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Darkness Falls

Posted on Mon Aug 8th, 2022 @ 1:27pm by Captain Shran dh'Klar & Lieutenant Ayana Hillis & Commander Samantha Howard & Lieutenant Commander Shoniara T’ghann-Travis Dr & Ensign T'Plana-hath & Ensign James Phoenix

Mission: A Trip to Middle Earth
Location: Moria

The Goblins swarmed down the tunnels, their intelligence countered by their numbers in the enclosed space. The dwarves would have easily driven them off with their own superior numbers, the Washington team however were out numbered and out gunned.

Dr Sam Howard used her sword to defend herself as much as she could, not really able to assist anyone else in any great regard apart from shouting the odd warning. She kept back against the wall as much as she could, using it for cover until a Goblin attempted to come at her from along the wall, its dark weapon glistening with either poison or some bodily fluid she didn't want to even begin to recognize.

Shran was spinning around like a whirling dervish as he skewered goblins left and right, doing his best to keep them away from Sam. The spears he had were handy and now covered in blood, and he continued to use them. The goblins continued to stream in like water from a breached dam. Dozens of them were pushing through the room entrance and if it wasn't for the superb fighting skills of his people, he knew they'd be overwhelmed. He launched the spear towards the entrance and tacked three goblins to the wall like a shish kebob. The one benefit was that it suddenly slowed the entrance of any other goblins.

Ayana was enjoying herself as she seemed to easily fight two or three goblins at a time. It was just like in the books, the goblins would swarm, but their fighting ability was amateur at best. She and Shon were creating a rather impressive pile, which was almost puny in comparison to what the captain seemed to be doing in an amazing feat of combative excellence. As she dispatched yet another goblin she saw the captain fire a spear across the room and impale a trio a goblins at the door as the spear buried into the doorway. It was an amazing sight to behold, but she had no time to marvel in the action, having to deal with more goblins.

T’Plana saw the horde of goblins swarming down the passage, then sensing the party in the room turn and begin charging in to it. She smiled at the foolishness of these creatures as she drew back on her bow and let fly an arrow. The arrow flew straight and slammed through on goblin and three quarters of the way through another, both dropping dead before they even knew what hit them.

T’Plana began to sing “Tra' nam-tor vaksur tor wuh puk tra' nam-tor shaukaush svi' t'nash-veh khaf-spol i'll kwon-hau-ov ma revenge nash nam-tor vi etek nam-tor wuh'rak svi' zehl etek lamok potau wuh fo-dan temok wufik glazhau au svi' wuh bezhun i am worla weht alive wuh pavesh tor min-tor svi' puk-khin oh, slor ralash t' skil i ha-tor tor puk k'svi wuh fo-dan temok wuh shi wilat warrior heroes tev-tor songs t' wuh wun-mor shen svi' wuh fo-dan temok heh ek' t'nash-veh khin dungi sarlah tor ha'kiv fo-dan temok! Shek fi' pushau fo-dan shei t' agony zhu-tor wuh puk ralash i dungi lamok t'nash-veh solektra nash nam-tor tor wuh shaht heh nash dungi nam-tor etwel song i puk k' rai regrets heh nazh-kap wuh pi-maat-kur tvur wuh pavesh tor min-tor svi' puk-khin oh, slor ralash t' skil i ha-tor tor puk k'svi wuh fo-dan temok oh, wilat warrior poets tev-tor songs t' wuh wun-mor shen svi' wuh fo-dan temok heh ek' t'nash-veh khin dungi sarlah tor ha'kiv fo-dan temok! Wuh pavesh tor min-tor svi' puk-khin oh, slor ralash t' skil songs t' wuh wun-mor shen svi' wuh fo-dan temok wuh shi wilat warrior heroes tev-tor shek ri tor ti k'svi wuh fo-dan temok heh ek' t'nash-veh khin dungi sarlah tor ha'kiv i pledged t'nash-veh ha'kiv ek' tor wuh fo-dan temok oh, wilat warrior poets tev-tor i mazhiv-kur-tor t'nash-veh ha'kiv ek' tor wuh fo-dan temok, zhu-tor t'nash-veh puk maf fo-dan temok!”

