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Loki vs the world

Posted on Wed Jun 8th, 2022 @ 3:20pm by Captain Shran dh'Klar & Lieutenant Ayana Hillis & Lieutenant Deanna Celes & Commander Jonathan Grayson & Commander Samantha Howard & Lieutenant Shoniara T’ghann-Travis Dr & Ensign Zack Ravencroft & Petty Officer 1st Class Amethyst Reece

Mission: Jupiter Mystery
Location: Jupiter Sickbay

Dr Sam Howard moved much slower than she would have liked, the instant aging process causing her muscles to waste and her joints to seize. The blurred vision and muted hearing didn't help either. As the rest is her team tumbled from their instant 'thaw', she struggled to assist. Shon was looking as though she had seen a ghost, and Amethyst still recovering from having her tongue reattached.

"Let me help them you pig headed, egotistical fascist!" Sam growled angrily.

Amethyst watched as her friends were tormented, no longer able to stand it she moved across to Loki. “Stop!...P...Please...” Her speech was a little slurred as she got used to using her tongue again. “Don’t...hurt them!” She slowly knelt in-front of Loki, her gaze resting on him.

Loki looked at Amethyst, "Finally, one of you gets it. Very well, I will end their torment." He snapped his fingers and Samantha was back to normal, and Jon and Ayana looked significantly better.

Only Shon had not returned to the way she had been. The pictures in her head would not stop. Like a flickering old photo album. She had held it away for so long and Loki had released the floodgates. *he had murdered her child and her husband he had been there on Ensara*. She stood and walked towards him.

Amethyst remained where she was, now she had appeased Loki she had to keep up the pretence until such time as the others could find a way to stop him.

Shon walked up to Loki hate, and also something else in her eyes. At last no fear. “There will be a way to kill you. Not all gods see you the way you see yourself. You will have your enemies amongst your own kind and we will help them overcome you. You are a vile base creature, no not even that, you are a thing, something that cannot even be pitied. You play with us for your own perverse pleasure but we however will never be bowed by you. There have been many like you throughout our history, Genghis Kahn, Adolf Hitler, Kodos, Noonian Soong, Gul Dukat, all defeated and so also will you.” She stood looking at him hate and pity in her eyes.

Loki glared at Shon, "You actually compare me to mortals. You were amusing, you now serve no purpose at all to me." As he raised his hand, another hand took hold of his wrist.

"It would seem their captain was right to send me in search of you" said Lugh as he fully manifested.

At that very moment Grayson's comm badge beeped, =^=Shran to Jon.=^=

Lugh looked at Loki with dismay, "Centuries ensnared in a trap wasn't enough to to clear your mind. You have only become more bitter, bent on destroying any who refuse to bow to your will. These mortals, particularly the humans, they have grown and evolved beyond a need for us. We were wrong to remain on Earth for so long, and we must move on and find the others. Surely you would enjoy their company once more, if not that of your parents and siblings, then that of your children. Let go of your hate Loki, we can find better worlds."

=^= Grayson here sir, go ahead=^= Jon answered as he watched Lugh confront Loki.

=^=Jon, be advised, we just met with a being that calls himself Lugh, an ancient Celtic god from Earth mythology. He left to seek out another Earth mythological figure, Loki. Based on what Lugh said, Loki should be considered extremely dangerous, with powers potentially comparable to the Q. My read on Lugh is that he is trying to keep Loki from going on a murderous rampage.=^=

=^= Lugh is already here sir. He just arrived and has confronted Loki and Lugh is right. Loki is dangerous, extremely so. I hope Lugh can make him see reason.=^=

=^=Be careful Jon. I don't want our people caught in the middle of some sort of clash of the titans.=^=

=^= Ayr sir, sage advice.=^= Jon replied as he kept one eye on Lugh and Loki as he waved the others out of Sickbay and hopefully out of the danger zone.

Loki looked at Lugh, "After everything that has happened, after the centuries of us being caught up, you still protect them. They are insignificant creatures. Even now if they are very lucky they might live for a century, but they know almost as little at the end as they did when they are born. They are made to serve, nothing more."

Lugh had a look of dismay. "They are considerably more than that, and you are aware of that. They accomplish a great deal in their limited lives. It isn't for you to decide what is deemed worthy of survival or what constitutes a worthy existence."

Out in the corridor Celes looked to make sure everyone had exited. "I hope things don't escalate to a point where the ship is endangered. We really should inform the settlement about the situation as we intended prior to Loki's arrival. Perhaps they can do something."

