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Posted on Wed Mar 22nd, 2023 @ 8:57am by Lieutenant Commander Callie Raven-Grayson & Commander Jonathan Grayson

Mission: Living History
Location: Quarters

Stepping inside her quarters Callie sighed as she headed for the replicator, there were stiffer drinks in one of the cupboards, but drinking alcohol wasn’t recommended during pregnancy. She’d spoken to Deanna, but those answers hadn’t really made her feel any better.

Jon was sitting on the couch and Harry was in his room happily playing with his toys now that his parents were back. Jon knew he and Callie needed to talk about the last mission and their respective feelings. He really didn't want to as he didn't like to rehash things but knew this was an exception so he waited for Callie to broach the subject.

Getting herself a drink Callie headed over to Jon, putting her glass down she leant over and kissed him on the cheek. “I’m sorry, I’m not exactly a barrel of laughs tonight. All this it just... crazy!”

Jon nodded, "Nothing to be sorry about Callie, you can't help how you feel." He answered softly as he returned her kiss. "And yes it has been crazy. A lot to take-in and try to understand and make sense of."

Callie nodded. “I went to see Deanna, all the time I was worrying about Maddison... he just wanted to use me to escape! He wasn’t worried about hurting me, just the baby.” She sighed.

"I'm sorry Callie. He was evil. Only interested in his own agenda and that agenda didn't include you. That's a hard pill to swallow."

Callie nodded. “It’s just... how could a descendant of ours, of our baby’s, turn out like that? Plus how in the hell did he get to be so powerful?”

"I honestly don't know Callie, something went wrong somewhere with him. As for how he was so powerful, maybe he took some drugs to enhance and strengthen his natural abilities." Jon suggested.

Deanna told me he was a StarFleet Officer, and a Temporal
Agent. She said he was also deranged, though the cause probably had something to do with his job, he was dealing with something known as temporal psychosis.”

Jon shook his head. "Deranged? No kidding." he said trying not to sound sarcastic but not fully succeeding. "He was nuts." He finished.

Callie nodded. “Well there’s no point in dwelling on it any longer, I’ll just drive myself insane!” She offered a smile. “Actually there’s someone I need to talk to you about.” She paused. “Was there a man in your family history known as BJ?”

"Good Callie, don't dwell on it." Jon agreed and them looked at her when she mentioned BJ. "BJ? BJ?" He paused and thought on it. "Yes! He was my great, great grandfather. He was a fireman and first responder if I remember correctly. Why do you ask?"

Callie grinned. “Because I met him, he was the one who cared for me when I was injured. He took me to his home, sorted out my head, and returned me to you.”

Jon was excited and interested in what Callie had to say. "You met Grandpa BJ? What was he like? I always heard he was a good man. I'm in his debt for him taking care of you and returning you to me."

“Funnily enough he was very much like you, I could tell you were related the minute I saw him!” Callie grinned. “He was very kind, a true gentleman. I wish you could have met him!”

Jon grinned, "I wish I could have met him to." Jon's voice faded away for a moment then came back. "There was story of how he helped a mysterious woman an FBI agent." He his smile grew, "Callie that was you! You are part of my family history."

“Really!?” Callie grinned. “Let’s not mention that to the temporal investigations team when they get here, they’ll have enough questions as it is! I just hope I made a good impression on your grandfather.”

"Mums the word on telling the temporal investigators." Jon agreed. "Oh, story is Grandpa was quite taken with the mystery woman, that he raved about how nice she was as well as how appreciative she was for his help. So impressed was he that when he had a daughter he named her Cassie.''

“What!? He named his daughter after me? Well my cover name.” She was amazed. “I guess I was always meant to meet you, Fate has its ways.”

"He did." Jon assured her. "Yes, fate has its ways and we were destined to meet and be together."

“As long as I have you, and our children that’s all I need” Callie smiled as she cuddled up. Jon always had a way of making the worst days better.

Jon hugged Callie close. He loved her with every fiber of his being. She was for him and he for her. "Sweetheart, you are the greatest!"

Callie smiled. “Well I get that from you! Tell you what why don’t we have a movie evening? The three of us can watch something together like we usually do, lights off, snacks, the whole works!”

"I think it is a joint effort Callie and that is a wonderful idea! I am all for that and I'm sure Harry will be as well." Jon said with a smile.

“Great!” She grinned as she called Harry. “Harry... Sweetheart would you like to join us for a movie?”

A few seconds later, their son came into the room, "Yes Mommy?" He questioned as he crawled up on the couch to sit with Callie and Jon.

“We’re going to watch a movie, would you like to join us?” Callie smiled as she hugged Harry, he wasn’t her biological son but she loved him like he was.

"Yes!" Then he asked a follow up question, "With popcorn?"

“Definitely with popcorn!” Callie grinned. “With all manner of movie snacks and drinks.”

"Yeah! Count me in!" He answered excitedly. "What are we going to watch? Not a kissy movie?"

Callie laughed. “Nope not a kissy movie! What would you suggest we watch? Have you got any ideas Jon?”

Jon chuckled; Harry was all bore none of thar kissy stuff for him at least not yet. "Hmmm, what about a dinosaur movie?" He asked Callie and Harry.

“Ohhh yes please!” Callie grinned. “What do you think Harry? Good enough for you?”

Harry nodded excitedly and bounced on the couch. "And how! Which one will we watch Daddy?" he asked.

"I'll let you and Mommy decide." Jon answered their son with a smile.

“Over to you Harry” Callie grinned. “Which one would you like to choose?”

"Ummm." The boy thought on it for a bit then looked at Callie and Jon. "The first one that has Blue in it and that Mono something. you know the sea dinosaur."

“Jurassic World” Callie smiled. “Sounds good to me!”

Jon nodded, "Jurassic World it is. Now, before we start, let's get everything we need to watch the movie and if anyone has to go to the bathroom, go now." The last said at Harry.

Callie laughed as she watched Harry sprint off to the bathroom, it felt good to laugh after being so stressed out. “I’ll get the popcorn!”

"I'll fix the drinks." Jon added as he watched Harry sprint to the bathroom. He loved his family and this was the best part of his life, spending it with Callie and Harry.

Callie had just set the popcorn down on the coffee table when the comms alerted them to a new message. “I’ll get it.” She walked over to the computer her mood pepping up a few notches as she saw what it was. “It’s our official papers!” She looked up at Jon. “We’re now finally on record as being Harry’s parents!!”

Jon got up from the couch and walked over to Callie and kissed her deeply. "That is wonderful news! Simply wonderful! Congratulations to us!"

Callie returned the kiss. “Congratulations to us indeed!”



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