The psychic energy of the song began to flow from her as her mind began to focus, her companions should begin to feel the stirring of the blood, an uplifting of their spirits and a sudden ability to draw of the strength of both Shon and herself. She knew that Shon and herself would have the strongest benefit of the song; it would affect her and Shon’s Vulcan half. It would stir a blood lust; similar to the Pon-farr male Vulcans feel, increase their awareness of the battlefield; making it appear as if their opponents are three steps behind their every move. It would also allow them not feel any injuries sustained until the battle is over. The strangest effect though, was the battlefield awareness, they would be mind linked with everyone seeing what they see, allowing them to make tactical decisions in regards to who needs help the most and who is injured the most.

Phoenix was moving back as the goblins charging them. There was a significant amount of goblins still. He had an idea. "T'Plana, do you have any fire?"

T'Plana did not reply to Phoenix as she continued her song, instead to a small box out of her pouch and tossed it to him. Inside it contained an archaic flint and steel pieces with a small wad of kindling and a modern phase lighter. She could sense the young man's thoughts and plans, she approved of it.

He caught the box and fired off a shot from his bow towards one of the goblins that were farther away. The shot hit the goblin forcing it to drop dead. Phoenix had a few short seconds to carry out his plan. He took the fling and steel pieces and rubbed them against each other. With his bow not aimed at anything he was defenseless temporarily.

He kept moving back. A goblin charged him head on and tackled him. "Arghhh!" he yelled out. In the fight he hastily removed his own dagger and struck the goblin the best he could, downing the enemy. He quickly jumped up and continued with his plan. He took the phase lighter and lit the flint and steel pieces which created a flame. He removed one of his arrows from his quiver and carefully lit the striking end on fire.

He loaded the fire arrow into his bow and took aim. At no goblins in particular. The point was to down a large amount of them. He released his hand from the string causing a ton of force to strike the end of the arrow closest to Phoenix's body. The arrow exited the bow and traveled towards the wall. It struck a goblin which resulted in two or three more catching fire in the chaos. That had dealt a small blow to the enemies Phoenix was fighting. His eyes widened as he tossed the box back to T'Plana.

T'Plana. having a battle mind link with her companions, knew what Phoenix was going to do. She sensed and saw the goblin he took with an arrow, and the one that tackled him. She was not concerned as she nudged his brain to reflexively grab his dagger, guiding it with a nudge to fatally strike his opponent. When he finally fired his flaming arrow, she smiled. Sensing the return of the flint box she caught the boz reflexively and continued with targeting opponents.

Initially he thought that he had grabbed his dagger by himself. Realizing that it was T'Plana, he nodded a thanks. Unfortunately, seconds later he heard a screech and saw another goblin charging him on all fours. He quickly jumped up over the monster and landed back down and struck the goblin directly behind the other. The goblin that missed Phoenix slid on the ground for a moment and turned back around and charged the Ensign again. He ran at the monster head on with his dagger and got the first hit in directly in the neck. both goblins fell straight to the ground.

Shon used her broadsword to slash and decapitate as many goblins as she could, often finding it easy to kill several with one sweep of her blade. She tried to protect Sam as much as she could; knowing that Sam neither wanted this or had much skill in any sort of combat. The mithril vest Sam wore would protect her chest from any blade but the rest of her was very, very vulnerable. For Shon the problem was that the goblins hardly came up to her waist and she had to bend slightly to protect her legs. She felt the sharp caress of a goblin blade on her thigh and the feel of blood hot on her leg. For a moment she hoped there were no Morgul blades wielded by their foes as they were used by the Nazgûl to poison enemies and were often to be found in the hands of orcs. She rewarded her goblin with the feel of his entrails as they slid to the floor. Soon her sword began to feel like an extension of her arm as she rent body after body asunder. The floor began to be slippery with goblin blood.

Then, it seemed like the breath of T’Plana’s song was parting its way into and throughout the enclosed space. Her voice was strong and low and, although she could not hear the words clearly, Shon began to feel it infuse her being as the Vulcan part of her began to respond. She picked up her spear and thrust “LIKE SPEARING FISH IN A BARREL” she shouted laughing. The tonality of T’Plana’s song seemed to fill her blood, strengthening sinew and muscle and giving her a feeling of invincibility. Shon felt that she would live forever and her sword felt even more as one with her arm. She hoped that Sam would feel some courage as she continued to protect her friend, parrying and thrusting. As their enemy continued to swarm into the room she caught a glimpse of Shran and could see him smiling grimly.