"While Lugh has Loki distracted, Deanna you, I and....." Jon looked around his gaze settling on Amethyst. "Amethyst will take a shuttle and see if we can get the settlers and let them know what is going on."

"What should the rest of us do?" asked Ayana. "I mean we need to be able to treat those that are injured or may get injured. And what if Loki decides to become aggressive again?"

"Good question Ayana. You could place a level ten forcefield around Sickbay and let the EMH handle any injured then you, Sam and Shon can come with us to the settler's world." Jon replied.

"Aye sir" Ayana replied.

Shon grabbed an expanded medkit just in case. She knew she had been lucky to escape with her life but at that moment she had just wanted to get it all out. Silently though she thanked Lugh.

Hearing her name mentioned Amethyst moved slowly away from Loki and Lugh, making her way across to Grayson. “I heard my name mentioned Sir?”

"Come on, we're getting out of here." Jon told her.

Ayana quickly set up the forcefield around sickbay and returned to the group. "Everything is in place commander. I suggest we get out of here."

Celes looked to Samantha, "Doctor, should we bring these Jupiter patients with us?"

"Gonna be cosy if we do, dangerous if we don't " Sam replied honestly as she slung the shoulder strap from her medkit over her shoulder and checked her tricorder and weapon.

"Good Ayana." Jon looked at Samantha and Celes. "Ladies I suggest we leave and now."

" Let's go" Sam said simply as they headed for the door.

Celes hit her comm badge as something came to mind, =^=Celes to Ravencroft. Ensign, we are evacuating the Jupiter. Grab everyone still aboard and report immediately to the shuttle bay. Unexpected guests have made this ship hazardous to our health.=^=

=^=Yes Ma'am.=^= Zack said and gathered a few of the security that where still sweaping the decks and headed for their destination.

Celes looked to Jon, "As you said, time to go.l With luck we will be gone before Loki takes notice of our absence."

As they arrived in the shuttle bay they began to split into different shuttles. Ayana helped the medical staff load up the shuttles with the patients while they waited for the remaining personnel they had to arrive at the shuttle bay. Ayana made her way over to speak with Jon, "I don't think we can all go down to the planet commander. I suggest allowing me to remain here to pilot the other shuttle with the patients and the rest of the crew that are headed here. I'll get them back to the Washington. I think it would be wise for me to have at least one medical member with me to look after the patients, your choice."

Howard looked towards Shon, who had once again been through the proverbial wringer once or twice. She knew her 2IC would want to continue the mission down to the planet. "I'll come back to the Washington" She moved to the other shuttle with the most unstable patients were being loaded.

Shon looked at Sam and nodded her thanks, she needed to see this through now. Loki needed stopping and if t was within her power she would help as much as she could.

Jon looked at Sam, she was his best friend and had helped him so much with Essie's injury. "Sam." he said softly. "Keep your head down and stay safe." He then glanced at the others, "Let's go."

Ayana looked at Samantha, "Glad to have you stay with me. Nice having a command officer around should the need arise for such things."

"My sincere hope is that we encounter nothing more that mild turbulence on the way back to the Washington. I'm just about done for drama and near death experiences for the day" Sam joked, making sure the patients were nearly loaded and secured.

Amethyst looked at the others as she helped the patients settle in. “There’s nothing besides Lugh to stop Loki trapping us here, let’s hope Lugh manages to talk some sense into Loki.”

Ayana heard the sound of doors opening and went to look and she spotted Ravencroft and the engineering team. "Move it everyone. We are in a hurry!" she exclaimed.

The doors opened a few security members hurried towards the shuttles. Zack was the last to enter, still ready to deal with anything. "The last on my end sir." He reported.

Ayana made sure everyone was on the shuttle before getting on and closing the hatch. She jumped to the controls, "Time to get out of here" she said aloud as she initiated the engines.

In sickbay, Loki and Lugh had been arguing to a point that Loki hadn't realized everyone had left, everyone except the EMH who had inconveniently been left on. "Where have all my people gone?" he questioned allowed.

"As you have been acting erratically, they left after your colleague arrived. They seem to believe they are safer away from you" the EMH answered.

Loki looked at the EMH, "And they left you here."

"I can't leave sickbay. I am a hologram."

Loki looked irate and turned to look at Lugh. "You! You distracted me and once again I am left without my people."

"Perhaps if you weren't so intent in causing them harm they might be more willing to remain" Lugh replied.

"I'll find them. They were heading to the other planet when I found them before. I wager they are headed there now, and I'll happily meet them there."


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