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Dungeons Deep

Posted on Sun Jul 31st, 2022 @ 11:35pm by Captain Shran dh'Klar & Lieutenant Ayana Hillis & Commander Samantha Howard & Lieutenant Shoniara T’ghann-Travis Dr & Ensign T'Plana-hath & Ensign James Phoenix

Mission: A Trip to Middle Earth
Location: Holodeck 1

With a few hours rest under their belts and all needs attended to as best as could be expected, they had used the secret passage to enter Moria. The air was a bit stale with a slight odor of long decayed flesh. Only the torches they had gave any illumination to this once great Dwarven stronghold. They were traveling through what appeared to be a long forgotten passageway that had several offshoots leading to rooms that once housed workers or soldiers, along with ancient armories. Shran wondered how long it would be before they reached a great hall or worse, before they encountered orcs or goblins.

Shon walked slowly and quietly aware that everything echoed in these deep caverns. The torchlight caught on the uneven walls lighting up the occasional dark corner and passageway which led to who knew where. They were walking downwards that much was clear and her shoulder began to ache again as she often had to bend to keep her head clear of jagged portions of the rock. She was trying to remember her Tolkien wondering when the balrog had been defeated by Gandalf. Having said that whatever was happening with the holodeck could turn up many nasty surprises for them at will. The unyielding dark began to have depressive affect on her and she wondered if any of the rest of the team were beginning to feel it too.

Sam kept close to the group, not overly bothered by the oppressive nature of being well underground. It had it's benefits as well as it's pitfalls. Plenty of cover in the instance of raiding parties, thermo constant environment to name a few. The smell of necrotizing flesh wafted through every now and again and for Sam, she felt it was an old death smell. Many years in medicine had taught her death smelt different as time passed. She used the crutch the Captain had fashioned cautiously, favoring her leg so it would heal quicker and not hinder any altercations which were bound to happen. The smaller sword she had thrifted from one of the orcs was hitched on her belt, a small reassurance for what was the come.

As they continued down the passageway, Ayana stopped by a door and peered inside. It was a store room of some kind. She looked back at the others and then slowly went inside. The room was dusty, but otherwise undisturbed. She saw a weapons rack fully stocked with spears and waraxes, another rack with armor that seemed to shine despite the dust. She looked at it for a moment, then it dawned on her. She moved closer to make sure, and then with a smile on her face she looked back at Sam and Shon, "I believe I have something very useful for you both. Mithril."

Shon gasped softly as she spied the silver shine from underneath the dust. “T’Planna, James look at this she urged. “She passed her hand under the silky feel of the metal. As I remember Gandalf the Grey said; ‘The wealth of Moria was not in gold or jewels, the toys of the Dwarves; nor in iron, their servant... Its worth was ten times that of gold, and now it is beyond price; for little is left above ground, and even the Orcs dare not delve here for it."'... '"Mithril! All folk desired it. It could be beaten like copper, and polished like glass; and the Dwarves could make of it a metal, light and yet harder than tempered steel. Its beauty was like to that of common silver, but the beauty of Mithril did not tarnish or grow dim.’ This would be a valuable material to wear in out endeavors here.”

As T’Planna listened to Shon speak she thought she could hear something in the near distance. She had been hearing faint scuffles ever since the party had entered into the secret corridor and the deep dungeons of Moria. She turned and in a low whisper alerted the others to her concerns, “I believe we will soon have company. I have been hearing faint scrapping sounds since we entered, and growing closer.”

Shran looked to Sam, "The back wall seems like the best place for you should a fight start up. I'll keep whatever comes away."

Shon pushed past Ayana and grabbed a pile of what looked like dusty mithril shirts. “Sam, put this on now” she said handing her one. “Captain?” She offered him one also, then Phoenix and T’Planna hoping they would put them on.

Shran looked at it. "So this is mithril. Reminds me of ancient Andorian armor." He quickly slipped the armored shirt on and looked over at Sam, "It'll give you extra protection. As I recall it saved Frodo's life down here in the story."

Phoenix accepted the mithril from Shon. He threw it over himself and pulled it over his head. The shirt was slightly big on him, but that was to his advantage in the event that they ran into the locals because he would appear less hostile since the shirt covered most of his gear attached to his side.

Sam shook her head as she slipped the vest on, surprisingly light but according to legend incredibly resilient. "Captain...Frodo nearly went mad from the journey to Mordor..." She could understand the comparison though. Still she kept close to the group...somewhere beyond the dark the sounds of a battle echoed.

Shran looked at Sam, "Luckily you are wearing the Ring of Power, so madness will be averted. Besides, this is Moria, we aren't going anywhere near Mordor."