T’Plana continued to sing and as she sung many of the goblins heard her and started rushing to the sound. She took aim and fired an arrow it sliced through one goblins throat through the chest of another and embedded its self into the heart of yet another goblin, all three falling to there deaths. She took aim and one of the lead goblins changed course to avoid the arrow, T’Plana smiled, all the while singing, and fired the arrow at the wall, it careened of the wall, ricocheted through the goblins throat and slammed into the ear of another, both falling down dead. Sensing a surge towards the door, T’Plana reached and grabbed a spear. She threw it down the hall impaling it midway in the door, then another just below it, thus creating a temporary barrier into the room were the captain was.

Andorians were perhaps the best warriors in the Federation, and the closest thing to Klingons the Federation had. Combat was second nature to Shran, and his desire to protect his people, particularly Sam, was pushing an almost bloodlust in him as he began slaughtering the goblins wholesale. He was becoming so entranced that he have moved away from Sam towards the middle of the room, spinning and whirling about in a martial dance of death that was killing goblins with every stroke, and the occasional cut seemed to be ignored.

Sword fighting 101 was no longer taught at Starfleet academy, and whilst the others seem to have interests in hand to hand combat, Sam didn't and her skill was sorely lacking as the Goblins continued to come at her. How many of these fetid creatures were there? As the team held their own it was as though the holodeck thought 'hrmmm level up' and made things just that little more difficult. The occasional orc was added to the mix, wargs saddled in black leather with long fangs snarling at all. Sam's already wilding beating heart skipped a few in fear. Shran had moved away into the sea of black bodies, his movements almost hypnotic.
This was not the adventure she had signed up for, and it seemed there was no escaping.

Blade held before her she welded it in a cumbersome and non effective manner, occasionally hitting home, each time her gut was twist a little harder as her oath was violated by her own hand. "This isn't real, this isn't real" she repeated to herself over and over as though it would make everything alright.

Shon could see that Sam was loosing her battle. She pushed her into the corner. “STAY BEHIND ME SAM!” She ordered, as she put herself in front of her and continued to fight whilst protecting her from everything but the occasional jab.

"Shon watch out!" Sam shouted at her 2IC as two orcs teamed up to take down the medic, the CMO felt useless as she could barely defend herself let alone help her friends.

She sensed Sam’s frightened thoughts and she gently nudged her mind Draw your strength from me and deny your fears. Focus and I will help guide you. . She then saw that Shon was in danger through Sam’s mental connection and immediately directed her thoughts toward the captain Sir, Shon and Sam need you NOW! Two Orcs. I have blocked the entrance with spears and myself and Phoenix are dispatching the last of the horde. With those quick mental pushes she resumed firing her bow at the last of the goblins and orcs.

As the Orcs seemed poised to finish Shon, a blue hued blade suddenly erupted from one's chest as a spear pushed through the other, and suddenly Shran was standing there, covered in filth and looking like a barbarian enraged. The squeal of a goblin could be heard in the distance as it was killed, and then all was silence once more. As quickly as this combat scenario had begun, it was now over.

Shran looked almost blank for a moment as he stood over Shon, not far from Sam. Ayana approached, "Everyone alright?"

Shon lay there breathing heavily her mithril shirt covered in goblin blood and dust her thigh bleeding heavily. She looked up and nodded her thanks at Shran who seemed not to respond. “Captain…are you alright?” She asked.

T’Plana was still in the battle trance and could sense the other’s. She felt that Captain Sharn was still caught up in the Andorian Battle Lust. She reached out very gently and touched Shon’s mind The captain is caught up in an Andorian Battle Lust state, we must both focus and gently ease him back to reality. We must convince him his party is safe. With that T’Plana then reached out and gently, like a feather brushing one’s skin, caressed Captain Shran’s mind Sir, the battle is over, the crew is safe. We need you to stand down and return to us from your Lust for Battle. Remember your duty to the crew, none left are your enemies. I will stand watch, take care of the crew. T’Plana then waited to feel if the captain was responding as she slowly lowered the volume of her singing to where it was barely a whispering hum. She dare not end it till she was sure the captain had returned from his Battle Lust, the alternative would require her to intervene in a physical melee combat with him; something she did not want nor relish the thought of.

