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Omicron Danger

Posted on Thu Jul 28th, 2022 @ 9:00am by Lieutenant Commander Deanna Celes & Commander Jonathan Grayson & Lieutenant Commander Callie Raven-Grayson

Mission: A Trip to Middle Earth
Location: USS Washington

Deanna worked diligently on the transporters to ensure everything was in place once LeFaye and the engineers had everything else in place. Time was short. Every moment was another moment that something deadly could happen to those in the holodecks. She had seen the various programs running. Some weren't overly hazardous, but the one the captain was running, that one was fraught with deadly danger.

Callie sat in her seat keeping her senses alert for anything that felt wrong. From the bridge she was sensing everyone aboard ship, which made the job all the more difficult. She was keeping alert nonetheless.

Deanna could sense the stress and tension coming from Callie, as well as from the others. Her own apprehension she was doing her best to keep it under wraps. Time was of the essence and they were working diligently to solve the problem.

Jon looked over at Callie, he didn't want to endanger Callie by pushing her senses to any distress the captain and others might be suffering while trapped on the holodeck. "Callie, don't overextend your senses and endanger yourself or the baby."

Callie pulled back on her efforts giving Jon a smile. “Understood Commander, I’ll pause for a little while. If anything changes I should sense it anyway.”

Celes conferred with LeFaye. Everything was ready. =^=Deanna to Jon. We're ready.=^=

=^= Alright Deanna, begin, get the captain and the others out of there before it is too late.=^= Jon replied.

Deanna worked on the transporter with the chief and they began what they hoped would be the quick removal of the crew from danger. "I have a lock on them" said the chief.

"Energize" replied Deanna.

For a moment everything looked to be going well, but just for a moment. Suddenly the transporters sparked and flickered. "Aborting transporter sequence" said the chief.

"What happened?" questioned Deanna.

"It must be the omicron particles. They are coming through the buffers and causing a massive energy fluctuation that is overloading the system. I can fix the damage, but we'll need to come up with a way to filter out the omicron particles if we want to get them out."

"Start your repairs. I'll figure out the rest, and report to Cmdr Grayson." Deanna hung her head as she sighed. =^=Celes to Grayson, transport failed. We didn't lose anyone, but we do have to fix the transporters and figure out a fix to the problem before trying again.=^=

Jon bit back a sigh of frustration. =^= Understood Deanna, can you give me an estimate in what kind of time frame we're looking at to get this repaired? =^=

Deanna took a moment to think on that before answering. =^=The repairs should take an hour at most. I will try to figure out the omicron problem in the same amount, but I can't say that for certain. We have to see exactly what the omicron particles did to the buffer before I can come up with a way to filter them.=^=

Jon accepted the news in silence then asked. =^= What if we exited the nebula and moved a safe distance away from it? Would that help?=^=

=^=I think that would be for the best=^= Deanna replied with a tone of disappointment. =^=If nothing else it would end the omicron particle build up, and then we would only have to deal with what has already accumulated in the holodecks.=^=

=Alright. Let LeFaye know we're leaving the nebula, so get all the material they need before we exit.=^= Jon answered, then closed the channel and spoke to L'Rissa, "Take us out of the nebula L'Rissa, Three quarters impulse."

L'Rissa nodded as she made the course correction. "Aye sir."

Deanna looked at the Chief, "Alright, so what exactly has happened here?" She was frustrated, but it was interesting at the same time. A new problem to be solved, and she needed to solve it quickly.


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