not have an actual detectable power source as their powers may simply be innate. It could be that at one time they required a power source and eventually evolved beyond the need for it. Considering they are being read as energy signatures, I tend to lean that way."

A short time later Sam appeared on the bridge and looked for the Captain to give her report. She spied him sitting in the command chair and dropped into the chair normally reserved for Commander Grayson. "How goes it Captain?" she asked as the Washington pulled out of orbit. He would have a plan - he always did.

Shran looked at Samantha and gave a small smile. "Hopefully things are going better than they are for you in sickbay. I trust that your patients are resting easy at this point. How many are in the artificial coma? Any chance you might be able to wake them? I would love to get Aiko back to duty."

" We're working on it, our crew who have been under the shortest amount of time should be the easiest to bring around. Hopefully. " Sam admitted, still only having limited understanding as to the nature of the comas. She still had a few tricks to try.

"This has certainly been far more strange and adventurous than I had thought a lost ship would be. I understand that Jon located an inhabited settlement and has gone back to speak with them about Loki. I hope they are willing to help, otherwise we'll be forced to improvise." Shran shifted a bit in his chair. "I guess as you humans say, we should keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best."


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