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Telling Truth

Posted on Tue May 2nd, 2023 @ 2:17pm by Captain Shran dh'Klar & Commander Jonathan Grayson & Ensign J.B Dersch

Mission: Unknown Colony
Location: USS Washington

J.B. and Kate made their way to the bridge, they were going to have a meeting with the Captain and First Officer about their past which had not been stated yet. They entered the turbolift and made their way to the bridge. When they arrived J.B said, "Permission to Enter Captain."

Shran was sitting on the bridge discussing the latest information they had discovered, Shran from being with the reps and looking over family ties on Earth, and Jon regarding the interrogation of the Kilrathi. Hearing Dersch address him he looked back at the turbolift. Seeing him Shran nodded, "My ready room ensign." He looked at Jon, "I think you'll want to be part of these talks." He looked up at Ayana at tactical, "Take over here for a moment Ayana." He rose and made his way to the ready room, the others following him in.

"Yes sir." Jon answered as he slid out of the XO's chair, wondering what the Dersch's had to say. As he entered the ready room, he knew he'd find out soon enough.

Shran waited for everyone to enter and the doors to close before addressing Dersch, "So, what seems to be going on ensign? I've been informed you have some information regarding the Kilrathi. Cmdr Grayson and Lt Cmdr Celes seem a bit dubious considering no records exist. Please enlighten me."

Kate spoke first "Captain, first off I am really sorry that neither I or JB had said something. It was just our past encounters never really went well, and if this caused any issues, we will not argue over the punishment."

Shran was a bit confused. "I'm not aware of any formal punishment ensign, for you or your husband. The issue at hand is that you both apparently have had some sort of contact with these Kilrathi, yet no record of it exists in StarFleet or Federation records. Even my substantial intelligence contacts confirm that this is a new race, and yet you know of them. You'll excuse me I hope for saying so, but that comes off as at the very least strange, and perhaps a bit problematic."

J.B. then started to speak, "My former life before StarFleet was not the best record, and the jobs I ran as a cargo captain was not all about cargo. Sometimes I had been paid to protect a convoy of cargo vessels."

"Mercenary work is all fine and good ensign, but as a Federation citizen, and even more so as a StarFleet officer you had both a duty and obligation to ensure that all records were up to date with all relevant data. Even if all you put in a report was rumor, something as simple as that in the record would have been reviewed." Shran composed himself. "You are treating you past in a way that reminds me of the Hanson's when they decided they were going to investigate a rumor about a species that turned out to be the Borg. Thus far the consequences are not nearly as severe, but I would hope you would agree that a failure to communicate relevant information can have consequences that can in fact be dire."

"I can concur Captain" J.B. replied.

Kate then started to speak, "Captain, when we first encountered the Kilrathi we had no idea who they were until they had beamed aboard, and we were held in our own ship until our Comm Officer found out how to speak with them. Then one of the Kilrathi was not happy with his captain talking to a Human so the Officer was killed. Then the Kilrathi Captain felt like he owed us so he allowed us to go and gifted the dagger to my husband as a sign of peace and said if we were to ever run into their people again show them the dagger, he didn't say why through."

Jon had been quiet through the exchange with the Derschs and the Captain but now he spoke. "I would highly recommend you add your past encounter or encounters with the Kitathi to Starfleet's records. "My question is, why did the Kilrathi captain feel like he owed the two of you? He had you prisoners on your own ship according to what you've said."

"Well, he was smart but not smart enough. My ship's inner defense systems kicked in and about killed him, but I pushed him out of the way right before a ball of acid hit. It got me, but Kate fixed me up the best she could, good enough I did not need a Med Bay."

Jon was incredulous. "Wait. Your ship killed him? I'm guessing it was after he gave you this dagger. So, why didn't his crew kill you both?"

Kate then said "No he almost got killed, but J.B. pushed him out of the way saving his life."

"I see." Jon answered.

"Your ship defense system fired acid at him? How did it manage to do that? Energy discharges, force fields, even using gas through the environmental systems I understand, but to fire acid would entail creating some sort of projectile defensive system that nobody else employs. Explain that to me" Shran said, a tad bit incredulous. "And you understand you essentially made first contact with a species and simply neglected to inform anyone, even years after the fact. How do you square that?"

Jon looked at both ensigns. "I cannot stress enough how this makes you both appear and that is that you both have something to hide that perhaps your encounter wasn't as cut and dry as you portray it to be."

