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Posted on Tue Apr 25th, 2023 @ 7:04pm by Lieutenant Commander Deanna Celes & Commander Jonathan Grayson & Lieutenant Commander Shoniara T’ghann-Travis Dr & Ensign T'Plana-hath & Ensign J.B Dersch

Mission: Unknown Colony
Location: USS Washington

Deanna reviewed the data that they had gathered as they waited for Dersch to bring in the first Kilrathi for interrogation and for T'Plana and Shon to arrive. Deanna looked at Jon, "This ought to be an interesting interrogation."

Jon chuckled softly and shook his head as he sat down at the table, Deanna sitting next to him. "That's one way of looking at it Deanna."

Deanna gave a wry smile, "Well, not every day you interrogate a race you are making first contact with after fighting them."

Dersch walked in he looked kind of nervous which was not him.

Deanna looked at Dersch as he subdued the Kilrathi prisoner, "Nothing to be concerned about ensign. We deal with this sort of thing all the time."

Dersch replied, "its not that, its about past things from when I was a cargo captain."

"Not to worry ensign, we'll get answers" Deanna assured, looking at Jon for reassurance.

Jon looked at Deanna and then Dersch. "Ensign, relax. Deanna is right, we do this all the time. You stay frosty and watch our friend for any sudden moves."

Dersch nodded and check his Rifle then went back to ready stance

T’Plana-hath walked into the room and looked about. “I understand we are to ’interview’ our guest. From the description I have heard I believe their language will be close to one of three dialects; Sivaoans, Eeiauoans, or Caitians. I am holding back from my judgement, but have ensured the universal translator is set with those languages being available for immediate reference.” She looked at Ensign Dersch, and a small smile pressed her lips. “You expecting another episode similar to the transporter room?”

"Yes, I this will be my 3rd Encounter with them...."

T’Plana’s left eyebrow quirked up, “Please elucidate on this information Ensign. It may be helpful in the interview.” T’Plana did not like secrets, especially from crew members who knew of the need to know about a species prior to meeting them.

"When I used to run cargo Runs near their sector they attacked every chance they got...Even manage to board my vessel a few...And they do not like to speak with Humans...I have tried, and sadly I had not yet joined starfleet yet so my speaking with them was limited, but we were able to create hand signals to speak. Soon we made a compromise, but in my general opinion they are another Version of the Klingons but bigger."

"You've had encounters with the Kilrathi and you are only now telling us?" Jon said looking at Dersch. His displeasure clear.

"It was past that didn't exactly need attention, and you should have read my bio. It states my old job of being a Cargo Captain, and the info I learned does really help us here" He replied defiantly, but made his point, they should have read his bio.

"Read your bio Ensign?" Jon repeated incredulously. "In case it slipped your attention, we've been busy with other affairs. But rest assured, I will and I'll know it better than you do. Furthermore, it isn't your call to decide what information helps or doesn't. You had information on the Kilrathi and you withheld it."

Deanna was puzzled at this revelation. "Ensign, you understand we have no record of the Kilrathi in Federation or StarFleet records. If you believe you have encountered them before that sort of information should be on the record. You may wish to be more forthcoming in the future."

As Shon had not yet showed up but everyone else had, Deanna didn't wish to waste any more time. "Commander, with your permission, I'd like to begin this information extraction."

"With all do Respect Lt. Commander They took the lives of my Cargo Crew and I would not like to relive those memory's, And you should had got the hint that they Seem familiar with me when I walked in"

"Ensign. That is enough. One more word and you'll be on report. We don't answer to you. It is your duty, your obligation to come forth with any information you have, no matter how painful. You didn't, you blew it." Jon said firmly before turning to Deanna. "Yes Deanna, let's get started.

Shon suddenly arrived. “I’m sorry I’m late, medical matters.I see you are just about to begin.” She withdrew her medical diagnostic equipment and sat down noting an amount of hostility in the room.

Dersch Replied "Yes Commander" and went back to watching their guest and his nerves were at all time high now, not that they weren't already high before.

Deanna began speaking to the Kilrathi, at first getting no response. Finally he began to speak, but the universal translator wasn't able to translate the language initially. Deanna looked to T'Plana, "looks like it isn't one of the dialects you anticipated. We'll try to let the translator work a bit more before we go to telepathic communication attempts."

Dersch Watched the Kilrathi body language...Remembering how he had created the Communication boundary with them all those Years Ago..Only like 3 years through.

