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Revelations Pt 3

Posted on Tue Mar 14th, 2023 @ 10:29am by Captain Shran dh'Klar & Commander Samantha Howard & Lieutenant Commander Shoniara T’ghann-Travis Dr & Lieutenant Commander Callie Raven-Grayson

Mission: Living History
Location: USS Washington

Sam, Callie, Shon, Ayana, and Maddison materialized in sickbay. Ayana assisted to get Maddison on a biobed and made sure he was properly restrained before letting Sam continue her work on him. Now that they were back on the ship, she assumed the captain would be looking for an update soon.

Callie stood out of Sam’s way observing Maddison. She wasn’t planning on going anywhere until she had some concrete answers about him.

Sam activated the arch on the biobed, initiating a partial retraining field that would keep him immobile from the neck down. Still heavily sedated she ensured it was adequate for the task and set about running some detailed DNA analysis, trying to work out just how closely related to the trio he actually was.

The doors to sickbay opened and Shran entered and took a look around. "Well, I'm sure you all have some explanations to what has been going on. What required you to need to have this prisoner brought to sickbay?"

Ayana walked over to the captain, "I can provide you with a general briefing sir, but the medical material I think is best left to Sam and Shon."

"Is everyone alright?" Shran inquired.

Ayana looked like she wasn't quite sure how to answer that question and glanced at Sam, hoping she might answer.

"More or less Captain. A few bumps and bruises between us but nothing major" Sam replied as she continued collating the DNA data.

Shon nodded in the affirmative. I would like to run scans on Callie. It may be that Maddison is playing mind games. He seems to have some sort of connection with her. When he is awake he concentrates on her why, we are not sure.”

Just then Maddison moaned his mind fighting and slowly winning against the sedation Sam had delivered.

"Ah ah" Sams tone reflected that of a mother catching a child in the act of doing something they shouldn't be. Even immobilised, his mind was his most dangerous weapon and she couldn't let him use it. It was three steps to the nearest hypo trolley and three steps back. Moving swiftly she hoped she could keep him under.

Callie frowned. “I don’t understand this, How is Maddison so strong? Sedation should be keeping him under, why isn’t it?”

Maddison felt the surge of sedation enter his body, he knew that this would put him out for a while and he threw out a call to Callie offering her information she needed to know. She was the weak link, the one that would free him. Suddenly he slept.

Callie turned away, making her way over to Dex. “Shon, can I talk to you?”

Sam looked on cautiously. "Can someone tell me what just happened?" She looked at the medical readouts which confirmed Maddison was now very well under. The pause, look and reaction caused the doctor a great deal of concerns not just by Maddison but by Callie.

Shon nodded concerned by the look on her friends face. “What is happening with you?” She asked.

Callie looked back at Maddison, then at Shon. “He is, when he’s awake he reaches out to me. He keeps telling me there’s something I should know. I don’t know whether to believe him or not Shon, he could just be trying to use me to get free!”

“We just don’t know Callie. I suggest when he next wakes and tries it you let him in and see what he wants you to do. I will be monitoring you. The other alternative is to wear a small ‘masking’ device that attaches to the side of your head. This will dampen your abilities to receive from anybody. We know his abilities are very strong, the fact that he can fight Sam’s sedation is amazing but, he is from our future so …..” she let that last sentence hang. “What do you want to do, do you want to talk to Jon?”

Callie nodded. “I need Jon here, he keeps me grounded.” She smiled. “I don’t think Jon would approve of letting Maddison in, but he can’t risk hurting me or he’ll risk his own timeline.” She paused to think. “I’ll do it, I’ll let him in, just standby on a sedative for me just incase.”

Shran look around and all the women scurrying about and whispering to each other, and felt what he believed a brief telepathic surge and stepped forward towards them all and demanded, "Alright, what the hell is going on here?"

“I’m sorry Captain” Callie turned to look at Shran. “This man.. Maddison. It seems he could be a descendant of mine, Jon’s, and Deanna’s, he keeps reaching out to me, telling me he knows things I need to know.” She sighed. “I have no idea what to think!”

