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Correcting History

Posted on Wed Mar 15th, 2023 @ 1:29pm by Lieutenant Commander Deanna Celes & Commander Jonathan Grayson & Ensign T'Plana-hath & Ensign James Phoenix

Mission: Living History
Location: NASA facility

Deanna and Jon had reached the server area and after explaining to Jon exactly what they were looking for, they had began a massive sweep of the large area for any technology that needed to be removed or destroyed that T'Plana's virus wasn't going to wipe out. The time constraints made this a difficult, Deanna had her mind on meeting up with T'Plana and Phoenix to deal with the potential impulse engines.

In the server room, Jon spoke to Deanna, "Okay Deanna, let's get this done. We need to move quickly yet thoroughly to remove any information and technology that isn't supposed to be here. Then meet with T'Plana and Phoenix."

T'Plana had taken a seat at the 'Mister Maddison's' desk and activated the computer. She brought up Ensign James Phoenix files for this time period. "Please provide me the exact details of your résumé and other pertinent details. Please be as specific as possible, I will then make the subtle adjustments to your personnel file and have you assigned to the Alpha Threemission with NASA. The individual who was to take your place will have a subtle disqualifying adjustment to their personnel record. All untraceable."

James took a moment to rack his memory. Granted everything he was going to give T'Plana he remembered crystal clear. He just needed to process the information first. He sighed and began to speak. "Around this time I was in my training for the mission. Outside of NASA I was a automotive mechanic. Reason why I was able to go on this mission was because my best friend, Ashlynn Regan, had received the opportunity in college to go on that mission to Mars and was allowed to bring a plus one if they had experience in something that could be useful in outer-space. That reminds me...." he trailed off after he gave T'Plana the relevant information.

T'Plana held back a sigh of exasperation. Humans are so easily distracted. she thought. "Please concentrate on the task at hand. I take it you are thinking of this Ashlynn Regan. Might she be here now?"

"I can't be certain because of the timeline changes. But chances are that she is due to the fact that my counterpart from this time also is.." he trailed off and changed the subject slightly. He looked at T'Plana. "Is there any other information that you need to make the changes?"

T'Plana-hath looked at Ensign Phoenix "Yes, I require the information you are withholding whether it in regard to your 'friend', Ashlynn Regan, or yourself personally it might prove crucial to our mission and making the proper adjustments to the timeline." She knew he was holding back something, the Ensign Phoenix had a lot to learn about Vulcans, such as they were experts at reading body language.

He nodded. "Alright. For the record I didn't mention this because I'm still not sure if she is alive in our time. But Ash had the same fate as me, which was being frozen. However I don't know if she has been found or alive in our time. Due to a previous mission and some other evidence, I suspect that she is, but it isn't certain. What I'm trying to say, is that if she is alive in the 24th Century- our 24th Century that is, that may need to be fixed if she isn't on Alpha Three already" he sighed. "I'm sorry. There are more important things to fix here than my own history. I shouldn't be taking away from that."

T’Plana-hath listened intently to what Ensign Phoenix had said. “You are correct, it is vital to the timeline.” She then went back to the computer and her hands flew across the keyboard. “She is assigned as a member of the Alpha Three mission and has been advocating for your admittance to the crew as a mechanic.” T’Plana did something that few people ever saw a Vulcan do, she smiled; her hands flew across the keyboard and she looked at James. “There, with her petition and my subtle reprograming the two of you are definitely assigned to the Alpha Three mission. I have also ordered that all crew are to be tagged with personal locators, crud for this time, but I have the frequency they will use.” She then took a pen and pad and wrote it down for Ensign Phoenix. “Keep this and when we return to our time, we will run a radio frequency algorithm to see if any starships have recorded the signal and where.”

James simply nodded a 'thank you' to T'Plana. He knew that there was a high chance without the change in the timeline and T'Plana's help that Ash was alive. But this would help drastically. But would it affect the timeline?

Deanna refocused herself. "Right. Sooner we get this done the sooner we can meet up with the others."

Jon nodded and then spoke "I've got no argument with that Deanna. Let's ger started."

They began their search, scanning the servers one by one. As they were searching the seventh row Deanna stopped and looked at Jon, "Bingo. We have hit paydirt."

Jon looked over at her, "What did you find Deanna?" He asked as he stopped his search to hear what she had discovered.

"This server is utilizing the same technology we found at the SpaceX facility. We'll need to transport it back to the shuttle so T'Plana and I can look it over and compare it more closely." Deanna had a contemplative look about her. "I wonder if it is doing anything similar as the other?"

"I can't comment Deanna as I don't know what the other server was doing." Jon answered.

Deanna contacted the Washington and spoke with the captain, informing him of the situation and plans were made for how to deal with it. As she completed her short conversation with the captain her communicator signaled once more, this time Ayana contacting her to schedule transport of the server, and then notifying her that she and Jon were needed on the Washington, Deanna informed her that they would be back on the ship shortly, after they gathered the rest of the technology. Once she was done talking with her she looked to Jon as the server dematerialized. "They want us back on the Washington. I told them we'd get there as soon as we gathered up the other tech."

