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Shadow Tactics

Posted on Tue Sep 19th, 2023 @ 4:55pm by Lieutenant Ayana Hillis & Commander Jonathan Grayson

Mission: Damn Dirty Apes
Location: Planet

It was the middle of the night when military troops came for Jon and Ayana. The science ministry personnel had little hope of stopping the gorillas led by Thade. He had wanted to eliminate both the prisoners, but he needed to play things calmly and follow his orders. Athos was no fool, and his rage was deadly to those who incurred it. So Thade took out his frustrations where he could, on the science personnel. He left them crippled and left an explosive device in place to clean up the mess and eliminate any evidence before having Jon and Ayana bagged and transported to the military complex. No one was around to be a witness of what was happening, or so he believed. He had no idea that Salos had spoken to Zaius' daughter Zira, the perspective mate Thade craved, and she was now covertly watching everything that was happening.

Thade quickly made his way to inform Athos of the transfer. Jon and Ayana were tossed into a cell and shackled. Once they were restrained, the hoods were taken off, though the room was quite dark, limiting what either could see. Ayana checked on Jon, ensuring he was alright. "Seems like we have found ourselves in a new cell and worse scenario."

Jon nodded at Ayana's statement. It hurt to talk, so he limited what he said. "Appears you are right Ayana. This doesn't bode well." he paused, "No doubt Thade's doing on someone else's orders. But whose?" Even as he asked, Jon was checking his restraints. They were tight and secure. "Actually." He wheezed, "I'm surprised we still have our uniforms. Our hosts seem big on demonstrating how superior they are."

Ayana yanked at the chains and her shackles. "Iron shackles. Almost ironic in a way, though they wouldn't understand." She looked herself over quickly, "They won't be taking my uniform without a fight. I'm not about to let them make me a slave without several people being severely injured, or worse..." she stopped herself before finally speaking in a slow murderous voice, "most notably Thade."

The sound of heavy footsteps in the distance became pronounced suddenly before the sound of a key entering the lock to the cell could be heard, and then suddenly a limited amount of bright light streamed in blinding them momentarily as a large figure entered the cell. The figure loomed over them at a distance, staring at them quietly. Finally, he spoke in a low tone, "Bring them." The voice was unmistakable to Ayana. She had heard it once before several hours earlier; it was Athos.

Rough hands reached in and pulled them out. Then with an ape to either side and holding tight (but not unduly) Ayana and Jon were hustled along to a new location. Arriving, they entered a large room, like a conference room where they were pushed into chairs and their legs shackled securely to a heavy-duty eye bolt sunk in the floor.

"I will ask questions, and you will answer. Tell me the truth and you will be rewarded, lie and you will be punished" Athos said as he slowly approached.

"That would hold more weight had Thade not already beaten the commander" Ayana said bluntly.

Athos gave a frustrated sigh. "Thade will not be a concern for you during this conversation, you have my word. I simply need to get information from you. Much hinges on the answers you give me."

Jon gave a humorless laugh. "You seem reasonable Athos, why have you got a thug like Thade in your command?" Jon hoarse voice asked.

Athos fixed Jon with a stare. "Commander Thade serves my needs." He replied simply while continuing to look at the two human prisoners.

"He is willing to get his hands dirty when you cannot" Ayana quipped.

Athos looked at her, "Very perceptive. You seem to have a grasp on how our social aspects work, or at least some of them."

Jon nodded, "Of course Ayana, the general has to appear above such things as kidnapping and assault. Though as we're mere humans, I doubt our treatment would be classified as crimes. Still the general cannot afford any perception of wrongdoing. Right General?"

Athos gave a half smile, or an approximation of one. "You are correct, though not for the reasons you elude. Our political and social dynamics are complex, yet simple at the same time. Three of us have ruling power on our council, and at this time I am currying favor with one while avoiding alienating the other. It is something more in line for them to do rather than a gorilla such as myself, but one must do what is the most advantageous at times."

"He certainly sounds like a politician" Ayana blurted out.

"Indeed, he does Ayana. I believe General Athos in addition to being a highly capable military officer has also learned the art of politics quite well." Jon observed. "Furthermore, by the general's statement, his current action is something either a chimpanzee or an orangutan would feel more comfortable doing. So, the question is who are you trying to gain as an ally Athos?"