Shon felt dizzy and spent as she looked up at the glazed expression in the Captain’s eyes. She checked Sam was all right behind her and gave a sigh of relief to see she had no wounds. She looked down at the blood seeping from her wound, not sure if it really was her leg she slipped into unconsciousness.

Shran looked at Shon on the ground and then his gaze turned upward to Sam and then to his right where he saw Ayana. Slowly his blank expression faded. "It seems we weathered another storm. Is everyone alright?"

As she was softly singing T’Plana suddenly felt the sharp snap as Shon suddenly went into unconscious. The psychic reverb made her stagger and stutter. Quickly recovering she flew down the corridor and into the room where she was to find her lying in blood, she quickly knelt next to her and applied her hand to Shon’s face in the traditional mind meld technique, “Forgive me sister, there is no time for proper and ritualistic request of mind melding” she whispered. With that she began the process of mind melding with Shon. “T'nash-veh kashek tor ish-veh kashek, t'nash-veh nahp tor nahp.”

With shaking hands, Sam tender to Shon's wound, irrigating, disinfecting then closing the wound as best she could. A painkiller and antibiotic shot took care of any residual nasties. It was far from her best work but it would keep her 2IC alive.

While T'Plana and Sam tended to Shon, Ayana helped to clean up the captain. He was filthy, though that was to be expected considering what he had done. As she washed away the filth from Shran's torso and legs, she began to see blue blood and she spotted a series of small cuts and gashes. She reached for clean cloth and applied pressure, the captain making a very minimal wince as she did. Ayana turned to Sam as she saw her finishing with Shon, "I believe you are needed here doctor."

Sam took a deep breath, gathered the tools of her trade and moved over to the Captain. Working with what she knew was helping her feel grounded again. With kind hands she started assessing and treating his injuries, some more serious than others. Their medical resources were limited and Sam was concerned how long they would last.

Shran looked at Sam, "A simple bandage will be fine Sam. No need to use up your critical supplies on me."

Shon felt T’Plana in her mind. *why are you here?* she asked cordially.

T'Plana cordially replied back You sustained a serious wound during battle. You also have become unconscious, and I could feel your mind starting to split. The Battle Meld was harder on you than I thought. You have not had the formal training in proper Vulcan Mental Disciplines and Psionic abilities. I had to enter your mind, to which I greatly apologize for the intrusion, to bring you to a level of Healing Trance and guide you through it. You may draw upon my mental fortitude to help yourself regain composure of your mind. I am not a trained Vulcan Healer, but I am a fully and highly trained V'Ket warrior and therefore trained enough to guide you back to wholeness.

Shon could feel the deep concern T'Plana had for her wellbeing but her mind was confused. If I am not dead then why does my mind feel the way it does. I felt a great fire in the midst of battle that allowed me to increase my strength. Thank you, and apologies you had to enter my mind which is less superior to yours.

T'Plana smiled a warm feeling in the mind meld I do not have a superior mind, only a disciplined mind. This is why your parents, especially your father, want you to embrace the trainings of Vulcan logic. I believe when this is finished, we need to find you a master for your inner turmoil, I know a master of Tu-Jarok, T'lirren, she is also a trained Vulcan Healer or a master of Nirak, V'Lutt, he is also a Vulcan healer. I will also recommend a master of V'Ket, a human female by the name of Charo Ronquillo Claire, she is a Master-at-Arms in Starfleet. I am sure we can get her assigned to the Washington. She will teach you the discipline of mind and body. For now, compose your thoughts, draw on my mental and physical strength. You need to follow my mind to consciousness. Think of your family (with this thought Shon got a small glimpse of a female Vulcan in T'Plana's mind. T'Plana again smiled and the warmth flowed into Shon's mind. Yes, I am a Sa-ka-ashausu, or homosexual in Federation standard. The Vulcan you see is one that would be my bond mate if I let her. With that T'Plana flooded Shon's mind with psychic energy and again began to slowly draw her from the depths of her mind to consciousness.