As the echoing, jabbering sounds came nearer Shon grabbed some of the long spears and handed them out. “It would be better to defend this small space with these spears, if they, and I presume they are goblins manage to enter this room we will not survive. Goblins are small and very vicious. They also use their sharpened teeth as weapons so try not to let them near you.” Shadows began to fill the room moving, growing and stretching across the walls and ceiling increasing the feeling of oppression and, for the first time Shon wondered if they would survive this. What had begun as a wonderful adventure, a chance to get to know her crew mates on a more personal level had turned into a real fight for their lives. She looked at her Captain wanting to tell him how sorry she was for all the trouble she had caused since she had boarded the ship, but, in the end her courage failed her. Her last thought before standing with her friends was whether Seth would realize how much she loved him and hoped he would have a good life with Shasta. She drew her newly sharpened sword and with her spear in the other she waited.

T’Plana declined the offer of the mithril shirt “Vulcans have always fought with the minimalist of armor, I will however take some spears. Captain might I suggest I move back up the passage way we came down a few meters and set up to fire upon these creatures, thus catching them in an L-Shape ambush.”

Shran considered the situation. "Very well, but take Ensign Phoenix with you. I don't want you going anywhere alone. And don't begin firing until you have to. Whoever they are, they may not know we are here and could simply pass us by. Stealth and a bit of luck are our allies here."

T’Plana-hath gave a slight smile, “Acknowledged captain.” She turned to Ensign Phoenix “Time is of the essence, let’s move back up the corridor, I saw a place that will provide us some cover and concealment. I would recommend bringing along some spears.”

"Yes ma'am" he moved to the weapons rack and took as many spears as he could hold while still armed with his normal weapons.

Shran continued to give out orders in hushed tones, "Ayana, you and Shon move over behind those weapon stands. You'll have the best vantage point to see whoever they might be and will be our first line of defense should they enter the room. I'll stay back here with Sam."

Ayana nodded in agreement. "Yes sir. We'll be ready should the need arise."

Shon moved over to where Ayana was and began to whisper;
The world is grey, the mountains old,
The forge's fire is ashen-cold;
No harp is wrung, no hammer falls:
The darkness dwells in Durin's halls;

Spear in one hand and sword in the other she stood waiting, any minute now, she thought.

Ayana smiled hearing the quote and returned one as an avid fan, "We must face the long dark of Moria. Be on your guard. There are older and fouler things than Orcs, in the deep places of the world." She took her position behind the rack and readied her weapon.

Sam hung back against the wall, knowing it was the safest place for her and for the benefit of the team. She was a healer, not a fighter. Yes she could fight if the situation required it, but the others in the team were significantly more proficient in that regard. She was a hindrance if she got in the way. Vest covering her torso she clung on to the notion the Dwarves inherently were good beings. The others that inhabited the deep however were not.

Down the tunnel came a stream for Goblins, their distorted voices calling for commotion even before they encountered the Washington team. Sam held her breath, raising the sword in her hand as if it itself could defend them.

Shran looked down at his sword, still sheathed and could see as it began to glow. He wasn't concerned with goblins, they were easily enough to deal with based on the encounters in the books. Thorin and his small troop dealt with hundreds when they were escaping the goblins in Goblin Town. He gripped a spear tightly and leaned into the darkness, hoping to stay hidden in hopes that they might avoid a conflict.

T'Plana lead the way down the corridor to where she knew a good hiding spot was that would allow for missile fire down upon their enemies, she needed to ensure all 45 of the arrows she had counted. She looked towards Phoenix to see if he was ready. She whispered to him "Ensign Phoenix if and when battle occurs you will hear me start to sing. You will feel an uplifting of your spirits and feel the mental strength of both myself and Lieutenant Shoniara and be able draw strength from our mental strength. I have not been able to inform the others with the exception of Lieutenant Shoniara as it effects those of Vulcan blood differently. Do you understand?"

"I understand" he proclaimed even though he was unsure about this. He didn't know how a ritual would affect himself. But if it could help him succeed in a battle, he was willing to take the risk.

Ayana watched as the sounds of footfalls came ever closer until finally something appeared to give a face to the sound. Goblins, dozens of them. They looked about how she imagined, though the near blank expressions on their faces made her wonder if they were even more clueless than she had imagined. She wondered if they were going to come in, wondered if a battle was about to ensue. Normally she'd hope for it, but under the circumstances, she hoped they would simply pass by.

Shran looked back at Sam and then over at Ayana before staring at the door. It was the moment of truth. He tightened his grip on the the spear. He felt the tension in the air. They were going to have to fight.


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