Shran was stunned by the revelation, but he dare not show it. "I assume it is certain that he is a descendant of all three of you. This further scores the need for Jon and Deanna to be back up here, but they won't return until they have completed the last task on the planet, which they are undertaking currently. From the look of things here I'd say this man Maddison has caused exactly the sort of confusion he might hope would allow for something to happen to set him free. I can see from Sam's face that whatever she has been doing medically to keep this man restrained is having minimal effect, which means he is even more dangerous and powerful than the other one. For that reason putting him with his compatriot is out of the question. Sam, put this Maddison into suspended animation for the time being. I understand that is safe and will allow us to figure things out in the meanwhile. Ayana, I want a full security contingent here to keep an eye on him, preferably members of security capable of dealing with telepaths should that become a problem."

Shran walked over to Callie, "I am certain this revelation has caused you a great deal of stress. You may even be considering actions rashly at this time for the sake of having answers you feel are necessary. I'd like for you to go with Shon back to your quarters for the time being. Once Jon and Deanna return we will sort this whole thing out. Right now the main thing to do is to allow Sam time to get clear answers for many of the uncertainties we have. Jon wouldn't want you putting undue stress on yourself or your child. This situation demands caution and clarity to keep us all from making missteps."

Shran turned to Sam, "I think it best you get the answers quickly, and get that man under the suspended animation field immediately." He turned back to Shon, "Please Shon, help Callie back to her quarters and keep an eye on her."

Callie nodded, she wasn’t going to argue but she still needed answers. “Please keep me up-to-date.” With that she nodded to Shon that she was ready to go.

"We'll find answers Callie, I can promise you that. And I will definitely keep you informed, both with what is happening here and Jon's status" Shran replied in what he hoped was a comforting tone.

Callie nodded. “Thank you Captain, I appreciate that.”

Shon took Callie by the hand. “Come on let’s get out of here.”

As she spoke Maddison was once again trying to make his way to consciousness. “CALLIE LISTEN TO ME’ he screamed as he struggled to open his eyes. He sent a sudden burst of static into her head. Shon knew there was something wrong as she turned Callie to her.

Callie clutched at her head as the burst of static from Maddison hit her mind. “Get me out of here Shon! Please!!”

Shon grabbed Callie and pulled her out through the doors to sickbay and off along the corridor. She half carried her through the doors of Callie and Jon’s quarters. “I want you to lie down now, right now. Keep him out of your head. Don’t worry once he is in suspended animation you won’t hear him.”

“What if I can’t keep him out of my head Shon?, He’s so strong! She headed into the bedroom, she had a pounding headache thanks to the static burst Maddison had thrown at her. “I need Jon, the sooner the better!”

“Do you want me to give you something to sleep? Don’t worry I will stay with you.”

Callie nodded. “That, and something to keep Maddison out of my head until Sam has him in stasis.”

“Lie down and I’ll cover you. I have something to put you to sleep without REM sleep. I won’t leave you for a minute my friend and I will satisfy myself that he is in stasis. Everything will be all right Callie,” Shon said softly as she produced her hypo. Okay I’ll wake you in a while.”

Callie nodded as she lay down and made herself comfortable. ‘Thank you Shon.”

Shon applied her hypo. “Sleep well Callie” she whispered and sat down next to her friend. Taking the PaDD our of her pocket she began to work. After a few minutes she tapped her comm. =/\= Dex to Sam, Callie is asleep, is Maddison in stasis yet? =/\=

Sam's team worked quickly, prepping a stasis chamber within minutes and gathering the supplies needed to put Maddison into stasis. Sam gathered the last few samples she would need before giving the order to put him under, dropping his vital signs steadily until he reached the textbook stasis Starfleet medical dictated.

"He's just about under" Sam confirmed, watching the vitals keep dropping. She cast a wary eye to the Captain. "If he gets out of this one I'd be very surprised. That last sedation should have kept him down for days"

Shran nodded with concern. "I hope this works. Now, let's get answers to this descendant thing."


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