"Let's not keep them waiting too long Deanna. We'll finish up here, make sure we leave no trace of us being here and get back to the ship." Jon replied as he looked to see if there was anything else they needed to tend to.

Deanna nodded. "We should meet up with the others and get those engines. That'll be the real difficult part I suspect."

"Can't put it off or avoid it Deanna. Just have to go and do it. We can have a fake federal warrant drawn up, impounding the engines and placing them off limits, we'll clear the area and then beam them to the Washington." Jon advised her.

Deanna nodded. "I agree. That sounds like a plan. Let's go" she replied as they left the server area to meet up with Phoenix and T'Plana.

"Right with you Deanna." Jon answered as the pair left the server area. Their next stop a reunion with T'Plana and Phoenix and removing the impulse engines.

As Jon and Deanna met with T'Plana and Phoenix, Deanna walked up to T'Plana, "We found another server similar to the one we found at the SpaceX facility. We transported it to the shuttle so you and I can look it over after we gather up the rest of this technology. You can activate your virus programs once we return to the shuttle."

"Very well. I have already placed everything in the system, all that is required is the activation code." replied T'Plana

"Let's not forget the prototype impulse engines." Jon reminded the group. "Those are going back with us as well."

Deanna looked back at Jon, "We should take a look at them, tag them for transport, and see if anything else needs to be transported as well. The sooner we do this and get back to the shuttle, the better."

"Okay, enough talk, let's get this done. T'Plana did you make the necessary changes in Phoenix's bio?"

T’Plana-hath again smiled, a strange sight for those who knew Vulcans. " I have Commander. I have also helped nudge an advantage for Ensign Phoenix find his 'friend' in our time."

They reached the facility and a pair of security guards stood in front of the large serious looking steel doors. Deanna looked to Jon and Phoenix, "Well. I guess it will be up to you two to get us in."

Jon approached the guards, His FBI badge in his hand, along with a federal warrant. "Gentleman, please stand aside. Mr. Maddison has been taken into custody and is no longer in charge here. Unless you wish to join him, please stand aside, We have business to attend to."

The guards not wishing to buck the FBI, dutifully stood aside to let the federal agents pass.

Deanna did a surface scan of both guards as Jon spoke and felt their trepidation regarding the situation. As they entered she leaned in to Jon, "You scared them. Reminded me of the captain reprimanding intelligence operatives."

Jon nodded, "I take it reminded you in a positive way Deanna."

Deanna smiled. "Very much so. You keep showing the captain's influence over you. You'd do well in intelligence."

They entered the storage facility which had a group of engineers working on the engines. "Ladies and gentlemen," Deanna began aloud, "please stop what you are doing and exit the area immediately. This entire area along with the contents are now under FBI jurisdiction for investigation." The engineers looked confused but complied as they ceased working and slowly exited the area. Once they were gone and she was certain only they were able to see things inside the room, she pulled out her scanner and took a few readings. "T'Plana, take a look at this data."

T’Plana looked at the data, “As I stated before, technology, in this case impulse power, that is beyond this current timelines ability to make. The mathematical computations alone will not be fully realized until the mid to late century of this timeline. These will work as someone, most likely Mister Maddison and his cohort, have nudged them in the right direction while keeping them ignorant of what it is they are doing. The main concern will be how much the scientist and engineers retain in their memory. The computer programs will be wiped clean, and there should be no equipment for them to reverse engineer, something Vulcans learned about humans early; humans are very capable at reverse engineering technology.”

Deanna looked resolved. "T'Plana, transport back to the shuttle. I'll remain here with Jon and we can tag everything, and then you can transport us and these engines back to the shuttle. Then we can make a fast get away back to the Washington and leave them with a mystery." She looked at Jon, "Sorry if I overstepped, but we need to be precise with this technology."

Jon shook his head, "Nothing to apologize for Deanna. I bow to your expertise in this matter. You are showing some of the captain's influence on you as well. "You were decisive and determined. You made a decision and stuck with it. "I'm very impressed." He finished with a grin.

Deanna returned the smile. She enjoyed working with Jon. While he was becoming more like the captain, he would never be the stoic figure the captain was, and that was a good thing. His affable personality was likely something Callie cared for so much. She turned back to T'Plana in a more serious demeanor, intent on completing this last phase of the mission.

T’Plana nodded and replied “Understood commander.” She then reached into her pocket and pulled out a sheet of paper with twelve one centimeter by one centimeter light blue squares on them. “Please attach a square to each piece of equipment. They peel off and will adhere to any surface and then take on the color of said surface. With these we can lock on and beam the item out no matter where they are.”

Deanna took the squares and handed them to Jon. They watched as T'Plana dematerialized, returning to the shuttle to prep it for all that was about to unfold. "Phoenix, keep an eye out while we prep these engines for transport" she ordered in a soft yet firm tone. She looked at Jon, "Let's get to work."


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