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Meeting the New Tactical Chief.

Posted on Wed Aug 10th, 2022 @ 12:46pm by Commander Jonathan Grayson & Lieutenant Nicole Logan

Mission: A Trip to Middle Earth
Location: XO's Ready Room
Timeline: TBD

Jon was in his office; he was going through the new crew transfers onto the Washington and one in particular caught his eye. The Washington it seemed had rated a new tactical chief a Lieutenant Nicole Logan. has the new chief hadn't yet reported in to him he decided to change that. Tapping his combadge, =^= Grayson to Lt. Logan, please report to the Executive Officer's office.=^= Now, he sat back and waited.

Nicole got the ping from the commander and she then taps her combadge =^= I'm on my way sir. =^= she responded to him. She went to the turbolift and got to deck 2 to the XO office.

Jon heard Logan acknowledge the message and further state she was on the way. So, he waited and as he did, he looked over her service record.

Nicole then tapped the chime to await to come in and stood there waiting. She didn't know that the fact that looking at her own service record in Starfleet, although, she's been wanting to be on a ship that helps with security and tactical.

Hearing the chime, Jon called out "Enter!" As he did, he placed the PaDD containing Logan's service record to one side and waited for the visitor to present themselves.

Hearing the call out, she walked in and said "Lt. Nicole Logan reporting in sir." She said as she realized that she did a great job for her service for starfleet. "Before you ask me what I want to drink. I'd like to have some Earl Grey Tea sir." She said.

Jon favored her with a smile. "Tell me Lieutenant, do you always assume what a superior officer is going to say or am i just the lucky one?"

"Well sir," she smiled back at him. "I was always one of those people to figure something out. I'm not like a betazoid or a trill I just know things. You're just a lucky one to have someone like me on board." She said and added.

"Time will tell just how lucky I and the ship are." Jon quipped. "However, since you indicated you wanted some Earl Grey tea. there's the replicator, help yourself." He indicated with a wave of his arm.

"Thank you sir." She walked up to the replicator and said "Earl Grey Tea." It then made it. "So sir. Is there anything you'd like to ask me about my service record or something along those lines?" She asked.

"Have a seat." Jon answered. Once Logan was seated, he continued. "Your service record is rather in a word brief Lieutenant. Care to supply any missing information?" His eyes on her, watching for any reaction.

"Well sir. I didn't really do much after the academy. Once after the academy, I was stationed on ESD. Ever since Earth SpaceDock, I was on board from Ensign to my current rank. Although, it wasn't much. Once I had gotten my orders to come aboard the Washington, I got on the first shuttle out and came aboard sir. Is there something else other than that was missing in my service record?" She asked him.

Jon nodded as Logan gave him an explanation. When she had finished, he looked across the desk at her. "Tell me something about Nicole Logan. Something not in the PaDD." He stressed. "Something that will help me know you better."

"Well sir. I can be friendly at times until someone upsets me. Uh I have anxiety at times. It would kick in sometimes. But uh other then that. There's really nothing sir." She said.

"I think you have just described the majority of people Lieutenant. Anxiety over what?" Jon questioned.

"Well sir I have some social anxiety at times and regular anxiety. Sir."

"And how to you handle that? I don't want an officer on the bridge who freezes at a crucial time and thereby jeopardizes the ship and crew." Jon pressed Nicole.

"Well sir. I handle it very well. I've always took care of it."

Jon resisted a sigh, "Lieutenant, do not try my patience or be deliberately obtuse. "How do you handle your anxiety? Before you reply, don't give me some smart ass answer or the only way you'll see the bridge is from the turbolift."

"Well sir. How I handle it is by breathing in deep until it settles. Also I take medication for it sir." She replied.

Jon nodded, "I see," He said simply as he looked across his desk at Nicole, wondering if she had anything else to add.

"But other then that sir. That's all there is to it." She said to the XO.

Jon nodded. "Very well Lieutenant, I'll take your word for it though I think there might slightly more to it."

"Sir if I may, I do take medications for it too." She added. "Is there anything else?"

"I don't believe so Lieutenant, other than me to say welcome to the Washington and I hope you enjoy your time here. Should you need anything, my door is always open." Jon replied candidly.

"Thank you commander. I will keep that in mind." Lt. Logan said.

"Well, if there is nothing else Lieutenant, you are dismissed." Jon replied. "Familiarize yourself with the Washington and I will see you on the bridge for your next duty shift."

"Yes sir. Right away sir." She left the office of the commander and started to get herself familiar with the ship.


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