Athos began to puff up without making much noise. It was obvious he was becoming frustrated but didn't want to show it. "You attempt to bait me by flattery and insult at the same time. You are quite brazen, far more so than any other humans I have ever known. If time permitted, I'd allow Salos to dissect you to learn why you are so different, but time is not a luxury I have in abundance."

"That answers your query sir. He is looking to gain favor with Zaius. Classic theocratic move, the high priest using the military to do the dirty work when theology alone fails" Ayana yelled out, hoping to pull attention from Jon.

"Not only brazen, but heretics and blasphemers as well. Perhaps my diplomatic approach will be more receptive to you after I allow Thade a few moments to redeem himself" Athos muttered softly. He slowly walked out of the room, the door closing behind him.

Jon glanced at Athos as he exited the room before looking over to Ayana. "You are right Ayana, he wants Zaius on his side and in his pocket. Which means they want to freeze Salos out." He paused for a moment to rest his voice which had grown noticeably hoarser. "Thade? Don't like the sound of that Ayana. Chimp is sadistic. Nothing good can come from him being here."

"Agreed, but we have little to say or do it would seem" Ayana replied.

"You are right about that. We have no say in this. All we can do is sit and wait." Jon croaked.

Athos went to a new room where Thade was waiting. "You may redeem yourself with them. I need to get information from them Thade, so do not make that impossible. Keep in mind that Zaius wants to see them in the morning, so they have to be presentable."

"I'll be more tactful this time" Thade sneered.

Back in the room where Jon and Ayana were 'waiting', Jon looked over to Ayana as he tugged and pulled at his restraints as much as he was able due to his injuries. "Can't budge these cuffs. They were put in to stay Ayana. You have any luck?" He wheezed.

Ayana tugged at her restraints, "I'm afraid I'm under a similar situation. These are more secure than those we had in the science center."

The door opened and Thade strode inside. "How the mighty have fallen."

"Well, if it isn't Mr. Sadistic. How's the knee?" Jon quipped noticing Thade had come into the room with a noticeable limp. "Hope it hurts a lot."

Thade gave a sadistic grin. "Yes, you got a good shot in last time we met. I'm here to repay the favor, see if I can make you more willing to provide us with useful information." Thade pulled out a large blade, "I think we'll start with making you more presentable. Of course, you are free to resist, but then I won't be held responsible for injuries incurred."

Jon eyed the blade and the sadistic grin on Thade's face and knew exactly what Thade had planned for him as well as Ayana. 'Oh, you would just love an excuse to injure me. Sorry pal, not going to give you that excuse. Just get on with what you plan on doing." He rasped.

Thade kneeled and took Jon's leg into his hand. "We need to make you presentable. Time to make you look like the rest of your primitive race" he said as he began to cut away the clothing. As the clothing was removed Thade tossed it aside, "You see, you are no different than any other disgusting human." He glanced over at Ayana, "However, I do think your female companion may present a more interesting view."

Jon jerked on his restraints, but they remained secure. In moments, his uniform had been cut away leaving him completely naked. "This make you feel superior Thade? Because to me, you look like every other chimpanzee I've ever seen."

Thade flicked his wrist and the blade lightly cut Jon's face, leaving a bloody wound on his cheek below the eye. "My apologies. My hand slipped. I am just a chimpanzee as you said." He grinned with false sincerity. Thade looked over at Ayana, "Now then, let's see how different you are to other females of your species I've dealt with."

"You stay away from me you psychopath, or you'll find out exactly how different I am when I leave you crippled or worse" Ayana replied forcefully.

Jon clamped his jaws together to keep from crying out. He wouldn't give Thade the satisfaction.

"I believe you would if you got the chance but who said you would have one?" He questioned as he turned to the door. "Come!" He shouted. A moment later the door opened, and four huge gorillas entered and stood awaiting their orders. "Hold her tightly. I have some alterations to perform." As he moved closer, waving the blade before him in slow circles. Thade added, "Let us see if you feel the same way when I am finished. Hmm?"

Thade's blade caressed her face and slowly traced down her body. Ayana felt the cold sharp object and froze her body anywhere the blade was while she attempted to break free of the gorilla grasp, to no avail. Finally, she heard the cutting of fabric as Thade cut away her uniform and then peeling the tattered pieces from her, leaving her completely exposed. Ayana was a beautiful woman, and she held no shame to her form, but under the circumstances she felt shame as the apes gawked at her. "There, so much better" Thade oozed sinisterly.

