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A Time to Die, A Time to Live.

Posted on Tue Mar 21st, 2023 @ 2:07pm by Lieutenant Commander Shoniara T’ghann-Travis Dr & Lieutenant Seth Travis

Mission: Living History
Location: ACMO quarters.

Shon had walked Shasta to school. It had seemed the right thing to do, something normal, something family after the mission she had just been through. It now all seemed so surreal and she could hardly believe she had witnessed their Captain kill a man in cold blood. Shon had always known that he had a ‘secret’ past but had never really thought about what that past had been. Shasta skipped ahead eager to get to school. Shon smiled and thanked whatever deity there was that they had their little girl back. That, at the time also had a surreal quality about it. Her daughter had died and been restored to her, she had a wonderful loving husband and was expecting twins. Shon had, no did enjoy her position, recently promote to Lieutenant Commanderworking with a woman she respected. Sam, Samantha Howard Chief Medical Officer! Shon was no longer sure how she felt about her considering she had not questioned what had happened.

“Mom we’re here, you can go now.”

Shon looked down at Shasta holding her hand. She had not realised they were at school. Shasta was excited to be with her friends but was uncertain of her mothers mood. Shon knelt down. “Give me a kiss then you?” She joked as Shasta pecked her on the cheek. Suddenly Shon gave into the impulse and pulled the child towards her. “I love you baby, have a good day and be nice to everyone.” Shasta walked away.

“I will, we’re learning about Star dates today and we are going to the holodeck.” She pulled away from Shon gravitating now to her friends who watched. Shasta skipped away then, suddenly turned and looked back.

“I love you Mom”.

Shon waved, “I love you too.” She whispered under her breath.
She hurried back to spend a few minutes with Seth before both of them left for their respective days. Their quarters seemed relatively tidy after the whirlwind that was their daughter, then Shon realised that Seth had tidied up. He stood there waiting for her with a cup of coffee in his hand.

:Thought you might need this Shon darling." He said handing her the cup. "Now come inside and I'll fix you a nice breakfast and we can a talk." He said putting an arm around her waist and leading her into the kitchen. "Now, have a seat love and tell me what you'd like for breakfast. Waffles? Pancakes? Toast and eggs?"

“Thank you” she said taking a deep draft of the fragrant coffee. “Just eggs and toast love, thank you.” She stood behind him and put her arms round his waist kissing his back. Releasing him she sat on the high stool over the counter. “What si your day looking like?” She asked.

"Eggs and toast it is." Seth replied, "You want your eggs scrambled? He asked as got ready to prepare breakfast. "OH, pretty standard Shon. Some Intel reports to read and some reports to file. Nothing exciting I'm afraid. Rather boring actually." He said with a grin and a laugh.

“Ooh scrambled please and sometimes boring is good. I would welcome boring right now.” She thought for a minute. “Seth I don’t know what to say to Sam, Callie or Shran. What he did was wrong and Sam did not try to stop him. He was not a good man I know but who are we do arbitrarily kill someone. I need to get past this.”

Seth stopped his preparation of cooking breakfast and turned to face Shon. "Shon, you don't need a prepared speech. Speak from your heart, express what you are feeling. You are pretty eloquent when you do." He paused for a moment before addressing the other part of Shon's statement. "Shon, you yourself said he wasn't a good man. He would have killed all of us to accomplish his goal. Next, he was arbitrarily killed. It was discussed and decided that he be executed." He held up a hand. "There was no one else to make that decision, just us. It was a difficult decision and it done."

She slammed her mug onto the counter. “Executed!, who are we to execute people. If he had been awake and tried to flee or taken hostages then, yes shooting him would have been an option. It’s not as though I have not killed before but the guy was in stasis despite his mental capacity. IN STASIS for Surak’s sake Seth.” She put her head in her hands. “I just cannot get past it so, what do I do. Go shout at the Captain?” She suddenly bent forward a searing pain in her abdomen. “This is making me ill Seth.”

Seth stared at her, "Yes executed. He had been awake and tried to manipulate Callie and he did you. He was evil Shon. You need to focus on that and not your higher ideals of him going to trial and I didn't say shout at the Captain." He said in the face of her blistering anger. I said speak from your heart. If you can't get past this you are going to make yourself seriously ill and perhaps lose the babies. Is he worth that?"

“No, of course not Seth but when the people you hold up to your own high ideals fail then it hurts. I suppose I just have to get on with it but things have changed Seth. But I have people that love me, we have Shasta back and…” she rubbed her abdomen “more little people to come, maybe I’ll talk to T’ghrek about it.” She smiled, “now how about those eggs?”

"I think you are proceeding from a false premise Shon. The captain didn't fail. he did what his duty demanded that he protect the Federation from all enemies foreign and domestic and yes you do have people who love you and we have Shasta back, with little ones on the way. So focus on the positive and not the negative." He smiled at her, "Eggs are coming right up."


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