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A check over

Posted on Wed Mar 22nd, 2023 @ 3:20pm by Lieutenant Commander Callie Raven-Grayson & Lieutenant Commander Shoniara T’ghann-Travis Dr

Mission: Living History
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: The following morning

With the events of the previous day put aside, Callie arrived at Sickbay to see Dex. She had wanted to check her over due to events with Maddison, so Callie had returned to Sickbay especially.

“Morning Shon” she smiled as she made her way over to Dex. “How are you this morning?”

“Hello Callie,” Shon smiled but the smile did not reach her eyes. “You came for your check up, how are you feeling?”

“Better than I did last night!” Callie offered a warmer smile. “We finally had our official adoption paperwork come back, we’re now legally Harry’s parents! That was something I needed to perk me up.”

“Good I’m glad, Harry is very lucky to have you as his parents. Right just hop up here. I’m going to take some blood and rescan you as it has been a few weeks since your last scan.” She busied herself collecting her requisite supplies then dropped them “damn’ she exclaimed to herself.

“Can I help?” Callie looked at her friend concernedly. “You’re not looking yourself today, and I understand only too well why that is.”

“I’m sorry Callie but I can’t sleep, I keep thinking about what happened. Seth seems to think it was the best thing all normal, the Captain did the right thing, I can’t believe Sam didn’t try to stop him. To be honest Callie it’s eating me up inside.”

Callie nodded. “Then don’t let it, he wasn’t worth it Shon. I spoke to Deanna, Maddison was completely deranged. He wanted to kill me, but couldn’t risk harming my baby. She thinks he was suffering from Temporal Psychosis, he could have killed us all.”

Shon took the blood sample, and began her scan. “Then, in reality Maddison was sick, and we murdered a sick man, oh I know you are all right, of course I do but there is no one to stand in his corner…okay Callie just lie down for me, I need to feel your abdomen.” She began to palpate gently. “Any sickness, pain?”

Callie shook her head. “No, neither. I haven’t had any nausea or sickness since entering the second trimester, I’m very glad to say.” She smiled. “I understand how you feel, he was a descendant yet he was so... evil.”

Shon smiled wanly, ”well you know what they say about families…..well hello, there’s something strange on your scan. Hold on let me bring your last one up..” she tapped her PaDD. ‘Hmm well how did we miss that, Callie you have two babies in there! I’m sure about it.”

“Wait... what!?” Callie looked at Shon practically speechless. “Are you saying what I think you’re saying? I’m having... twins??”

Shon looked over her results again, “I’m not sure how I missed it” she said out loud to herself. “Yes Callie twins, between the two of us we seem to be repopulating the ship.” she laughed. “How do you feel about it?”

“How do I feel?” Callie took a few moments to let the news sink in. “It’s... amazing!! Two more to add to our family with Harry. I just hope Jon is as happy. Do we know what I’m having yet?”

“Yes I can, it’s a girl Callie so, one of each, both are very healthy and you have passed the danger of miscarriage. You, my girl are healthy as well. We will need to continue to see you every three weeks now just to check on your progress.” She put the scanner back on the shelf. “Do you doubt that Jon will be happy?” She asked.

“Not at all” Callie shook her head. “But it’s going to come as one hell of a surprise!” She couldn’t help but grin like the proverbial Cheshire Cat. I guess that means no risky away team duty, if I get off ship at all.”

“Well I see no reason why you can’t go on away team duty, you are, as I said passed the danger of miscarriage. I will record you as fit to do so. How are you holding up generally Callie, I mean after what you have just been through?”

“To be honest...” Callie paused. “It came as a shock, I’ve always wondered what the future might hold, but learning this wasn’t exactly easy. Now I’ve spoken to Deanna it’s helped a little, but I still feel sorry for Maddison, for what we know is his future.”

“Yes, well you know how I feel about that Callie. Well you’re good to go. Just be careful and good luck telling Jon…not that you will need it he will be over the moon. You have a good man there Callie, you need to look after him.”

Callie nodded. “I will Shon, and thank you.”



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