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Medical Connections

Posted on Fri Apr 28th, 2023 @ 12:27pm by Captain Shran dh'Klar & Commander Samantha Howard & Lieutenant Commander Callie Raven-Grayson & Lieutenant Seth Travis

Mission: Unknown Colony
Location: USS Washington

Shran had met with Sam, Shon, and Ayana when they beamed up to the ship, with Dr. Phoebe Turner with them. Shran had sent Shon ahead to meet up with Jon for the interrogation of the Kilrathi, and he was walking with the others to meet up with Callie, Seth, and the colony reps to learn about any relations that might still be on Earth.

"How was your tour of the medical facilities?" Shran asked Sam.

" It went well, what we saw at least. The Kilrathi arriving put a stop to it fairly early on. We did get to examine a patient with 'Kilrathi Fever', something transmissible by touch and heralded by the Kilrathi" Sam explained, itching to do some research on said illness.

"I'm glad you got to see things for yourself. If we are able to form a proper relationship with these people then I suspect you will be asked to head up the medical effort here until proper science and medical vessels can be dispatched here." He looked to Phoebe, "I would think you would very much appreciate that."

Phoebe gave a smile. "Your medical personnel are excellent, and I think the advances that I have seen are marvelous. I would very much like to learn more about those tricorders. They seem to gather so much more information that what we are capable of at this point."

"We should be able to get to that point. In the mean time, perhaps we could spend some time in the lab and go over the results. We may be able to identify a better treatment for this 'fever'" Sam offered, looking towards Shran for confirmation that it was an acceptable course of action.

"I would be happy to have you do some research, but I'd like to have you with Callie and the others just for a few minutes at least. Give you a chance to look over medical information and compare things as it were" Shran replied. He looked to Ayana, "I'd like you on the bridge. We disabled the Kilrathi vessel, but it is still adrift, and any crew on board may attempt any number of things. Keep watch over them, and don't allow them to retreat or go near the planet for the time being."

"Understood" Ayana replied and she headed off to the bridge.

Shran looked at Sam and Phoebe, "Shall we go meet with the others?

"Of course Captain" Sam nodded, following Shran's lead and taking a seat. She looked at the assembled officers and waited to see what they had uncovered.

As they walked into the room Shran greeted everyone, "Hello everyone. How goes the search for Earth relatives?"

Callie smiled as she turned to look at Shran. “It’s going...slowly.” She offered a shrug of her shoulders. “It’s taking a while to troll through the records that Starfleet have.”

"Well, I think Sam should be able to speed things along with her medical access, but let me do something quickly" Shran said as he approached the computer terminal and entered a code into the computer. "There. You should be able to access things much easier now. And once Sam is able to do her genetic comparisons I think you ought to find exactly what you need quite quickly."

Suddenly the computer beeped, noting a match had been found within the current search parameters. "It appears you have found family members for some of our military leaders. "General Sheridan has family living in Indiana, Sky Marshal Sinclair has family living in London, and General Ivanova has family in St. Petersburg."

"Figures that the military would come up first" Phoebe said a bit annoyed.

Sam held up her tricorder "Let me scan you and the computer will run a comparison through the database. Prominent figures do tend to come up first as there is more data on them. Don't be discouraged" She soothed.

The computer chirped almost instantly after Sam entered the genome data. Piper and Paige gasped as they looked at the information. "We have relatives living in San Francisco. A Patricia Halliwell, a geologist, and a Victor Bennett, a civilian consultant to Star Fleet attached to Utopia Planetia. What is that?"

"Utopia Planetia is a Star Fleet shipyard, perhaps the most important one in all of the Federation. If he is a civilian consultant, it means he is attached to one of the vessels being built there, likely serving as a specialist of some sort" Shran replied. "It would make sense for him to live or at least have a residence in San Francisco." Shran hit a few buttons, "see here, images of them both."

Piper audibly gasped. "Oh my God! They even look like mom and dad!"

Shran was slightly confused. "I'm sorry, what do you mean they even look like your parents?"

"Our parents names are Patty and Victor Halliwell, and these images are the spitting images of them, just younger of course" Phoebe said sheepishly.

Shran looked at Callie and then Sam, "I get coincidence, but how is something like that possible?"

“Genetics?” Callie looked at Sam curiously.

Seth's ear perked up at Callie's mention of genetics. Was it genetics or something else? He wondered to himself. He looked between Piper and Phoebe. "Yes, I'd be interested to know that as well."

Sam looked at the report "I'd need to get a blood sample from all of you, and request any DNA that may be on file from your relatives before I can speculate any further" Sam replied. Her mind was already working along theories of clones, genetic duplicates and the like but she needed proof.

Callie looked at their guests. “Would you be alright with allowing Sam to take a sample of your blood for DNA analysis?”

Phoebe was the first to reply, quite enthusiastically, "Count me in. I would like to know if this is a case of genetic reincarnation."

"I agree. That would be interesting to determine" Paige agreed.

Piper looked confused. "I mean, you can have a blood sample, but I have no idea what you two are talking about."

Shran nodded in agreement. "I have to admit to being a bit confused as well. I am unfamiliar with the term of genetic reincarnation."

"It is a scientific theory that states that given the correct circumstances, descendants can appear and even have the same personalities as past ancestors" Phoebe explained. "For example captain, assume for a moment you mate and have a child. That child will be a combination of genetic material of you and your spouse and will look and act in a way that is a combination of you both. But a genetic possibility exists that your child could have an offspring that is essentially a genetic reincarnation of you or your spouse, which is to say your grandchild could look and act just like you or your spouse. Does that make sense to you?"

Shran was amazed at hearing such a thing existed. "It makes sense, but I have never heard of this happening. Are documented cases available for review?"

"You should have records of this happening on Earth" Paige replied. "Such things were being studied on Earth in the 20th century by geneticists, particularly by those in Germany."

“That’s fascinating” Callie smiled amazed at that fact. “It’ll be interesting to see if that is what’s happened.”

"I would as well" Shran agreed. "I will leave you all to this and look forward to hearing about this. I want to get down to see what Jon has learned about the Kilrathi from the interrogation."

"Interrogation? Do you mean you have Kilrathi aboard this ship?" Piper questioned, fear in her voice.

"Yes. We brought a small group of them aboard. They are under guard, you have nothing to be concerned about" Shran replied.

"I assume you didn't destroy their vessel then?" Paige asked.

"Disabled, not destroyed. They had no ability to hurt us" Shran replied.

Paige looked at Phoebe. "Your technology is great, but don't be certain they can't hurt you captain. They use bioweapons, and being in their presence can be enough to risk disease outbreaks."


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