Ayana felt so much at this point, and most of it led to fury. Tears slowly trickled down her cheeks as she closed her eyes to bear this indignation. She felt the gaze of the apes upon her and could feel Thade running the blade over her body lightly, enough to give her pause. She felt the tip of the blade tracing around her wound.

Jon closed his eyes as Thade slowly and with great pleasure cut Ayana's uniform off her leaving her totally naked as well as securely bound. His eyes opened to see Thade leering at her, leaving no doubt what he would do if the opportunity came along. Thade looked back at Jon and then to Ayana. "Quite attractive for a human female. I believe the scientists will enjoy examining her when the time comes." He turned back to Ayana, saw her tears. "Why do you cry? You are quite beautiful. Your body should be seen and now it is. Oh, by the way. This will be your permanent state from now on. Nude and restrained, get used to it." He chuckled evilly.

Thade gave another look back at Jon. "Your state as well Commander, " he gave a mocking laugh. Jon sighed. The apes had learned the tools of interrogation well. They knew nudity put both Ayana and him at a severe psychological disadvantage as it was probably meant to. "Ayana." He called to her. "Stay strong." Thade laughed. "Oh yes, by all means stay strong." As he continued to eye her as she had no secrets, all was on view.

"Nothing to say?" He mocked Ayana. "You were quite vocal earlier."

Ayana ceased the tears and opened her eyes and stared daggers at Thade. "So very tough with your men holding me down, despite me already being restrained. You talk tough, but you are weak. Afraid to fight a lowly human female? If I was in combat with you, the outcome would be quite certain" she spoke defiantly.

"Such a spirited creature" Thade laughed as he looked at his men. "I may take you up on your offer, but not now. Athos has plans for you, and I am in no hurry to disobey him. But soon, soon you and I will get that encounter you seem so much to want, and I promise you, I'll put you in your place."

Jon breathed a silent sigh of relief to see Ayana had regained her spirit and fire despite her current situation of being nude and bound. Thade however seemed unawed by her spirit. "I believe." He oozed, "That I will suggest to Athos that you both be gagged in the future, as humans should be seen and not heard. Especially human females." He laughed mockingly at them both and their plight.

"Your day will come Thade and I hope I am there to see your downfall." Jon snapped at the chimp even as he tugged futilely at his restraints causing the blood from his cheek wound to run faster down the side of his face.

As Thade stepped back the gorillas that were restraining her began to ease their grip as they gawked at her. Finally, one of them began to caress and fondle her as the others began to hoot and holler. Thade grinned as Ayana tried to fight them off as best she could, but her restraints made it difficult for her to do much. Thade finally called them off and grinned vilely at Jon, "You see, you have no control here. You and your friend are just captured humans, playthings for me and my men."

Jon made no reply to Thade's taunts even as the gorillas first gawked at Ayana and then one reached out a huge hand and began to fondle and caress her while Thade and the others watched. Ayana put up a valiant fight, cursing her captors but it was hopeless, her curses had no effect and her restraints prevented her from doing much in the way of fighting back. Thade moved back in front of Ayana smiling cruelly and took his blade and ran it slowly, luxuriously down first one breast to the nipple and then repeated the process with the other breast. Watching her stiffen as the blade ran down her breasts. "Quite impressive." He remarked his eyes taking in her nude state and finding it to his liking.

As Thade ceased his assault of Ayana, she spit at him and the other apes. "You bastards! I promise you, I'll make all of you pay!" she screamed at them as she dealt with being violated in such a fashion.

Thade leered at Ayana and then took a sadistic grin towards Jon before slowly walking out. "Athos will be happy to see you now" he said as he exited.

Jon looked over to Ayana, the blood from his cheek was still oozing from the gash. "Ayana." He began his voice raspier than before. "We'll get through this and have our revenge against Thade. That chimp needs a good ass kicking and you are the person to do it." He tried to smile but failed, his face was too swollen. He coughed and spat up blood. "I'm sorry for what they did to you. They were clearly the apes."

Ayana remained silent for several minutes. It was obvious she had been traumatized by this sexual assault. Such things were so rare that it wasn't typically thought about. She knew she would need to speak to someone once they got back to the ship, probably Callie. She wondered if they would be freed soon or if this was something she would have to endure more. She finally looked at Jon, shame in her eyes, "I'll be alright. And Thade will pay for all he has done."


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