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Amok Time

Posted on Mon Oct 10th, 2022 @ 8:43am by Captain Shran dh'Klar & Lieutenant Commander Shoniara T’ghann-Travis Dr & Ensign T'Plana-hath & Lieutenant Seth Travis

Mission: Time Bandits
Location: Romulan Vessel D'Deridex

Sela looked at Seth, "Do you think your mate cares for you? Perhaps she is willing to allow you to die to save herself. I'm sure I have an idea that will force her hand" she said with a vile smirk.

Seth smiled at Sela. " Oh, I'm sure Shon loves me. However, her love for me won't allow you to get Shon. She won't reveal herself nor let herself be captured and used by you. So, you should just kill me."

Sela went to the comm panel and set it to broadcast ship wide, "Shoniara, I am Commander Sela. I am here in detention with your mate. While you may not care about his life, perhaps you care about the life of your child. The Washington will soon be destroyed, along with everyone aboard the ship. I have the ability to start that destruction or to stop it. You have 5 minutes to surrender, or I will take from you everyone that matters to you."

Lodzhal crawled into the access tube and waited for T’Plana-hath to follow her. T’Plana-hath crawled into the tube and pulled the hatch back into place. “What now: asked Lodzhal in a whisper. “We try to get to the computer core of this vessel, they will expect us to go either for the Bridge or Engineering section, perhaps the brig or even to a transporter room or shuttle bay. I plan to crawl through these tubes and begin damaging critical machinery and parts. If we make it to the Computer core, we will have what the Terrans call a ‘Mexican Stand Off’.” T’Plana-hath said as they began to slowly work their way down the narrow access tube.

As Tomalak returned to the bridge an officer came up to him, "We have increased security in engineering, the shuttle bay, and the computer core. Commander Sela and our troops are all on board and she has personally taken up the search for the Vulcan Shoniara."

"Inform her that all of the Vulcans are loose. Remind her we need them alive for now. Increase security patrols. I want all security not already at stations to search the ship deck by deck. Access internal sensors to bring them to ground. If possible, we will transport them directly to the detention center. I will not allow them to cause us further delay."

The officer nodded and went to perform the tasks. Tomalak looked at the navigational officer, "How long before we reach the planet?"

"At current speed, 4 hours, 12 minutes. No StarFleet vessel can intercept us before we arrive at this time."

"Excellent. Continue under cloak until we reach the planet."

Shon heard Sela’s words as they reverberated through the access tunnel and she remembered seeing a comm panel at the last junction. She knew her strength was failing but had to try one last thing to avoid being recaptured She pressed the ship wide comm and addressed the ship in the Romulan language, the coldness of the dark Katra’s voice slipping like oil and ice around the ship. “Sela, or whatever your name is does not concern me, the fact that you kidnapped me means that you need me for whatever nasty little scheme you have. If you hurt anyone I love I promise you I will snap your neck like a dry stick and discard you like the non entity you are. You disgust me, but, I will give myself up. However as I can no longer walk you will have to find me.” She released the comm panel button and screamed in rage and frustration as it echoed and reverberated throughout the tube.

Sela laughed sinisterly in the detention center. Looking at Seth, "I told you she would surrender."

Seth smirked at her, "Um, you don't have her yet, a lot can still happen." he smirked.

On the bridge a turn of good fortune was coming. "Admiral, we have located the Vulcans. We can transport them all to detention on your command."

"Do so immediately" Tomalak said forcefully.

In two separate parts of the Romulan vessel all three Vulcans dematerialized in a green haze and then rematerialized in the cell with Seth.

Sela sneered, "Welcome." She looked at Seth, "It appears we have everyone exactly where we want them."

Shon launched herself towards Sela determined to kill her and was struck back by the forcefield. For a moment she lay on the floor stunned then slowly managed to pull herself up. She saw Seth and smiled. “Are you all right my love?” She asked, “do you know what is going on?”

Seth was at Shon's side in an instant. Kneeling beside her he helped get into a sitting position. "I was about to ask you the same thing Shon.' He replied with a tight smile. "All I know is the Romulans want you and the others for some reason."

Shon grabbed his hand as he helped her stand. “What I would not give for those motor assist bands.” She said ruefully. “Lodzhal’ s pain relief and strength has run out.” Noting that she had been reunited with the other Vulcans Shon’s voice became hard and emotionless as the dark Katra took over. She seemingly walked without pain to the forcefield. “Sela, why do you need us, you will have to be protected from me forever you whore!” Shon proceeded to push her hand through the barrier as it crackled and spat she appeared to feel no pain. “This will not stop us.”

Sela smiled vilely. "There you are. I wondered if I would have the opportunity to see you. An ancient katra that will facilitate the ritual, with the help of you fellow Vulcans. Give in to your rage, your dark impulses. It will only make the the outcome that much sweeter."

Lodzhal clicked her tongue against the roof of her mouth "Yuk na' i' duv katra {Sleep for now Shadow Katra}" with that she flicked her arm out and hit Shoniara in a pressure point just below her neck. She caught her as she began to fall back. "Lieutenant, if you do not mind take your wife and lie her on the bed. She will find herself having some difficulty moving." She then turned and looked at the Romulan that called herself Sela "You are extremely foolish if you think you can control or use a Duv katra. You have no concept of how extremely dangerous they are. Why do you think the ruins of Da’Kum’Ulcha are off limits, even to a Vulcan Archaeologist and Anthropologist, without having a Vuhlkansu kashek trensu present?"

T'Plana-hath looked at Sela "What ancient ritual are you going to try that requires a Duv katra? As Mistress Lodzhal has pointed out, you require a Vuhlkansu kashek trensu to even begin to work with a Duv Katra. I know for a fact that Lieutenant Commander Shoniara T’ghann-Travis is not a Vuhlkansu kashek trensu, and to make matters even worse she is a Ulef Vuhlkansu with an undisciplined mind. I also am not a Vuhlkansu kashek trensu. As for Mistress Lodzhal she is a High Healer brought to the USS Washington to assist in healing Lieutenant Commander Shoniara T’ghann-Travis, and not a Vuhlkansu kashek trensu. Therefore, logic dictates your endeavor will fail." T'Plana-hath said, hoping that the Romulans did not know Lodzhal was in fact a Vulcan Mind Master and that she too was struggling with a shadow katra.

Sela smirked, "All that logic, and not more than an ounce of truth in what you said. And to think, the Federation still believes that Vulcans are incapable of lying. It won't be long before they find out exactly how duplicitous Vulcans actually are, but it won't be at the expense of us." Sela turned to leave and then stopped and looked back once more at T'Plana, "Three Vulcans are going to enter the ancient temple for the ritual. It will be up to you and the priestess to determine how many of you don't come out." She smiled smugly then turned to exit, leaving them with a great deal to consider.

Shon slept lightly her mind now relieved of the Duv Katra. She attempted to wake but found her body and that part of her mind that controlled motor responses unresponsive. She knew her injured hand was smoking and burnt and the pain was increasing She began to panic calling out to Seth in her mind *help me my love, please protect Our children?*

Seth held Shon in his arms as she called to him telepathically. "*I am here Shon. Do not fear. I will help you and protect out children.* He answered, he just wasn't sure how yet. Looking at Shon in his arms he kissed her forehead lightly. *Rest my love, let your body get the rest it needs.*


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