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Collecting Relics

Posted on Sun Feb 25th, 2024 @ 4:14pm by Captain Shran dh'Klar & Commander Jonathan Grayson & Commander Samantha Howard & Lieutenant Commander Callie Raven-Grayson & Lieutenant JG Kate Kono

Mission: Lost & Found
Location: USS Washington

Shran sat on the bridge of the Washington with Callie and Sam as they awaited details. They had gotten the word from Jon that the Daystrom was up and running and they would be bringing it in for a rendezvous with the Washington shortly. All that they needed now was to hear back from the second away team that had gone into the asteroid field. "I'm sure you will be happy having Jon back aboard Callie" Shran said with a grin.

Callie nodded excitedly. “Extremely Happy Sir!”

Shran looked over at Sam, "Sam, Deanna said she and Inara had information that you could assist with regarding the entity that took Shon."

Sam raised an eyebrow with curiosity. "That certainly sounds interesting, I'd love to see it"

Ayana interrupted the conversation. "Captain, detecting a vessel emerging from the asteroid field. It is our runabout. We are being hailed."

"On screen" Shran noted.

The screen came to life, and Kate appeared. "Ensign, are you alone?"

Kate had been grinning from ear to ear and waving rapidly in front of their view screen for quite a second longer than expected even though waving wasn't expected to begin with -- as this was just her way of instantly telling them that everyone was alive.

"Oh I really, really, really hope I'm alone sir..." Kate leaned back in her chair and let out a sigh as she rolled her dark Asian eyes with obvious relief. "K'soooo we ran into what I can only explain were ghosts aboard the ship. I'm leading the way out of the asteroid field for them and, oh! Yes, there's another ship. We found it out there. Federation. One of the past residents helped everyone get it back up and running and they're going to be right behind me. We found the Henry Hudson, sir. Might want to check with records. We were able to reactivate the drives using our old records of codes. They may have been old but they checked out."

Kate looked over her shoulder a moment and then back at the view-screen. "Just checking. It's my first haunted house, but a mobile house. No crew were around, no sign of anything other than the ghosts... Or echos of the past onboard. Whatever happened though, couldn't have been good. I don't believe in ghosts but --- this ship is making me have to search long and hard for excuses to explain these things away, things that are at least scientific in nature, sir."

Callie gave Shran a very curious look, she was looking forward to hearing more about this.

Shran seemed a bit perplexed by what Kate was saying. He had come to find her a bit eccentric, prone to a bit of hyperbole, even flights of fantasy at times, but what she was reporting seemed to be the truth, or at least the truth as she could best explain it. "You are saying you located another Federation vessel in the asteroid field, the Henry Hudson. And if I understand you, you are saying you found it abandoned, brought up to power, are bringing it out, and that you encounter ghosts of some kind. Do I have that correct ensign?"

"Yeah this is a Mystery Machine kind of event, for sure." Kate nodded. Kate, being from the twenty-first century, was immediately reminded of a phrase coined by LeVar Burton from an old television show 'Reading Rainbow' when she smiled toothily at the view-screen. "... you don't have to take my word for it."

"Sir, we are detecting a vessel in the field coming into sensor range. Confirming the vessel is StarFleet, reading as USS Henry Hudson, a Constellation class vessel. We are being hailed by the vessel" Ayana said from tactical. "Additionally sir, Cmdr Grayson has moved the Daystrom alongside us and is requesting orders."

Shran seemed a bit gob smacked. "Kate, bring your runabout aboard. I'll get the information you speak of from Eislyn. Shran out."

"Dah daa de! Derr!" She even sang the jingle to the old show and kept her smile as she waved to the captain with the same wave as when the transmission first started.

The viewscreen closed from the transmission.

As the viewscreen came to life, Jon appeared aboard the bridge of the Daystrom. "Jon, well done. I was going to have Wyatt take command of that ship and return it to Deep Space 8, but it seems his team located another derelict as well. Get everyone back here and we'll convene in the conference room to debrief. Leave Lt. Antoinette and her engineering team over there for now, they can keep everything well in hand."

"Thank you sir. it was a team effort and lots of hard work. We'll be back onboard in no time as all systems are back to full power."

As the viewscreen closed the communication with Jon, it opened, and Wyatt appeared aboard the bridge of the Hudson. "Lieutenant, I am understanding that you have located another ship. We are detecting you emerging from the field. I am told Eislyn has relevant information to provide. Bring the ship alongside and then transport back here. We'll have a support team ready to transport over to keep things running and make any repairs needed. I want your team to report to the conference room for immediate debrief."

"We're clearing the field now sir." Wyatt nodded. "Yes sir. We'll bring the ship alongside and transport back. It doesn't need much in the way of repairs but still it would be nice to have her fully repaired."

As the viewscreen closed Shran looked over at both Sam and Callie, "We have ourselves a mystery. Let's find out what pieces to the puzzle the away teams have."

"I'm intrigued to say the least" Sam replied with a quirky smile as they rose and headed off the bridge to meet the away teams.

“You and me both!” Callie grinned as she looked towards Sam.

As they reached the turbolift Shran looked over to Ayana, "Have an Engineering and Science team ready to transport over to the Hudson once she pulls alongside. The bridge is yours, lieutenant."

Ayana nodded in understanding and hit a few controls at her station. "Aye sir" she said as she made her way to the command station. "Notify damage control team and science team alpha to report to transporter room 2 for work on the Hudson."


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