T’Plana nodded, “Agreed Commander; however I believe Ensign Dersch may have an idea or two about the Kilrathi.” She had been studying him the whole time Commander Celes was trying to communicate with the Kilrathi. “Ensign Dersch you stated you had worked out a form of sign language with the Kilrathi; care to attempt to communicate with our guest?”

The Kilrathi roared in anger. Finally it began to speak in broken English, "I will not krilk with HUMANS!"

Deanna arched an eyebrow. "So you can speak English. That is a start. You can speak to me, I'm not human, I'm Betazoid. I assure you, the alternative will be far less cordial."

The Kilrathi looked around at those gathered, leering for long moments at Jon and Dersch.

Dersch then took out the power cell to his Phaser rifle and held it out to the Kilrathi in a Act of Good Will...And then looked to Jon

"Don't Be alarmed This is considered an act of peace to their people or certain tribes. Their culture is very similar to the Klingon's but are unique as well."

T’Plana smiled; “Besides Commander I am more than capable of putting our guest to sleep should he decided not to be polite.” She looked at the Kilrathi; “Commander Celes is quite correct she is not a human, nor am I. I am a Vulcan. So any prejudice you may hold against humans is unfounded on the two of us.”

Shon was running a compound neural scan from her seat. “I would like to take a sample of your blood?” She asked.

The Kilrathi snarled and lunged up towards Dersch. "Human Purllz"

Deanna intercepted the Kilrathi and slammed him down in an reversed standing arm bar. "I think he has made his point about humans clear, though I believe you should be able to get your blood sample doctor."

As the Kilrathi continued to struggle with Commander Celes T’Plana walked up to the being placed her hand at his nerve bundle bent low and whispered in his ear “Please do not make me sedate you with a touch. As you already know our technology is more advanced, so is my species knowledge of hand to hand combat. Add to it my companion and myself are stronger than you."

Dersch sighed and said "Well, the way he just lunged suggests he's from the 1 of 4 War tribes. Great, the tribe I had encountered was about war but not ALL about it. They fought if they had to but didn't do it for the fun of it....Sir can I grab something from my quarters? It might help."

Jon's eyes moved from the Kilrathi subdued by Deanna to Dersch. "Go Ensign and make it quick."

Deanna looked to Jon, "I'm suspicious of his supposed knowledge of these Kilrathi. His explanation is dubious. Even civilian vessels are required to file reports to StarFleet, and intelligence doesn't just not know about races that may pose a threat that are anywhere near Federation borders."

T’Plana raised her left eyebrow at Commander Celes comment. She is naïve about Starfleet Intelligence. The ‘Borg and Species 8472 were kept from the general Starfleet personnel and Federation for some time; until a full assessment could be done. The fact is Starfleet Intelligence most likely has a data file on this species, but given their relatively low technology level in comparison to those around them; have classified them as a potential but manageable threat.

He then ran to his quarters and came back with a black box, 6 by 3 inch box. He opened it to reveal a dagger similar to the one the Kiltarhi had used. "This was gifted to me by the Kilrathi. This was supposed to be handed down to the next and newest tribe member, but he had given it to me. I think if this Kilrathi see's I have received this as a gift he might talk."

"Worth a shot." Jon replied and waited to see what happened next with the Kilrathi.

The Kilrathi looked at the dagger and snarled. "Dagta! Blasphemy!" He began to struggle against Deanna who was keeping him subdued.

Deanna opened her mind and scanned the Kilrathi. She looked at T'Plana and then at Jon, "Back up Mr. Dersch. Whatever you know about these Kilrathi, they don't respect you or what you are presenting. He wishes to tear you apart. He views humans as lesser beings. The only humans they seem to hate more than you and Jon are those on the surface. This is a blood feud, similar to a Klingon rite of vengeance. I sent images telepathically to T'Plana. I believe she will understand them the same way I do."

T’Plana was shocked by the intrusiveness of Deanna’s mind touching hers with the Kilrathi’s mind. She quickly made mental notes of the Kilrathi’s thoughts and filed them away to be added to her current intelligence in this whole matter.

Dersch nodded and closed the box and went back into his ready stance and started to think.

"We may get more useful information from the other Kilrathi" Deanna said to Jon. "I think we need to speak with the colony leaders again as well. They haven't been fully candid with us."

"Take this one back to the brig and get another one of the crew we beamed over as well as get Piper and Paige in here so we can get the facts, all the facts." Jon replied.

Shon stood, “before you return him let me take my sample, I have an idea we will find something we might find interesting about both races.

Deanna held the Kilrathi down as Shon took her sample. She gave a concerned look to Jon as Dersch left with the prisoner.


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