Dersch replied straight forward, "The Captain knew his race was rarely in contact with anyone outside their race and he wanted to keep it that way, so I respected his choice and kept our encounter a secret. And when StarFleet tends to get involved in other civilizations it never ends well, and the Kilrathi seemed to be doing just fine when we encountered them. As for the ball of acid, well my old chief was another version of La Forge but was not into StarFleet."

"That is presumption of the highest degree ensign, and completely against your oath you took before becoming a StarFleet officer." Shran was obvious irate at this point with Dersch's explanation. "The prime Directive would dictate StarFleet's actions, but you decided you knew better. That is unacceptable. In regards to your acid explanation, are you referencing the late Capt. La Forge, her husband Cmdr La Forge, or her son Cmdr La Forge? None of them are anti Star Fleet as you seem to be."

Kate then spoke angrily "Captain we are not Anti StarFleet! If you think we are we might as well resign." She was pissed because their captain pretty much just said they don't believe in StarFleet, and if they didn't they would have not joined in the first place.

"I don't see why you are so defensive Ensign. When you and your husband's actions or inactions are to be blamed for this conversation." Jon replied pointedly.

Kate then said, "We wanted for you to hear the truth, not be told we don't like starfleet even through we are wearing the uniform." She then dismissed herself and walked back to Med bay all while J.B. still sat where he was.

Jon tapped his combadge, "Grayson to security. Collect Ensign Dersch. She's headed to the Med Bay and bring her back to the conference room." He looked at J.B. "Do you and your wife always take it upon yourselves to leave whenever you want to do? Whether you have been dismissed or not." He asked flatly.

He looked at the Commander and Said "No, that's just her."

"I'm afraid that her actions qualify as insubordination. At the least that will demand a reprimand on her record." Shran said in his usual level tone. "As for what she said before storming off, everyone has a choice whether to be part of StarFleet or not, but those that wish to be part of StarFleet are required to follow rules and regulations. I believe it has been made clear here that you have neglected to follow some of those and the result has placed this ship in jeopardy, albeit minor. It is my hope that you will learn from this ensign and follow the regulations accordingly moving forward."

J.B. nodded and said, "And I was not a part of StarFleet when I made those decisions so they should not affect my working environment here, but right now my main concern is why the hell are the Kilrathi so interested in this colony and we only have one side of the story. Right now I don't think I would believe what ever story the colonists gave Commander Grayson because it might be a lie. They could have taken something from them, and they get really pissed if they have something taken. I am really sorry for Kate by the way, I told her she needs to work on that."

Shran shook his head slowly. "You are missing the point here ensign. Yes, when you encountered the Kilrathi you were a civilian and not obligated to report the contact with them, but once you made the decision to join StarFleet, despite the amount of time that had passed since you met them, you were obligated to report the incident. The failure to adhere to this simple regulation has now placed this ship in minor jeopardy. I'm not punishing you beyond a simple tongue lashing I suppose, but you need to understand that being a member of StarFleet comes with an obligation to the truth. Information is power, and a lack of it, even that seems insignificant, leaves everyone open to harm. We have learned this about the Borg, the Dominion, and others. I hope you grasp that." Shran got silent for a moment, "As for you wife, I can't excuse her actions. The formal reprimand will stand, along with being relieved of duty for 24 hours while she spends the night in the brig. It may seem harsh, but we all must accept the consequences for actions we take."

Dersch looked at the Captain and said, "You might need to muzzle her, she ain't gonna like the Brig. And when will we have a teacher aboard in the Education Center?" and gave a smile trying to at least get some humor into the conversation only because he did not like these conversations at all because he had enough stress as it is.

"She's not gonna like the brig? Well good. She won't make the same mistake twice and hopefully she will learn from this and you will as well. because if there is a next time I can assure you the punishment will much more harsh."

"I understand Commander"

"Make sure your wife does." Jon replied pointedly.

Dersch Smiled and Said "I will try my best Commander. Let's hope the brig teaches her something."

Shran looked at Dersch and then Jon and then Dersch again. "We have a teacher ensign, though that is something you'll need to deal with on your own time. Perhaps you should discuss the issue further with Cmdr Grayson. If you will both excuse me, I believe this conversation is over." With that Shran exited back to the bridge.

Meanwhile Kate was on her way to the brig with her sscorts while thinking Well shit, didn't think this one through.


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