Shoniara felt emboldened as she made her slow way to consciousness. There was a feeling of peace and of the progression of time. She opened her eyes to find her colleague bending over her engaged in a meld. “T’Plana?” She said quietly. “Thank you, the last meld I had was with my Bond Brother T’Ghrek of the House of O’Kaan.

T’Plana released the mind meld, she was exhausted from all the mental energy she had expended. “You are welcome. It would have done the party or your family no good to have to care for you if your mind had shattered. I must apologize for the intrusion, but it was necessary to get to you before your mind fractured trying to deal with a Vulcan Battle Mind Link. I underestimated the effects it would have.” With that she looked over at the captain, “Especially on an Andorian warrior’s mind.”

Shran looked around. Everyone seemed to have been injured to some degree at this point. While the intent of this visit to the holodeck had been team building and camaraderie, it had taken a turn towards the grim. He wasn't sure what might come next. He looked back at Sam and Ayana, "Next time I want to do something fun on the holodeck, make sure I choose something simple, like a baseball game" he said with a smile.

Shon sat up gathering her belongings to her and checking her sword. Her leg gave a sudden twinge of pain and she realized the wound had been cleaned and sutured. “Thank you Sam” she said.
“That was only a small raiding party and we came close to being overwhelmed by them, anything bigger and we will not have a chance.” She winced as she stood and tested her leg. She looked at them all hardly recognizable covered in dirt and blood. “So, what now?” she questioned grimly.

Shran looked around, "Only thing to do is continue moving, maybe find a safe spot to hold up in. Others will come looking for these that we dispatched after a time, and I'd rather not be caught out in the open when they do. Perhaps we can find a spring of some sort to allow us to clean up a bit. It would seem we have taken a toll but remain overall fully functional."

Ayana looked at everyone. She didn't doubt Shran's words, but everyone other than her at this point had been wounded to some degree, and she had adverted injury only out of sheer luck. "The group is whole, but I wouldn't say we are fully functional sir."

He looked at Ayana, understanding her point. "A bad choice of words on my part" he said solemnly. "Regardless, we need to move on and find someplace else to be."

Shon sighed, “There is nowhere in Moria that I am aware of with any running water. The west gate has that lake with the creature in it so we don’t want to go there. Unless we go back the only way forward is to the Black Chasm crossed only by Durin's Bridge. Our problem there is, if indeed we are actually players in the story has the bridge yet been destroyed by Gandalf the Grey? If so there is no way across. If it is still there then we may have a Balrog to deal with but, to my mind that is the only way we can go and just hope we are rescued in the meantime.” She took a drink of water from her pack.

T’Plana stood and walked over to the captain “I agree with your assessment. I do not think it safe for us here, and after seeing the effects of a Vulcan Battle Mind link on the party, I find it unwise to use again unless it is absolutely necessary sir. With your permission I can scout ahead and see if I can find a safe port for the party.”

“I wish to accompany you T’Plana” Shon asked.

T’Plana raised her left eyebrow and looked at Shon “It will not be an easy task, in fact quite dangerous. Also it may require a skilled individual in melee and hand to hand combat. Are you sure you are up to such a task?”

"I understand the concerns everyone has, but the fact remains staying put is not an option. Roaming hordes and the elements make going back outside a terrible option, and going deeper into Moria will most certainly mean we encounter something at some point. We'll stick together, no forward scouting parties at this time, and seek out a better place, hopefully with water. It is our only viable option. Shon, you and T'Plana can lead the way, Ayana and Phoenix will be rear guard. We move as quickly and silently as possible." Shran did his best to hide his concern. The situation was grim. He was aware that the bridge of Khazad-dûm should be out already and the Balrog vanquished by Gandalf, but they still had hordes of Orcs to deal with. But inside this labyrinth water existed, it had to, because Khazad-dûm was founded under Silvertine; their mouth overlooked Dimrill Dale, which contained many waterfalls and a long, oval lake. Water was what would be their salvation he hoped, as long as they avoided any further conflicts. He hoped upon hope that Jon and the others would find a solution to get them out of here soon.


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